Wednesday Quick Hits: Michigan’s Entrance Comes to NCAA Football 11

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  • NCAA Football 11 is going to have team entrances, and Michigan’s is one of them (watch the video in the link).  What’s more, the video reveals that Michigan’s renovation appears to be in the game as well.  There was some doubt over whether the renovation would make it in since it won’t technically be finished until this summer, but based on the below picture from the video it looks to be in. 
  • Per Martell Webb on Twitter, Michigan is getting new jerseys next season.  Before you panic, please note that Webb meant jerseys with a new fabric, not a new design.
  • WolverineHistorian uploaded a new twopart look at the 2000 Michigan-Ohio State game.
  • MVictors interviewed Michigan’s men’s soccer coach.

Friday Quick Hits: Brennen Beyer Commits to Michigan

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  • Canton defensive end Brennen Beyer has committed to Michigan.  Beyer is a four-star on Scout (the only service that has evaluated him so far) and has offers from Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, Syracuse, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Vanderbilt, among others.  Beyer is the fourth recruit to commit for the 2011 class, joining cornerbacks Greg Brown and Delonte Hollowell and wide receiver Shawn Conway.  For more on Beyer, check out mgoblog.
  • Tate Forcier’s status for the spring game is up in the air due to his ankle injury.
  • Florida running back recruit Demetrius Hart, who will be visiting for the spring game, has a final three of Michigan, Alabama, and Auburn.
  • The Free Press wrote a good article on the Mealer family and their bond with Rich Rodriguez.  (Shocking, isn’t it?)
  • The NCAA has approved the following rules changes for football: messages on eye blacks are no longer allowed (sorry, Terrelle Pryor, no more supporting dog killers and then making dumb comments about it later), wedge blocks on kickoffs are now illegal (the NFL made that change last year), and starting in 2011, if a player taunts the opponent before crossing the goal line for a touchdown, the score will not count as a result of the penalty (lame).
  • Jon Falk, Michigan’s equipment manager since the 70s, has a book coming out in August.  You can bet that it will have loads of great stories. (UPDATE: A reader on mgoblog found the Amazon link to it.)
  • EA Sports has confirmed that ESPN integration is coming to NCAA Football 11.
  • Ray McCallum Jr. is going to Detroit Mercy to, like Trey Zeigler, play for his dad.
  • Evan Smotrycz answered readers’ questions on UM Hoops.

Monday Quick Hits: Assistants Jerry Dunn, John Mahoney Leave Michigan

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  • Assistant coaches Jerry Dunn and John Mahoney have left the basketball program.  Jeff Meyer, who replaced Dunn as an assistant during the middle of the 2009-10 season, is now permanently an assistant coach.
  • The ESPNU 100 for the 2010 basketball recruiting class has been updated.  Evan Smotrycz is ranked 85th and Tim Hardaway Jr. is ranked 94th.
  • Observations from a couple people who watched Saturday’s football scrimmage were gathered and posted on mgoblog.
  • The early forecast for the spring game is a high of 55 degrees and a 30% chance of rain.
  • Michigan football players participated in Relay for Life this past weekend.
  • The Michigan lacrosse team’s 49-game winning streak was snapped by Colorado on Friday.  Michigan rebounded on Sunday by knocking off #2 Colorado State.
  • Jordan Taylor pitched a perfect game in the softball team’s 9-0 win over Minnesota on Saturday.
  • In case you were wondering, Boston College beat Wisconsin 5-0 to win the national championship in hockey at Ford Field on Saturday.  Thanks to a great start to the third period, BC went from leading 1-0 to being up by 4 goals fairly quickly.  In a desperate attempt to get back in the game, Wisconsin pulled its goalie with lots of time left, resulting in another BC goal with around four and a half minutes to play.
  • A poster on mgoblog put together an early preview of NCAA Football 11.

Friday Quick Hits: Looking Back at the “Michigan Goal”

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  • ESPN Page 2’s Patrick Hruby put together an absolutely awesome piece on Mike Legg’s lacrosse-style goal from back in the 1996 NCAA tournament.  The piece is basically a running commentary of the goal and the history behind it from everybody involved, including Legg, Red Berenson, Marty Turco, and Brendan Morrison, just to name a few.  Steve Halko, one of the other people involved in the piece, made a great suggestion for something that should happen at the Big Chill:

    HALKO: “We have a big reunion coming up at the Michigan-Michigan State outdoor game in December. I’ll have to speak to people at school and see if they can let Mike shoot that shot before the game.”

    That would be awesome.

  • I originally wasn’t going to watch the Frozen Four just because I was still bitter over Michigan not being there, but I have to admit, I took in some of the beatdown Boston College gave Miami and it was very entertaining.  BC ended up winning 7-1 and will meet Wisconsin in the national championship game.  The Badgers won their game over RIT by a score of 8-1, so hopefully Saturday night’s game is actually close.
  • Devin Gardner ran for a 60-yard touchdown in practice this week.
  • It appears that NCAA Football 11 will feature an ESPN-like broadcast.  The previous incarnation of EA Sports’ NCAA Basketball featured both ESPN and CBS, which really upgraded the presentation.  The game itself stunk, but at least it looked nice.  Hopefully for NCAA Football it looks nice and the game in general is a lot better compared to last year’s version.

Saturday Quick Hits: Michigan to Play FAU in 2012?

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  • Michigan and Florida Atlantic are reportedly close to agreeing to a deal that would bring the Owls to the Big House in 2012.  FAU played at Michigan State last season and will play at Spartan Stadium again in 2011.  This year FAU will play MSU at Ford Field, which is where the Owls played in 2008 for the Motor City Bowl.
  • Brian of mgoblog interviewed the author of Bylaw Blog about the allegations against Michigan.  It is very interesting and provides a look at what sanctions Michigan could be facing.  Also at mgoblog is a look at some past cases that are similar to what Michigan is going through and what sanctions came from them.
  • A user on mgoblog compared the Free Press’ allegations with what the NCAA actually found, and it’s pretty amazing just how off the paper was in so many instances.
  • has combine videos of Zoltan Mesko and Brandon Graham.
  • has a video of Graham getting ready for the combine with Mike Barwis.
  • Tony Gibson thinks Donovan Warren will have a great career in the NFL.
  • New England Patriots and former Michigan linebacker Pierre Woods is working out in Ann Arbor to stay in shape during the offseason.  Considering how he and Lloyd Carr never seemed to be on the same page during his time at Michigan, it’s good to see him back around the program again.
  • MGoBlue has news aerial photos of Michigan Stadium.
  • Dave Brandon’s last full day at Domino’s included a nice surprise.
  • Goalie Shawn Hunwick, who won his first career collegiate game on Thursday, is the scoreboard operator at Alumni Field (softball).  You learn something new every day.
  • Baseball great Barry Larkin originally came to Michigan to play football for Bo Schembechler.
  • Despite multiple reports to the contrary, Texas’ athletic director claims that the school hasn’t had any talks with the Big Ten.
  • Some information about NCAA Football 11 is out, and it looks like EA Sports is finally going to add some features that have been missing from the game for way too long.  That said, not much of this info is gameplay-related, which is what I’m really looking forward to hearing about.

Thursday Quick Hits: Minor Doubtful for Saturday; Other Injury Updates

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  • Brandon Minor is doubtful for Saturday’s game because of a shoulder injury that has been bothering him in recent weeks.  It figures that even though his ankle injury is finally better, he may not play because of a different injury.  I’m sure nothing would keep Minor off the field on Saturday if it was his decision, but Rich Rodriguez explicitly said yesterday that whether or not he plays will be up to the trainers.
  • On the bright side, it looks like Carlos Brown will not be limited on Saturday, or at least that’s the hope.  Brown has been cleared to play already and barring any setbacks, I’d pencil him in as the starter if Minor can’t go.  We will probably see more of Vincent Smith like last week, but if Brown is healthy and Minor isn’t, Carlos should be the starter.
  • It also looks like Martavious Odoms will play on Saturday.
  • Brandon Graham and Mark Ortmann called a players-only meeting before practice on Monday.
  • The 1969 Michigan football team that beat Ohio State will be honored at Saturday’s game because it is the 40th anniversary of the 24-12 win.
  • The Michigan-Ohio State game is being moved to the Saturday after Thanksgiving starting next year, and Jim Tressel isn’t a fan of the change.  I’m not, either, because I’d much rather see the game be moved to the last week of the college football season.  Having it the Saturday after Thanksgiving will be an issue for many students, especially ones who are out of state.  I definitely want to have a bye at some point during the season, but the Big Ten ought to give everyone the week of Thanksgiving off and end the season with the rest of the nation in the first week of December.  That would give teams a bye during the main part of the season and another week off right before their last game.
  • The uniforms Ohio State is going to wear on Saturday are even uglier in video form than they were in picture form.
  • Michigan players understandably aren’t too fond of Justin Boren.
  • Sean McDonough and Matt Millen will be the announcers for Saturday’s game.
  • The chances of Rich Rodriguez making changes to his coaching staff this offseason aren’t very likely.
  • Mary Sue Coleman let Rich Rodriguez know earlier this week that she is 100% behind him.
  • Rodriguez called Tate Forcier into his office with a dictionary in hand to let him know the difference between an argument and a lecture, which is in reference to Forcier saying that the two got into an argument last week.
  • Donovan Warren is going to look into going pro after the season is over.
  • MVictors has a recap of Jamie Morris’ interesting interview on a Columbus radio station.
  • Devin Gardner highlights from last Friday can be found over at mgoblog.  Inkster is now one win away from reaching the state finals.
  • Also at mgoblog is a list of visitors for the OSU game.
  • Manny Harris is one of the Big Ten Players of the Week.
  • You can go to tomorrow night’s basketball game for $1 if you donate 2 non-perishable food items.
  • Carl Hagelin and Luke Glendening have been named alternate captains by Red Berenson.
  • Mike Babcock was at last Friday’s hockey game at Yost.
  • Minnesota’s new stadium is actually going to be in the next NCAA Football game.
  • Northwestern’s Kevin Coble and Jeff Ryan are both out for the season, which will make for a tough basketball season for the Wildcats.
  • Purdue’s Lewis Jackson is out until February at the earliest, which is a big blow to the Boilermakers.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Tate Forcier Finally 100% Healthy

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Friday Quick Hits: Carlos Brown Absent from Injury Report

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  • It’s pretty obvious that Michigan’s weekly injury reports are not completely accurate in the sense that every injured player is accounted for.  I say that because this week only two players — David Molk and Zac Johnson (both ruled out) — are listed on it.  That isn’t accurate because Carlos Brown is injured and his status for Saturday is up in the air.  It has been reported by mgoblog that Brown suffered a concussion during a drill in practice earlier this week, meaning he probably won’t play against Iowa.  Just like how Tate Forcier was left off the injury report last week, my guess is that Rich Rodriguez doesn’t want Brown’s specific injury to get out in case he does play or just so future opponents are left in the dark.
  • This week’s captains are Tim McAvoy, David Moosman, Tim North, and Stevie Brown.
  • The weather for tomorrow night’s game doesn’t sound like much fun.
  • Brandon Graham’s ferocious hit on Glenn Winston from last Saturday has been uploaded to YouTube by mgoblog.  All I can say is that Winston now knows what it feels like to be assaulted.
  • Punter Will Hagerup, a Michigan commit, has been named a U.S. Army All-American.
  • The rink configuration for the 2010 Frozen Four at Ford Field has been changed, moving the ice from the middle of the field to one end zone.  The new setup is like how basketball Final Four and regional sites did it up until recently, putting the court in an end zone and curtaining off the rest of the stadium.  The reason for the change is because organizers realized that they weren’t going to fill up all of Ford Field, and making the change means they only need to sell a total 36,000 seats, 22,000 of which have already been accounted for.
  • A new hockey student section group is going to help organize road trips, which I very much welcome.  As someone who doesn’t have a car on campus, I really don’t have a convenient way to travel to away hockey games.  Even then I would only want to drive to a few games, which is why going on organized road trips to various opponents’ venues sounds fun.
  • Following up on yesterday’s mention of NCAA Basketball 10’s presentation, it turns out there will be multiple broadcast teams in the game this year.  For games during the week and for specific tournaments, you will get ESPN’s graphics and broadcasters, and for weekend, NCAA tournament, and other high-profile games, you will get CBS’s graphics and broadcast team.  The gameplay will ultimately make or break the game (I’ve never been a fan of EA’s basketball games) for me, but the presentation upgrades are tough to ignore.  Making it feel like you’re watching a real game is just awesome, especially when there is more than one “channel’ in the game.
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