Signing Day Quick Hits: Terry Talbott Signs with Michigan

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  • There was concern over whether Terry Talbott would actually end up staying committed to Michigan or instead opt for North Carolina, but in the end his letter of intent was faxed to Ann Arbor rather than Chapel Hill.  Both Talbott brothers have already sent their letters of intent in, meaning both are officially coming to Michigan.
  • According to Rivals, only two commits haven’t sent in their letters of intent yet — Antonio Kinard and Richard Ash.  I’m not sure what the delay is with Kinard, but in the last 24 hours Ash has apparently started to rethink his decision.  Last night it originally looked like he wasn’t sure where he was going to end up, but shortly after there was reassurance that he was coming to Michigan.  I don’t know if he is still thinking or what, but hopefully his LOI will be sent in eventually.

    UPDATE: Richard Ash’s LOI is now in, meaning the only unsigned commit is Antonio Kinard.

    UPDATE II: Kinard’s LOI is in as well.  All 26 commits can now be considered signees.

  • Demar Dorsey’s final decision should come at around 1 p.m.  Right now your guess about where he will end up is as good as mine.  It seems Dorsey has not only told players from all three of his final schools that he is going there, but also coaches.  Right now there are people who believe he is going to Florida State, there are people who believe he is going to Michigan, and there are people who believe he is going to USC.  It seems like this recruitment could go in any direction, but we should know his decision in the next few hours.
  • Torrian Wilson, who chose Louisville over Michigan last month, ended up signing with Central Florida.
  • Michigan’s signing day press conference is set to begin at 3 p.m. and can be seen on
  • You can take a full look at Michigan’s 2010 recruiting class by clicking here.

Thursday Quick Hits: Richard Ash Commits to Michigan

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  • Florida defensive tackle Richard Ash has decommitted from West Virginia and committed to Michigan.  Ash is from Pahokee, as are current players Martavious Odoms, Vincent Smith, and Brandin Hawthorne.  Ash is a 4-star on Rivals and a 3-star on Scout and ESPN.  He has a pretty impressive offer list that includes Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, South Carolina, South Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, and USC, among others.  Ash is Michigan’s 23rd commit of the 2010 recruiting class, and another one could be on the way on Saturday when Maryland linebacker/safety Josh Furman announces his decision (he will choose either Michigan or Virginia Tech).
  • Brandon Graham and Zoltan Mesko were named to the AP All-America second team.
  • Roy Roundtree said yesterday that Brandon Smith missed a recent team meeting and is probably going to transfer.
  • The Big Ten released a statement earlier this week saying that during the course of the next 12-18 months it will look into expansion.  I really don’t think anything will come of it, but the debate about expansion has certainly been reignited this week.  My personal opinion on the matter is that the Big Ten shouldn’t expand just for the sake of expanding.  Some possible 12th teams that have been tossed around include Missouri, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Rutgers, among many others.  Out of the list of schools that would realistically consider jumping to the Big Ten, none really excite me.  I wouldn’t have a problem with adding a school like Missouri or Pittsburgh (I don’t think Syracuse would leave the Big East), but Rutgers, for example, just isn’t all that appealing.  Obviously the best case scenario would be to finally add Notre Dame, but the chances of that happening are beyond slim.

    I guess what it will boil down to are these things: 1) Is there a team out there willing to join the Big Ten that also fits the conference’s criteria? 2) Is expanding going to be a smart business decision? 3) Can the Big Ten fairly divide up the teams if a 12th team does join the conference?  The Big Ten will spend the next 12-18 months trying to answer those questions, and once this “evaluation” is complete, there will either be an invitation sent to a possible 12th school or nothing at all will happen.  My guess is the result of this evaluation will be the latter, but anything could happen I suppose.

  • Both mgoblog and Crimson Quarry took a look at what schools would be realistic candidates to join the Big Ten.
  • Missouri’s chancellor actually released a statement basically saying that if the Big Ten were to contact MU, it would be willing to listen.  I don’t know if that is mainly just a bargaining move with the Big 12 regarding issues with revenue sharing and bowl selection, but Missouri is the only school to actually go ahead and release a statement about the Big Ten’s statement.
  • Bill Martin said that Michigan is “open-minded” about the issue of expansion.
  • Former Michigan defensive line coach Steve Stripling has been named Central Michigan’s interim coach, replacing Butch Jones, who left for Cincinnati.
  • Illinois’ Arrelious Benn is going to leave school a year early to enter the NFL Draft.
  • ESPN has apparently made the Michigan-Kansas matchup on Saturday its “green game.”  What that means is that rather than simply watch a basketball game, we will get this stupid promotion shoved down our throat by ESPN.
  • Zack Novak’s trip to Utah last week really sucked.
  • UM Hoops did another Q&A with David Merritt to get his thoughts on what the team has done since the Old Spice Classic.
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