Saturday Quick Hits: Bill Davidson Passes Away

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  • Bill Davidson, a University of Michigan graduate and owner of the Pistons and Shock, passed away at the age of 86 on Friday.
  • Michigan beat Western Michigan last night to take a 1-0 series lead. The Wolverines led 3-0 after the first period and proceeded to let WMU make it 3-2 in the second. In the third, though, Michigan put the clamps down and took a 4-2 lead after finally coming out on the good side of a goal review. Carl Hagelin put in an empty netter with around a minute left in the game to give Michigan a 5-2 victory. Game two of the series is tonight at 7:05 p.m. and can be seen on FSN Detroit.
  • Michigan’s spring football roster is out, as practice begins today.
  • The second annual Night of Champions took place yesterday. It is basically a team-wide competition consisting of nine events, and the team that won was coached by Bruce Tall and consisted of Tate Forcier, Kevin Grady, Will Heininger, Elias Kos, Zoltan Mesko, David Moosman, Renaldo Sagesse, Vincent Smith, Ben Sutton and Mike Williams.
  • MGoBlue has a recap of Michigan’s pro day, which went very well. Will Johnson had 47 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, breaking Jake Long’s NFL combine record of 42 reps. Also, Carson Butler ran an impressive 4.5 40-yard dash. Many players did well in the 40.
  • In the pro day photo gallery, it appears that Mike Hart and Lloyd Carr were at the event.
  • Rich Rodriguez supposedly is now on Twitter. It seems pretty authentic, but I will be skeptical until it is confirmed to be him.
  • Andre Criswell, who would have been a fifth-year senior in 2009, is now working as a student assistant and is on a medical scholarship.
  • A fan received three tickets to the Iowa game on Thursday from Anthony Wright thanks to Facebook.
  • UM Hoops has a guide to which teams we should root for today.
  • Mike Bellotti resigned as head coach of Oregon to take the athletic director job. Chip Kelly, the offensive coordinator and coach-in-waiting, takes over for Bellotti.

DeQuinta Jones Signs with Arkansas

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As expected, Louisiana defensive tackle DeQuinta Jones has signed with Arkansas. Jones is similar to Pearlie Graves, as he was technically committed but had been taking visits and even had declared other schools his leader. This again doesn’t seem like a decommit to me since it was expected for so long. He was simply reserving a spot at Michigan in case he wanted to go there instead of because he knew he wanted to go there.

Losing both Graves and Jones means that William Campbell is the only DT Michigan got in this year’s recruiting class. That means that next season’s depth chart at DT will be very thin, which is not good news at all. Mike Martin will be a starter for sure, and Campbell will likely compete for a starting job with Renaldo Sagesse. After that there basically is no depth. I would imagine Vince Helmuth will permanently move to defensive tackle from fullback, but the fact that that move puts him in the two-deep is scary. I’m sure a defensive end or two will move to DT as well to add depth, but that isn’t exactly the ideal scenario.

Monday Quick Hits: Porter for Hobey Baker

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  • Kevin Porter, captain of the Michigan hockey team, is one of ten finalists for the Hobey Baker Award. The Hobey Baker Award is like hockey’s Heisman Trophy in a sense, and Porter is one of the favorites to win the honor. You can vote for Porter as 1% of the ballot comes from fan voting, but it appears someone has rigged it as Miami’s Ryan Jones has over 183,000 votes right now. Considering the next highest total is in the 3,000’s, I’d say Jones is getting some illegal help.
  • Speaking of awards, Michigan head coach Red Berenson, freshman Max Pacioretty, and Kevin Porter all were honored at the CCHA Awards Show on Thursday. Berenson was named the CCHA Coach of the Year (surprisingly only for the second time in his career), Pacioretty was named the CCHA Rookie of the Year, and Porter was named the CCHA Player of the Year.
  • Rich Rodriguez answers questions about Michigan’s first padded practice:

  • Also uploaded on MySpaceTV are an interview with Morgan Trent and highlights of spring practice.
  • Running back Carlos Brown has a broken finger after injuring it while lifting weights. Brown was expected to see some time at quarterback this spring and also compete for the starting running back job, so this is definitely a setback. Also out right now due to injuries are wide receiver Zion Babb (hamstring) and defensive tackle Renaldo Sagesse (shoulder).
  • Angelique Chengelis talks about how life will go on without Terrelle Pryor. When Rodriguez was asked about the newest Buckeye, he answered back with this memorable quote: “I only talk about the guys that play for Michigan.”
  • Jake Long scored a 26 and Chad Henne a 22 on the Wonderlic Test, which is given to NFL rookies to test their intelligence. Really the scores don’t mean anything once the players get on the football field, but they always are a topic of conversation around the league.
  • 2008 Michigan football student season tickets are now on sale and will be until March 28.
  • MGoBlog posted his 2009 recruiting board for Michigan.
  • Michigan Football Saturdays took a look at the SI Vault and posted links to Michigan-related pages.
  • MVictors posted a video tribute to Bo Schembechler that was recently uploaded to YouTube.
  • Randall L. Tessier, a professor at the University of Michigan, wrote to the Ann Arbor News to share some examples of athletes he’s had that care greatly about academics. Included in the article is an interesting anecdote about former Michigan hockey player Jack Johnson.
  • Thanks to the great weather in this state, the Michigan baseball team had to postpone another game today. They did get to play their home season opener on Thursday, and Big Ten Hardball was in attendance.
  • Michigan will play VCU in the second-round of the Women’s NIT tonight at Crisler Arena.
  • The Michigan women’s swimming team finished 9th at the NCAA Championships and had one swimmer win a national title.
  • Two Michigan wrestlers both barely lost out on national titles, but did help the team finish tied for 7th at the NCAA Championships.

Big Ten Media Day Notes: Roster, Carson Butler, and More

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  • Michigan’s official football roster came out yesterday and there are a few notable things about it. First off, we finally got to find out incoming freshman’s numbers. Most were known already, but now we get the full list, which is below.

    6 Donovan Warren
    15 Ryan Mallett
    17 Toney Clemons
    21 Junior Hemingway
    26 Zion Babb
    29 Troy Woolfolk
    30 James Rogers
    32 Vince Helmuth
    33 Marell Evans
    34 Avery Horn
    38 Artis Chambers
    40 Michael Williams
    50 David Molk
    53 Ryan Van Bergen
    58 Brandon Herron
    72 Mark Huyge
    80 Martell Webb
    81 Steve Watson
    95 Renaldo Sagesse

    JUCO linebacker Austin Panter is #54 and Marques Slocum is #91. Also, wrestler turned running back Mike Milano is sticking with football and is #38.

  • Adrian Arrington has returned to the roster after not being listed in the spring. We’ve known that he was back on the team for a while, but it’s still nice to see his name back with everyone else’s officially.
  • Speaking of returning to the team, tight end Carson Butler may have a chance to make a comeback as well. Rumors of this exact outcome have been going around the Internet for the last week, but Lloyd Carr officially acknowledged it yesterday.
    “I’m evaluating the situation right now. I’m going to make a decision. There’s a little bit more information I need to evaluate,” the Michigan coach said. “I want to make sure that it’s the right thing for our team, first of all, then for Carson, second of all. I’ve got to make sure of that, as sure as I can be. Part of that will be dependent upon what his responses are.”

    Carr has met with Butler already and will meet with him again this week. Even if Butler is allowed to return to the team, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he will be playing immediately. He probably would first have to endure the Michigan Stadium steps program that Adrian Arrington got to know so well, and after that, earn his way back into the starting lineup. I hope things work out and Butler can return to the team. He has to get his head on straight as Arrington has done, but he would be a huge addition to a tight end position that really is thin right now.

  • While players return to the team, others depart. Noticeably absent from the newly released roster are FB Quintin Patilla, DT James McKinney, and OL Justin Schifano. Patilla reportedly is actually scheduled to rejoin the team once camp starts next week, so I’m not exactly sure why he isn’t on the roster. McKinney has a medical problem that is preventing him from playing, but if it got straightened out down the road, he could come back. Finally, Schifano gave up on football. He quit the team, so he won’t ever be back I’m guessing.
  • To close things out, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said that the chances of the conference expanding aren’t that likely. He stated that his recent comments about looking into the possibility were really overblown, so we shouldn’t worry about it too much. Brian at mgoblog did write a great post about which colleges would be the best candidates to be the 12th team, so I would still check that out.

Meet the 2007 Michigan Football Recruiting Class

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20 players signed letter of intents declaring themselves for the University of Michigan yesterday. The number is down from the norm of the last few years, but the players signed are very solid and addressed many of the growing needs. The headliners of this year’s class are quarterback Ryan Mallett and cornerback Donovan Warren, two five-stars.

I’ll hopefully have more on each player tomorrow, but until then, here is a look at the 2007 Michigan recruiting class.

Name Position Height Weight Hometown (High School)
Zion Babb WR 6-3 190 Montbello, Calif. (Alhambra)
Artis Chambers DB 6-2 185 Fort Wayne, Ind. (Snider)
Toney Clemons WR 6-2 205 New Kensington, Pa. (Valley)
Marell Evans LB 6-3 220 Richmond, Va. (Varina)
Vince Helmuth FB 6-1 235 Saline, Mich. (Saline)
Junior Hemingway WR 6-3 205 Conway, S.C. (Conway)
Brandon Herron LB 6-2 215 Stafford, Texas (Dulles)
Avery Horn RB 5-11 195 Hanford, Calif. (Hanford)
Mark Huyge OL 6-6 280 Wyoming, Mich. (Catholic Central)
Ryan Mallett QB 6-6 235 Texarkana, Ark. (Texas)
David Molk OL 6-2 280 Lemont, Ill. (Lemont Township)
Austin Panter LB 6-3 240 Athol, Kansas (Kensington/Butler JC)
James Rogers DB 6-1 195 Madison Heights, Mich. (Lamphere)
Renaldo Sagesse DL 6-4 315 Montreal, Quebec (Vieux Montreal)
Ryan Van Bergen DE 6-5 260 Whitehall, Mich. (Whitehall)
Donovan Warren DB 6-0 175 Long Beach, Calif. (Polytechnic)
Steve Watson TE 6-4 235 Cherry Hills Village, Colo. (Mullen)
Martell Webb TE 6-5 225 Pontiac, Mich. (Northern)
Michael Williams DB 6-0 190 Camarillo, Calif. (St. Bonaventure)
Troy Woolfolk DB 6-1 180 Sugarland, Texas (Dulles)

Recruiting Enters Final Days

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As if the announcements that Donovan Warren and Renaldo Sagesse are coming Michigan weren’t enough, more good news may be on its way. These next few days from Friday until next Wednesday are huge when looking at the outlook of Michigan football for the coming seasons. Sure, it is a few teenagers, but the impact these players could have is on a grand scale. Let’s go through the latest in recruiting player-by-player.

Ronald Johnson

Nothing new to my knowledge as of right now is coming in. It is expected that new information will be out later today. I don’t want to speculate at all considering how many variations of the story behind what has transpired in the last few days I’ve heard. It appears that Michigan isn’t out of it yet, so let’s start hoping and praying. He is making his decision in a church. (Decision on Sunday around 2:00 p.m. ET)

Jerimy Finch

Down to Indiana and Michigan as posted yesterday. Looks like things really could go any way. He says in the article that he wants to “make his decision a few days before signing day.” That would put his announcement this weekend as well, but I wouldn’t take anything as being concrete until his name is on the dotted line.

Rashad Mason

Will announce on signing day (next Wednesday). He is down to Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Right now, from looking on the outside, it doesn’t appear that there is a clear cut favorite, but supposedly Michigan is in good shape. Mason has been in contact with Ryan Mallett, who likely would be his future quarterback if he chose Michigan. There is a rumor going around the South that Mason has in fact chosen Michigan, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Martell Webb

Webb has been with Michigan for a while now and suddenly is taking a visit to the University of Miami. Before you go thinking that something may change, this really appears to be a way to get to Florida. Apparently, Webb was given tickets to the Super Bowl as a gift from his mother and figured why not have all the airfare and hotel stuff paid for by Miami since it is an official visit. I don’t know if that’s the exact truth or not but who can blame him for doing that. I wouldn’t expect any changes from Webb.

Sam McGuffie (2008 recruit)

The leaper from Texas is already getting a head-start on the recruiting process and may be deciding sooner than you might expect. Luckily, Michigan is right at the top of his list currently.

“Right now, I would say Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Florida and Georgia Tech,” McGuffie said. “My top five changes all the time though.”

It also mentions in the article that McGuffie will be taking all of his junior day visits with J.B. Shugarts. Shugarts is going to be one of the top offensive lineman in next year’s class and Michigan is already recruiting him. I’m thinking the two may be a package deal as their interests look similar.

Renaldo Sagesse/Donovan Warren

Both committed to Michigan yesterday. The two great pick-ups, especially Warren as he is one of the top cornerbacks in the country. Sagesse is also good because he could someday be made into a force on the d-line.

I will provide updates to all of the recruiting news that comes in this weekend as we will find out the fate of RoJo and possibly others. If Michigan could land commitments from just one of the remaining targets then it would be very nice. Two would be awesome. And, well, all three would be like Christmas in February or a complete miracle. Either way, keep up the good work coaches and make your final sales pitches extra good.

Renaldo Sagesse News

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Apparently, the defensive lineman from Montreal, Renaldo Sagesse, has committed to Michigan. Originally Sagesse was committed to Illinois, but has now changed his mind. Finally, some good news!

Source: GoBlueWolverine

Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting

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Signing day is just a week from tomorrow and that means it’s crunch time in the recruiting world. With a few commits still undecided on where they will play their college ball, Michigan coaches have been putting in an extra effort in an attempt to lure these high schoolers to Michigan. The biggest name out there is Ronald Johnson, one of the top players in the nation who is still uncommitted. Michigan has been right at the top of RoJo’s list for quite some time now, but after visiting Florida over the weekend, rumors were buzzing about his potential decision. Aside from RoJo, there is big news regarding cornerback Donovan Warren, who may be jumping onto Michigan’s radar in a big way. Also, a couple of other prospects that could impact Michigan’s recruiting class are making their final visits.

Ronald Johnson

As stated above, RoJo made his final official visit this past weekend when he headed south to Florida. Immediately after returning back to Muskegon, Urban Meyer followed Johnson back to have an in-house visit with he and his mother. Throughout yesterday, there were claims that Johnson committed to Florida and would announce is last night. Obviously, nothing materialized with that just as I expected as he is still set to make his announcement Sunday at his church.

Right now, the news on RoJo goes both ways. The positive is that from speculation and some insiders, it appears that he may be leaning towards Michigan. Others have rumored that he has been silently verballed to Michigan for some time now, but is just taking the other visits to be 100% sure. But, as I said, this is just pure speculation that we will find out in the next week.

For some concrete info that is actually solid, RoJo will be hosting a few coaches this week as they make a last-ditch effort to land this big recruit. Last night, USC coach Pete Carroll was at the Johnson household, some suggest Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will be visiting sometime this week, and on Thursday plans are for Lloyd Carr to visit RoJo in-house. Look for continuing updates as they come in all week on RoJo and especially on Sunday when he makes his decision.

Donovan Warren

The biggest piece of news yesterday was the sudden increase in Michigan’s chances of landing five-star cornerback Donovan Warren. Warren resides in California and has long been considered a near-lock for USC. And if for some reason the choice wasn’t USC, most had him picking UCLA or Cal. Michigan has been on his radar for the last month or so, but until the last week or so, it was only a very small dot in the public eye. However, following a visit from Lloyd Carr and Ron English last week, Warren now is very high on Michigan as he almost made another unofficial visit. Plane tickets were just too expensive as it would be in such short notice though, leaving Warren in California.

The recruitment of Donovan Warren has definitely been interesting. From seeming like a long-shot to land, Warren now may be leaning towards Michigan much like RoJo seems to be. Warren and his father have great things to say about Michigan and a now-former player is helping the cause. First, what Donovan’s father Arvin had to say.

“The Michigan coaches were English and Carr,” Mr. Warren continued. “They came in telling Donovan that he’d be in a great situation. They had two corners there this year. One was Hall and he is leaving. They said no one there had a starting position yet and that it is wide open. Whoever can come in and play is going to play. They know they are going to have to play a freshman this year. The other thing I liked about Carr and English is they didn’t badmouth any program. They didn’t say anything bad about none of the schools. They said at all the schools you’ve picked you’d get a good education at all of them.”

You can undoubtedly sense that Donovan Warren’s father likes Michigan a lot, but one concern that has been on both of their minds is the Michigan weather. Luckily, Leon Hall picked up his phone and helped out the Wolverines a bit.

“Not all of the other schools talked about the weather, but some of them did” admitted Mr. Warren. “They all said Michigan is a great program, but the first thing they harp on is the cold. But as far as the tradition and academics, all of the coaches agreed about that at all of the schools. I talked to Leon Hall for about 15 minutes and he told me that in four years there he might have played in five or six games that were really cold. I had Donovan call him too and they talked as well.”

Things certainly look much better than I would’ve expected at this point regarding Warren. From the sounds of things, he may be very close to deciding on Michigan. His official announcement will come Thursday (February 1st), so stay tuned for that.

Jerimy Finch

It seems that the hoopla surrounding Finch last week that suggested he may have been rethinking his decision to committ to Indiana is dying down. After visiting Florida this weekend and making IU fans nervous, he has reaffirmed his verbal.

“I’m still solid for Indiana,” Finch said Monday afternoon. “I don’t see anything happening to change that right now.”

Oh well, if he does stick it out with Indiana then the Hoosiers got a great recruit. It’s too bad that Michigan seems to be all but done in having a shot at getting him now, but I guess you can’t have them all.

Renaldo Sagesse

This three-star defensive tackle from Montreal (Canada) is down to Illinois and Michigan. After originally deciding on Illinois earlier, Sagesse now has Michigan entering the game. He has visited Michigan recently and will have another in-home visit from Lloyd Carr. Sagesse sees an opportunity at Michigan now that Alan Branch has declared for the draft and will decide between the Maize and Blue and Fighting Illini.

“To tell you the truth, right now it is 50/50,” he said. “Today, the coaches from Illinois met my parents and tomorrow, Coach [Lloyd] Carr is probably going to talk with my parents. After that, I am going to sit back, think things through and see what I am going to do. Probably by the end of this week, or early next week I will decide where I am going.”

This would be another nice pick-up by Michigan if Sagesse decides on the Wolverines.

Rashad Mason

A four-star wide receiver, Mason brings an athletic frame to this position as he is very quick and physical. Mason visited Kentucky this past weekend and plans on taking a trip to Clemson some time this week. He has already been to Michigan, North Carolina, and Mississippi. An official decision will come soon as signing day approaches. I would say that this recruit is up in the air for Michigan as his choices are vast and he hasn’t given any signs to where he will be attending college.

Stay Tuned

Signing Day seems to be shaping up to be one of the most exciting ever. With so many great players that still are considering Michigan, this year’s recruiting class could be vaulted into a great one or remain as an ok. It all depends on the decision of a few teenagers. Whether the Wolverines can reel in some of these players will be left to be seen, but keep it here at MSC for continuing coverage of Signing Day 2007.

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