Thursday Quick Hits: Michigan to Play in 2010 Legends Classic

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Wednesday Quick Hits: Tate Forcier Finally 100% Healthy

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Wednesday Quick Hits: No Red Jerseys for QBs?

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  • Quarterbacks are going to be fair game when the pads go on in a few days.  That doesn’t necessarily mean defenders will be able to go after a QB and hit him as hard as they want, as Rich Rodriguez doesn’t want any injuries to happen, but it does sound like they will be taking some hits just like the rest of their offensive teammates.
  • Even if J.T. Turner and Adrian Witty are made eligible, if they don’t have at least two weeks of practice, their chances of contributing in the secondary for the season opener are slim, according to Rodriguez.
  • Bill Martin thinks the whole Justin Feagin situation is a good learning opportunity.
  • David Merritt launched his new apparel company with a video that features cameos by John Beilein and Steve Breaston.
  • Lloyd Carr went to a Browns practice this morning.  That should be the main focus of the article, but I couldn’t get past the fact that this line was in the third paragraph: “Carr was forced out as coach of the Wolverines after the 2007 season.”  That’s some excellent journalism right there.  I guess the writer of this article felt like it was common knowledge that Carr was “forced out,” as he basically mentioned it in passing.  My Internet must not have been working the day that news originally broke, because I certainly don’t remember ever hearing about Carr being forced out.
  • Dave Birkett has video of an interview with equipment manager Jon Falk, who talked about the evolution of Michigan’s facilities.
  • WolverineHistorian uploaded highlights of the 1997 Ohio State game in two parts.
  • Surprisingly, Alabama-Huntsville’s bid to join the CCHA has been rejected.  That means the CCHA is going to have 11 teams when the 2010-11 season gets underway unless something changes from now until then.

Justin Feagin Was Kicked Off Team for Cocaine Deal

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Thanks to the Free Press, we now know that Justin Feagin was kicked off the team last month for his involvement in a cocaine deal.  It turns out the person responsible for the fire in West Quad earlier this year did it to scare Feagin because a cocaine deal he had with Feagin didn’t go as planned.  Interviews with police revealed that Feagin has had problems with the law before and was allegedly selling marijuana at Michigan.  Once his involvement was brought to the attention of police, they went to Schembechler Hall to interview him.  Later that day, Rich Rodriguez kicked him off the team.

“I have admitted to people I know that I used to sell drugs in Florida,” Feagin told investigators, according to police reports the Free Press obtained under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act.

Feagin told police that he also had been arrested for battery and trespass “on two different occasions” in Florida and that “nothing ever came of either situation,” according to U-M Department of Public Safety police records the Free Press obtained. He also told police that he “had a problem with some guys at Studio 4 (in Ann Arbor) over some girls. There was a fight and the police were called.”

Feagin said he had not sold drugs in Michigan. But fellow student T.J. Burke, who had met Feagin through Michigan walk-on receiver Ricky Reyes, told police “it was common knowledge that Feagin sold marijuana” and that Feagin “hung out at our house lots of times smoking pot.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here are the details of how the cocaine deal was put together:

Feagin told investigators that “when I first started going to (Burke’s) house he had three big jars of weed up in his room. … One day T.J. was talking to me about some illegal stuff. He was under a lot of pressure because of his financial problems.

“I told him that I knew someone who could get him some cocaine. A few days later he asked me if I had talked to the person yet. I called right then and set up a deal.”

Feagin arranged to send $600 to a friend in Florida, whom he identified only as “Tragic.” In exchange, “Tragic” would send an ounce of cocaine to Ann Arbor.

What led to Burke starting a fire in West Quad was that no cocaine was ever sent to Ann Arbor, meaning he had paid $600 for nothing.  He started the fire to scare Feagin, though in reality it actually caused all of this to come out.  Burke was caught in July by police, who quickly found out about the conflict over the cocaine deal.  Once that happened, word quickly got back to Rodriguez, as police showed up at Schembechler Hall, and that was all she wrote for Feagin at Michigan.  It may very well be all she wrote for Feagin’s football career in general, as Appalachian State is no longer going to accept his transfer.   That’s not at all surprising when you consider that Feagin’s past troubles with the law as well as what he did at Michigan have come out.  Any school is going to have a tough time justifying bringing in a person like Feagin, who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Friday Quick Hits: Practice Begins Monday

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  • The football team’s first practice is on Monday, and their first practice in pads is a week from today.  Football is almost back!
  • Here is the latest update on Jason Forcier:

    He said the prospect of quarterback Jason Forcier joining the team hopefully will be determined soon and admitted to school by the first team meeting on Sunday when players report.

    Rodriguez said the university is lining up all the paperwork for the NCAA waiver for graduate students for when Forcier is admitted.

    Based on Forcier’s reason for transferring to Michigan, I’m pretty confident he will be made eligible, but this is the NCAA, so you never can be too sure.

  • Michigan received one vote in the USA Today Coaches Poll.
  • Devin Gardner was interviewed by FOX 2.
  • Justin Feagin is reportedly going to transfer to Appalachian State.
  • Zoltan Mesko is on the Ray Guy Award’s watch list.  He is one of the early favorites to actually win the award.
  • Brandon Graham is on the watch list for the Ted Hendricks Award.
  • MVictors wrote a piece for GoBlueWolverine magazine about the athletic department’s historical items and how the Bentley Historical Museum ended up with them.

Justin Feagin Kicked Off Team

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Rumors surfaced earlier today about Justin Feagin no longer being on the team, and they have been confirmed by Rich Rodriguez.  In a statement posted by The Wolverine, Rodriguez explained that Feagin was dismissed a couple days ago.

“Justin Feagin was dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules Thursday evening,” head coach Rich Rodriguez said in a statement.

Feagin was recruited by Rich Rodriguez as a quarterback, but he moved to slot receiver early on in his career.  Injuries to quarterbacks forced him to move back to his original position every once in a while, leaving him practicing at different positions depending on the week.  He did get some playing time at QB last season, but it was only to run the ball.  Feagin never threw a pass, and with added depth at the quarterback position this season, he was finally going to move to receiver for good.

I’m not exactly sure what Feagin did to get kicked off the team, but considering it happened so suddenly, it must have been rather serious.

Denard Robinson and Adrian Witty Commit to Michigan

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Michigan just picked up two more commits from the state of Florida. Actually, both of them are from Deerfield Beach, Florida, as they were teammates in high school and will continue to be teammates in college. Denard Robinson, an athlete that plays quarterback and cornerback, and Adrian Witty, a defensive back, both picked Michigan in a press conference within the last few minutes, bringing the number of recruits in Michigan’s recruiting class up to 21 (I’m not counting DeQuinta Jones as a commit for obvious reasons).

As mentioned, Denard Robinson is an athlete that can play quarterback and cornerback. He is a 4-star on both Rivals and Scout, though he is listed at different positions on both sites. Rivals has him listed as an athlete, which is probably the best description of him now that we know he is going to Michigan. Scout, on the other hand, ranks him as a cornerback. ESPN also ranks him as an athlete, and they actually have him ranked #6 in the country.

Robinson has an impressive offer list that includes schools like Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kansas State, Miami, Ohio State, and West Virginia. According to the Rivals story about Robinson’s decision, he “chose U-M over Central Florida, Florida and others.” It isn’t known what position each school offered Robinson as, but a big reason why he is coming to Michigan seems to be that he will get a shot at quarterback. Michigan needed at least two QBs in this recruiting class, and they now have accomplished that goal by adding Robinson.

Robinson is around 6 feet tall, 180 lbs, so he does have the size to play quarterback. He definitely has the speed as well, as his 40-yard dash time is a 4.4 on most sites. Does he have the arm? Only someone that has seen an extended highlight video or watched him in person could tell you for sure, but let’s just say it seems like he can throw the ball better than Justin Feagin. With 4.4 speed he is going to be running the ball more than anything anyways, and some have even compared him to Pat White for that reason. That’s not to say that he will have even half the college career that White did, but they are similar in many ways.

Before moving on to Michigan’s other new commit, here is an eight-minute-long video of Denard Robinson highlights:

Adrian Witty, Robinson’s teammate and now a fellow Michigan commit, is only a two-star cornerback/safety on Rivals and Scout. That is mainly because he tore his ACL at the end of the 2007 season and missed the first four weeks of the 2008 season. For that reason alone it is a gamble to take Witty, but when you consider that landing him likely helped the chances of landing Denard Robinson, it was a good move for sure. It’s not like Michigan has an overflow of defensive backs, so taking Witty was a smart move in my mind. If he stays healthy he could turn out to be a decent DB, and at the worst he will provide depth and helped land Robinson.

Here is a highlight video of Witty that includes him playing both offense (wide receiver) and defense:

Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Takes Down Illinois 74-64

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  • Michigan got a much needed win against Illinois yesterday by a score of 74-64. It was a close, back and forth game until Michigan pulled away with around five or so minutes left. The Wolverines went on a 12-2 run to finish the game and ended up with a 10-point victory. After the first half I certainly didn’t expect this result, but Michigan played much better in the final 20 minutes. U-M actually scored in the paint, leading to a higher shooting percentage, and defensively they played much better as well.
  • Here are highlights of the game:

  • Almost six Michigan players scored in double digits. Manny Harris led the way with 16 points and played a pretty solid game. DeShawn Sims and Laval Lucas-Perry, who started for the first time as a Wolverine, both scored 13 points. Zack Novak had 11 points despite missing part of the second half to get six stitches above his left eye (see next quick hit). Zack Gibson scored 10 points in what was one of his best games at Michigan. Finally, Kelvin Grady ended up with 9 points and scored on a nice play late in the game to help put this game out of the Illini’s reach.
  • Zack Novak got busted when he collided with Alex Legion, who was once going to be a Wolverine (story is in next quick hit), and had to go to the locker room to get his cut fixed. He later returned to the game in a #11 jersey since his #0 uniform was covered in blood, as you can see in the picture below from the Detroit News.

  • Illinois’ Alex Legion signed with Michigan before Tommy Amaker was fired and went on to get out of his LOI to go to Kentucky after John Beilein was hired. Legion transferred to Illinois a year ago and got booed quite a bit today in his first game at Crisler Arena.
  • Michigan has now surpassed last season’s win total. The Wolverines will look for win #12 at Indiana on Wednesday. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network. Michigan doesn’t usually win in Bloomington, but there is absolutely no excuse for losing to Indiana this season. They are terrible and will be lucky to win a single game in the Big Ten. Although games against ranked teams get more publicity, the ones against crappy teams like Indiana are just as important.
  • The Big House Blog found a video of William Campbell’s announcement from Saturday. You can check it out below.

  • Former Michigan and current Lions quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler may end up taking a job at Florida following the Gators’ national title game on Thursday.
  • Don’t ever take anything ESPN says about recruiting seriously. Why? Well, one of Tom Luginbill’s “fearless recruiting predictions for ’09” is that Tate Forcier and Shavodrick Beaver will battle Justin Feagin for Michigan’s starting quarterback job. That would be pretty surprising considering Beaver decommitted to Tulsa and Feagin is now a slot receiver. Nicely done, ESPN.
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