Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Will Play Miami in CCHA Semifinals

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  • Michigan’s path to the NCAA tournament will have to go through the top team in the conference, as the Miami Redhawks beat Ohio State last night to advance to the CCHA semifinals.  Because Miami is the top seed in the playoffs, it will play Michigan, the lowest remaining seed.

    The time for Friday’s game hasn’t been set just yet, but considering the second CCHA semifinal will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network, it’s a pretty safe bet that Michigan and Miami will face off at 8:05 p.m.  If Michigan beats Miami, it will play in the CCHA championship game at 7:35 p.m. on Saturday.  That game will be broadcast on FS Detroit as far as I know.  If Michigan loses to Miami, it will play in the third-place game at 3:35 p.m.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, though, because to reach the NCAA tournament, Michigan has to beat Miami and then beat the winner of the Northern Michigan/Ferris State game.  There is no room for error at this point.

  • MGoBlue has a cool video of Michigan’s locker room celebration after Saturday’s win against Michigan State.
  • The men’s bracket is out for the NCAA basketball tournament, and quite honestly I think it was an overall terrible job by the selection committee.  Either way, I can’t wait for the action to get started despite the fact that Michigan is not a part of it this year.  That may not be the case for the women’s bracket, however.  The women’s field of teams will be released tonight, and Michigan has a shot at going dancing.  On ESPN’s bracketology page for the women’s tournament, the Wolverines are one of the last four teams in, so they definitely have a shot.  Hopefully they will get a bid and give Michigan one basketball team in the NCAA tournament this year.
  • The NIT bracket is also out, and Michigan unsurprisingly didn’t make it into the field of 32 teams.
  • Manny Harris opted not to talk about if he will go pro after the Ohio State game.
  • Jimmy King would like to see the Fab Five’s banners put back up at some point in the future.  I tend to agree with him just because it would be good for recruits to come to Crisler Arena and see the Final Four banners, but then again, technically those Final Fours didn’t happen and the Fab Five didn’t exist, so I’m not exactly sure what should be done with them.
  • A new photo gallery of Michigan Stadium is up on MGoBlue.  This particular gallery looks at the entrance to the tunnel, which is being overhauled right now, as well as the installation of speakers in the north scoreboard (they used to be on the press box).
  • Jordan Kovacs will likely be placed on scholarship this fall.
  • Brandon Graham and Donovan Warren are going to work out for pro scouts on April 8 since both have been dealing with injuries.
  • Angelique Chengelis has a great idea for the spring game: play it at night.
  • Jake Long is a large man.
  • Desmond Howard, Jumbo Elliott, and Rob Lytle are candidates for the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Serious knee and ankle injuries are apparently more likely to happen on FieldTurf compared to grass.
  • Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary last week, has been suspended for the entire 2010 season.

Tuesday Quick Hits: Another Redshirt in Ben Cronin’s Future?

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Wednesday Quick Hits: Carvin Johnson Commits to Michigan

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  • Carvin Johnson, a defensive back from Louisiana, has committed to Michigan.  Johnson is an unknown as far as the recruiting services are concerned, meaning he is a sleeper type of player.  His offer list isn’t all that impressive, but Michigan obviously sees something in him.  Chances are he will be nothing more than depth at Michigan, but hey, anybody that is going to provide depth in the secondary is welcomed as far as I’m concerned.  For more on Johnson, check out mgoblog.
  • There is still no word on whether or not the Big Ten is going to suspend starting left tackle Mark Ortmann for what appeared to be a punch in the groin during the Illinois game.  After Illinois’ Corey Liuget recovered a Tate Forcier fumble at the start of the fourth quarter, Liuget walked into Ortmann, who was on his knees.  No camera angle showed exactly what happened, but it looked like Ortmann punched Liuget right in between the legs.  Liuget ran off the field awkwardly and was hunched over on the sideline, so something obviously happened.  Rich Rodriguez isn’t going to discipline Ortmann because he couldn’t see anything on the replays, but the Big Ten is investigating the incident.
  • The Wisconsin game on November 14 will be on the Big Ten Network.  It is a noon start here in Michigan, meaning it will kickoff at 11 a.m. in Wisconsin.
  • Jordan Kovacs is going to get a scholarship when one opens up at the end of the season.
  • I almost wrote an entire post on just how bad the announcing was during the Illinois game, but Maize and Blue Nation beat me to it.  It was painful to listen to Mike Patrick and Craig James, and I hope neither goes anywhere near a Michigan game again.
  • Forest Evashevski passed away last week.
  • WolverineHistorian uploaded highlights of the 1991 Michigan-Ohio State game.
  • Andy Katz did a feature on just how meticulous John Beilein is when it comes to being prepared.
  • Basketball commit Tim Hardaway Jr. was interviewed alongside his father for a feature that aired during the broadcast of a recent Miami Heat game.
  • Basketball recruit Brandan Kearney committed to Michigan State over Michigan and a couple other schools yesterday.
  • did a story on what C.J. Lee has been doing lately.
  • Michigan swept Lake Superior State on the road in hockey this past weekend.  Michigan won on Friday by a score of 5-1 and on Saturday by a score of 6-3.

Thursday Quick Hits: Brown Misses Practice; Woolfolk Practices at CB

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  • Former cornerback and current safety Troy Woolfolk may be moving back to his old position.  He practiced at corner on Wednesday, and if the coaches decide to move him there permanently, Michael Williams and Jordan Kovacs would be the team’s starting safeties.  Obviously the coaches aren’t satisfied with the play of J.T. Floyd and Boubacar Cissoko, which is why Woolfolk is practicing at CB and could play there on Saturday.
  • Carlos Brown missed yesterday’s practice due to an injury.  Brandon Minor, on the other hand, is as healthy as he has been all season, so it looks like he could start on Saturday.
  • After being limited on Monday and Tuesday, Tate Forcier fully practiced yesterday.
  • Forcier and Denard Robinson lined up in the backfield together during a QB/RB drill yesterday.
  • As expected, Michigan dropped out of this week’s BlogPoll.
  • Kicker Jason Olesnavage was put on scholarship after the Western Michigan game.
  • If you enjoy watching Big Ten teams play SEC teams on New Year’s Day, then I’ve got good news for you: The Gator Bowl will likely feature another Big Ten/SEC matchup.  I personally would like to see the Big Ten matchup against another conference, but I guess it’s obvious that the two conferences do a good job of making a successful bowl game.  (The Big Ten’s full bowl lineup apparently will be released next week.)
  • The Wolverine Blog previewed the hockey season by interviewing Michael Spath.
  • Speaking of the hockey team, they are headed to Alaska this weekend for the Kendall Hockey Classic.  Most players’ thoughts on the long trip are that it is a good bonding experience, but in general it’s not fun to be traveling that much.
  • Braylon Edwards was traded to the New York Jets yesterday.  Hopefully the change of scenery will do him some good.
  • I haven’t even considered buying a college basketball game since the 2k series was shut down, but NCAA Basketball 10 looks promising based on the presentation.  This year it will have all CBS graphics and a broadcast team of Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery, making it feel like you’re watching a real game.

Monday Quick Hits: David Molk Making Progress with Injured Foot

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  • David Molk is no longer wearing a protective boot, and according to Mike Martin, Molk has started working out again.
  • Jordan Kovacs got so much playing time against Michigan State because he was playing better than Michael Williams, not because Williams went to the bench with an injury.  He was injured going into the game, but it doesn’t sound like Kovacs replaced him because of that injury.  Kovacs did make some mistakes, but he also made a couple great plays.  One that sticks out is his enormous hit on Larry Caper that forced a fumble.  The other one is when he dropped Caper for a loss on 3rd and 2 at the end of the game, forcing MSU to punt the ball away and setting up Michigan’s game-tying drive.
  • Tate Forcier is going to be a “little limited” in practice today, but he should fully participate the rest of the week.
  • Overall there were no new injuries coming out of the MSU game, which is good news.
  • Michigan dropped out of the top 25 in the two major polls and is now ranked 31st in both.
  • Rich Rodriguez wants the $3.9 million lawsuit against him over a bad real estate deal to be dismissed.
  • Juice Williams has been benched by Ron Zook, who will replace him with Eddie McGee.
  • The Michigan hockey team played a couple exhibitions games over the weekend and won both of them.  Michigan beat the U.S. NTDP Under-18 team by a score of 4-2 on Saturday, and yesterday Michigan had a 6-2 victory over Windsor.

Thursday Quick Hits: Hemingway Likely Probable for Saturday

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  • We’ll get a look at Michigan’s injury report for the Eastern Michigan game later today, but in the mean time it looks like Junior Hemingway could return this week (he has been practicing in a green limited contact jersey).  I don’t expect David Moosman, who suffered a shoulder injury against Notre Dame, to play, but he shouldn’t be out for more than a game or two.
  • Like the AP Poll, Michigan is ranked 25th in this week’s BlogPoll.
  • Rich Rodriguez went on Dan Patrick’s radio show yesterday.
  • SI’s Andy Staples has the story of how Jordan Kovacs went from a regular Michigan student to playing safety during the second half of the Notre Dame game.
  • The Rivalry, Esq. interviewed Eastern Michigan quarterback Andy Schmitt.
  • Contrary to claims that Michigan was going to don all-white uniforms next month at Iowa, The Wolverine’s Chris Balas has apparently debunked the rumor.  The rumor itself sort of came out of left field, as it didn’t really make a ton of sense for Michigan to wear white pants for only one game.  I guess maybe it was considered because Iowa wears yellow pants as well, but that is really the only explanation that makes it seem much less random.
  • Geoff of The Hoover Street Rag shared his take on the piped in music, and his opinion is similar to mine.  As long as Michigan Stadium doesn’t start to sound like a pro sports or minor league baseball game with music being played during every single stoppage then I’m okay with it.  The music definitely livened up the crowd coming out of some commercial breaks and definitely pumped up the players.  If the selected music strays away from something that pumps up the crowd or becomes too cheesy then I will be the first to call for it to stop.  Based on the Notre Dame game, though, I don’t exactly see that happening.  It seems as though there are guidelines and an approval process for what music is played, so I don’t see this as being anything more than a different way to get the stadium rocking every once in a while.  It isn’t going to replace the band, but it will continue to be something that pumps up the crowd in a way that the band simply can’t.
  • The first rendering of Michigan’s new soccer stadium has been released.
  • It is expected that Michigan’s Board of Regents will approve the schematic design of the new basketball practice facility at today’s meeting.
  • Eso Akunne has officially been awarded a scholarship for the 2009-10 season.
  • NCAA president Myles Brand passed away on Wednesday after battling pancreatic cancer for the last nine or so months.
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