Friday Quick Hits: Brennen Beyer Commits to Michigan

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  • Canton defensive end Brennen Beyer has committed to Michigan.  Beyer is a four-star on Scout (the only service that has evaluated him so far) and has offers from Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, Syracuse, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Vanderbilt, among others.  Beyer is the fourth recruit to commit for the 2011 class, joining cornerbacks Greg Brown and Delonte Hollowell and wide receiver Shawn Conway.  For more on Beyer, check out mgoblog.
  • Tate Forcier’s status for the spring game is up in the air due to his ankle injury.
  • Florida running back recruit Demetrius Hart, who will be visiting for the spring game, has a final three of Michigan, Alabama, and Auburn.
  • The Free Press wrote a good article on the Mealer family and their bond with Rich Rodriguez.  (Shocking, isn’t it?)
  • The NCAA has approved the following rules changes for football: messages on eye blacks are no longer allowed (sorry, Terrelle Pryor, no more supporting dog killers and then making dumb comments about it later), wedge blocks on kickoffs are now illegal (the NFL made that change last year), and starting in 2011, if a player taunts the opponent before crossing the goal line for a touchdown, the score will not count as a result of the penalty (lame).
  • Jon Falk, Michigan’s equipment manager since the 70s, has a book coming out in August.  You can bet that it will have loads of great stories. (UPDATE: A reader on mgoblog found the Amazon link to it.)
  • EA Sports has confirmed that ESPN integration is coming to NCAA Football 11.
  • Ray McCallum Jr. is going to Detroit Mercy to, like Trey Zeigler, play for his dad.
  • Evan Smotrycz answered readers’ questions on UM Hoops.

Saturday Quick Hits: Brown Doesn’t Make the Trip to Iowa

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  • Carlos Brown didn’t even make the trip to Iowa, so obviously he’s out for tonight’s game.  If Michigan is going to go to the trouble of releasing an injury report each week, you would think they’d make it accurate.
  • Rumors suggest that Boubacar Cissoko didn’t make the trip as well, though it doesn’t appear that an injury is the reason for that.
  • According to the football team’s Facebook page, it was lightly snowing about an hour ago.  It is going to be pretty cold at 8 p.m when the game gets underway.
  • Jon Falk was interviewed about Iowa’s pink locker room for a video on MGoBlue.
  • Michigan lost to Alaska in hockey last night by a score of 2-0.
  • Dear Ron Zook,

    Please start Eddie McGee when Michigan comes to town on Halloween.

    Every Michigan fan

    UPDATE: Nevermind, the Eddie McGee experiment came to an end after less than three quarters.

Thursday Quick Hits: Rain in the Forecast for Saturday

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Wednesday Quick Hits: No Red Jerseys for QBs?

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  • Quarterbacks are going to be fair game when the pads go on in a few days.  That doesn’t necessarily mean defenders will be able to go after a QB and hit him as hard as they want, as Rich Rodriguez doesn’t want any injuries to happen, but it does sound like they will be taking some hits just like the rest of their offensive teammates.
  • Even if J.T. Turner and Adrian Witty are made eligible, if they don’t have at least two weeks of practice, their chances of contributing in the secondary for the season opener are slim, according to Rodriguez.
  • Bill Martin thinks the whole Justin Feagin situation is a good learning opportunity.
  • David Merritt launched his new apparel company with a video that features cameos by John Beilein and Steve Breaston.
  • Lloyd Carr went to a Browns practice this morning.  That should be the main focus of the article, but I couldn’t get past the fact that this line was in the third paragraph: “Carr was forced out as coach of the Wolverines after the 2007 season.”  That’s some excellent journalism right there.  I guess the writer of this article felt like it was common knowledge that Carr was “forced out,” as he basically mentioned it in passing.  My Internet must not have been working the day that news originally broke, because I certainly don’t remember ever hearing about Carr being forced out.
  • Dave Birkett has video of an interview with equipment manager Jon Falk, who talked about the evolution of Michigan’s facilities.
  • WolverineHistorian uploaded highlights of the 1997 Ohio State game in two parts.
  • Surprisingly, Alabama-Huntsville’s bid to join the CCHA has been rejected.  That means the CCHA is going to have 11 teams when the 2010-11 season gets underway unless something changes from now until then.

Thursday Notes: Five More Added to Alumni Game

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  • The official roster won’t be out until next week, but add Larry Foote and four others (see below) to the list of alumni flag football game participants.

    Mark Bihl – C, 2003-06
    Ron Bellamy – WR, 1999-2002
    Thomas Wilcher – RB, 1985-86
    Aaron Shea – TE, 1996-99

    Wilcher is actually Cass Tech’s coach, so it’s nice to see he will be part of the game. That can’t hurt with the recruitment of Dior Mathis.

  • According to Rich Rodriguez’s Facebook fan page, a “key member” of the national championship team will be announced later today as another player in the game.
  • WTKA is going to be at Michigan’s practice a week from today from 3-6 p.m. Rich Rodriguez will be interviewed at the beginning of the broadcast, and others, including Mike Barwis and Jon Falk, will be interviewed as well.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame opened a Michigan-Ohio State rivalry exhibit yesterday. (HT: The Diag)
  • Al Montoya shut out the Colorado Avalanche in his NHL debut last night.
  • Brandon Naurato and Tim Miller signed with an ECHL and an AHL team, respectively. Aaron Palushaj is apparently going to decide in the next few days whether or not he will return to Michigan for another season.
  • Tom Izzo loved Bo Schembechler for his 3 yards and a cloud of dust attitude and how he coached.
  • John Bacon gave his ideal last lecture Tuesday night as a result of winning the Golden Apple Award. Varsity Blue, MVictors, and The Michigan Daily have recaps of the event. I really wish he was still teaching classes at U-M. I probably would have had to wait a couple years to take one of his classes since his wait lists are always so long, but the wait would have been worth it.

    UPDATE: Thanks to a reader for the heads up, I now know that Bacon will be teaching again this fall. He was just taking the winter term off. Good to know for sure.

  • The Michigan Daily looked into the history of why “The Victors” was written.
  • USC head coach Tim Floyd is headed to Arizona.

    UPDATE: Or not. ESPN changed its story, and it was just reported on PTI that Floyd is going to stay at USC.

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