Wednesday Quick Hits: Poker Champ to Celebrate Victory at Big House?

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  • Jeremy Gallon, Cameron Gordon, J.T. Turner, and Thomas Gordon are some of the players being redshirted that have stood out to Rich Rodriguez.  The same goes for offensive linemen Taylor Lewan, Quinton Washington, and Michael Schofield.
  • There is an interesting twopart feature on MGoBlue about how much work goes into traveling to away games.
  • Rich Rodriguez appreciates Bill Martin’s support.
  • Michigan-native and U-M fan (all of his supporters were decked out in maize and blue and block Ms) Joe Cada won the World Series of Poker, taking home a cool $8.5 million for becoming the youngest champion ever.  Based on what he said last month when asked what he would do if he became the champion, it looks like Cada could be celebrating the victory at the Ohio State game.

    There’s one thing for sure, though. If Cada does win, the 21-year-old is going to throw two big parties: one in Vegas, the other in Michigan.

    “I have no idea where the party in Vegas is going to be, but everyone is invited,” Cada said. “It’s going to be huge if I win the main event.”

    As for Michigan, he had another small idea: “Party at the Big House.”

    One thing is for sure: The high ticket prices for the OSU game certainly won’t be a problem for Cada.

Incoming Freshmen Numbers

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The roster on MGoBlue is no longer from the spring, allowing us to get a look at new height and weight listings, number changes, and the addition of incoming freshmen.  That also means that we now know all of the freshmen’s numbers, which are listed below.

2 – J.T. Turner
2 – Vincent Smith
5 – Tate Forcier
5 – Vladimir Emilien
6 – Je’Ron Stokes (UPDATE: Stokes’ number has been switched from #4 to #6.) (I imagine this will be changed, as it would prevent Stokes and Brandon Minor from being on the field at the same time.  Also, Brandon Smith is listed as being #4 as well, and I doubt 3 people would have the same number.)
7 – Brandin Hawthorne
13 – Adrian Witty
14 – Teric Jones
15 – Thomas Gordon
16 – Denard Robinson
26 – Isaiah Bell
27 – Mike Jones
28 – Fitzgerald Toussaint
29 – Jeremy Gallon
34 – Brendan Gibbons
73 – William Campbell
75 – Michael Schofield
76 – Quinton Washington
77 – Taylor Lewan
84 – Cameron Gordon
88 – Craig Roh
90 – Anthony LaLota

Other noteworthy numbers:

4 – Brandon Smith (as alluded to above, he switched from #28)
19 – Kelvin Grady

Wednesday Quick Hits: Jeremy Gallon Qualifys

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  • Ever since they became commits, there has been some concern over whether or not a couple players would qualify.  The two that seemed to cause the most concern were Fitzgerald Toussaint and Jeremy Gallon, but now it looks like the concern turned out to be all for nothing.  It was reported by Sam Webb on the radio last month that Toussaint qualified, and now word has come down from Gallon himself that he also has made the cut.
  • Zoltan Mesko has been named to the preseason Playboy All-America Team.
  • The hockey team sent a note to season-ticket holders to encourage them to renew their seats.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Big Ten Considering Extra Conference Game?

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  • Interview with C.J. Lee:

  • Michigan is auctioning off two panoramic pictures of the Crisler Arena floor that are autographed by the 1989 basketball team.
  • Michigan picked up two new hockey commits.
  • The CCHA is considering making changes to its replay system so more camera angles can be used during a review. Congrats, CCHA, it only took two massive screw ups by your refs to make you realize how awful your current system is in the first place.
  • Apparently Big Ten athletic directors have talked about adding a ninth conference game for college football. Although the idea sounds nice on paper, mathematically it is impossible for 11 teams to each play 9 conference games. Thankfully the athletic directors already realized that, but their solution to the problem sucks.
    “One team would play eight (conference games),” Alvarez said. “We talked about how you would decide the one team that would play eight. It would still have to be two-year (schedule) cycles. There’s a lot you’d have to work out. That wouldn’t be immediate. It’s something that’s on the table to talk about.”

    I doubt this is anything more than discussion and even if the idea was officially proposed, it would probably get shot down. The current system isn’t great since teams don’t play two other schools each season, but having one team play only eight games while everyone else plays nine would just be dumb.

  • MGoBlog gets you ready for the 2010 recruiting season.
  • Jeremy Gallon uploaded three different videos from his recruiting trip to Michigan.

All Commits Have Signed

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According to Rivals’ list of commitments, the following players have already sent their LOI to Michigan:

ATH Denard Robinson
QB Tate Forcier
RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
RB Teric Jones
RB Vincent Smith
WR Cameron Gordon
WR Jeremy Gallon
OT Michael Schofield
OT Taylor Lewan
OG Quinton Washington
DE Anthony LaLota
DE Craig Roh
DT William Campbell
LB Brandin Hawthorne
LB Isiah Bell
CB Adrian Witty
CB Justin Turner
S Mike Jones
S Thomas Gordon
S Vladimir Emilien
K Brendan Gibbons

The only current commit missing from that list is defensive end Craig Roh. I don’t know why he hasn’t signed yet considering Taylor Lewan, his teammate and fellow Michigan commit, got his LOI in, but there’s no reason to panic at this point. Last year Kenny Demens didn’t sign immediately because he was at a funeral, so my guess is that there is a reason for the delay and it’s not that he is having second thoughts. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, though.

UPDATE: According to Rivals, Craig Roh has sent his LOI in. That means that all 21 commits have signed with Michigan.

Thursday Quick Hits: Illinois Tops Michigan 66-51

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  • Michigan went dead cold in the second half of last night’s game, resulting in a 66-51 loss to Illinois. The Wolverines actually led 31-30 at the half, but they managed to make only 6 of 29 shots in the second half. Everybody but Manny Harris flat out stunk in the second half for the most part, and even Harris seemed to struggle his way to 20 points. Then again, when one player makes all but one of his team’s field goals in a half like Harris did, it’s hard to criticize him too much. This loss was on the team, as they didn’t show up as a whole in the final twenty minutes.
  • Probably the biggest reason for the offensive breakdown was the disappearance of DeShawn Sims. He had his worst game of the season last night, only scoring 7 points and going 3-14 from the field. Usually when either Harris or Sims struggles the team is in trouble, and that was exactly the case against Illinois.
  • With the loss, Michigan still hasn’t won a game at Illinois’ Assembly Hall since 1995. The same drought existed for Indiana’s Assembly Hall until last week when Michigan overcame a 20-point deficit to beat the Hoosiers on the road.
  • Here are highlights of the Illinois game:

    UPDATE: Apparently the Big Ten Network has prevented the video from being embedded now.

  • Michigan will look to rebound against Ohio State on Saturday. The 1989 team will be in attendance for what is shaping up to be a very important game. Michigan can’t afford to get on any losing streaks in the Big Ten, and winning at home especially becomes important with a tough schedule ahead. The game tips off at 8 p.m. ET and will be shown on the Big Ten Network.
  • Mark Mitera skated on Friday and may be able to return by the end of the season. This was the first time Mitera had been on the ice in skates since he suffered an ACL injury in the first game of the season.
  • Rich Rodriguez is holding another open tryout on Friday.
  • Both Rivals and Scout released new football rankings and some Michigan commits’ star ratings changed. Most notably, Anthony LaLota was switched to defensive end on Scout and became a 4-star (he previously was a 5-star OT), and Justin Turner was moved up to #3 in the cornerback rankings on both sites. Turner is now the 35th best player in the nation on Scout, which is good enough for 5 stars.
  • Class of 2010 defensive back Lo Wood was offered by Michigan on Wednesday. Wood is from the same high school in Florida as 2009 commit Jeremy Gallon.
  • Ohio State receiver Brian Hartline is going to enter the NFL Draft, as is Pittsburgh’s LeSean McCoy.

Dewayne Peace Decommits

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Is Michigan ever going to get to 22 commitments? For the third time they have gone from 21 to 20 after someone decommitted. Jordan Barnes was the first to take the class from 21 to 20, and Shavodrick Beaver did the same thing less than a week later. Today, Texas wide receiver Dewayne Peace decommitted, meaning there are once again only 20 commits in the 2009 recruiting class.

Peace’s reason for changing his mind about Michigan has to do with what position he would have played in college. Michigan wanted him at cornerback, but he wants to play wide receiver.

“To tell you the truth, I wanted to play wide receiver,” Peace said. “I told the Michigan coaches that I wanted to play receiver. At the beginning of my commitment they said I could play cornerback or receiver. Then as time went on, I went on my visit and told them I just wanted to play receiver and if I could only play corner then I would look for another school to go to. They told me that it was fine and I could play receiver. Then something came up where they didn’t land enough corners so that is where they wanted me.”

There is quite a bit of speculation that Michigan is in position to land receiver Je’Ron Stokes in the near future, so it looks like this open spot at WR could be filled quickly. Even if it isn’t, Peace was someone Michigan could afford to lose. It’s never good when someone decommits, but Michigan still has Cameron Gordon and Jeremy Gallon at the wide receiver position. Gallon is going to be a slot receiver, but he is still a receiver nonetheless.

Friday Quick Hits: Michigan Drops Big Ten Opener 73-61

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  • Michigan opened Big Ten play on Wednesday with a 73-61 loss to Wisconsin. It was a pretty bad game for the Wolverines both offensively and defensively. The Badgers shot very well as a team (shooting percentage was 58.7) and were lights out in the first half (they only missed 8 shots). On the flip side, Michigan had a lot of trouble shooting the ball. They shot only 39.2% from the field and missed 6 free throws. To make matters worse, Manny Harris only scored 9 points and had a really rough game. When he is off, the entire team is in trouble.
  • Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this game was Zack Novak’s performance. Novak scored a career-high 20 points and made 5 three-pointers. He kept Michigan somewhat close at times before the Badgers ultimately ran away with the lead.
  • DeShawn Sims scored 14 points and nearly got called for a technical foul in the first half. He yelled something at an official that called a foul on him despite the fact that a Wisconsin player clearly traveled before contact was made. You could hear the ref say something along the lines of “don’t ever talk to me like that,” and Sims ended up on the bench following the exchange.

    I really don’t blame Sims for the anger. The officiating was terrible the entire game, though that is nothing new for Big Ten games. It’s not that the refs favored one team over another; my biggest problem was how inconsistent they were. That is nothing new, either, but it seemed like this crew was really spotty with their calls. Sometimes they would call a charge or blocking foul when there was little contact, but when a player drove to the hoop and was hit hard nothing happened. It didn’t have that big of an effect on the game considering how poorly Michigan played, but it was just really frustrating.

  • Highlights of the Wisconsin game can be found here.
  • UM Hoops has a statistical look at the game.
  • Michigan’s next game is on Sunday against Illinois. The Fighting Illini upset Purdue on the road earlier this week, so this will be a tough test for Michigan, especially after the disappointing game against Wisconsin. Tip-off is set for noon and the game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.
  • Chuck Ortmann, a former Michigan player, was inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame.
  • The U.S. Army All-American Bowl starts at 1 p.m. tomorrow on NBC. Wide receiver Jeremy Gallon, defensive end Anthony LaLota, cornerback Justin Turner, and kicker Brendan Gibbons are the Michigan commits playing in the game. William Campbell is also playing in the game and will announce his decision during it.
  • Varsity Blue has a list of all the prospects you should keep an eye on this weekend in the Army game as well as the ESPNU Under Armour All-American Game. The latter begins at 8 p.m. on Sunday and will be broadcast on ESPN.
  • William Campbell can dance.
  • Jeremy Gallon was interviewed recently by Rivals.
  • There aren’t any new developments with the search for a new defensive coordinator.
  • Michigan’s old defensive coordinator, Scott Shafer, has agreed to take the same job at Syracuse.
  • Rich Rodriguez and many of his assistants were at the Wisconsin basketball game earlier this week. During the first half, Rodriguez was sitting next to someone that looked like Rick Leach. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two are now friends, as Leach has been very, very supportive of Rodriguez in the media.
  • There was an interesting tidbit in the bottom of a column from the Orlando Sentinel on the future of the Capital One Bowl.
    Forget the BCS. If the stadium doesn’t get renovated, Orlando will likely lose what it already has. The Cotton Bowl in Dallas is getting ready to move into a new billion-dollar stadium built for the Dallas Cowboys and desires the Cap One’s coveted tie-in to the No. 2 teams in the SEC and Big Ten. So, too, does the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta.

    It would definitely be interesting for the Big Ten if it became tied-in with the Cotton Bowl or Chick-fil-A bowl. I doubt either happens, though. The Cotton Bowl wants to become a BCS bowl, which is part of why it is moving to the Cowboys’ new stadium. I don’t really think the Big Ten would change its #2 tie-in to the Cotton Bowl unless it was guaranteed that nothing would change in regards to its status as a non-BCS bowl. If it were to join the BCS, its tie-ins would undoubtedly have to change as well, so that could mess things up for the Big Ten.

    At the same time, the Chick-fil-A Bowl currently has a great matchup with an SEC and ACC team. The matchup makes sense geographically and the stadium is always filled, so I don’t know why they would want to change something that really is fine the way it is.

  • Iowa running back Shonn Greene declared for the NFL Draft after the Outback Bowl yesterday.
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