Dave Brandon Quick Hits: A Look at Michigan’s New Athletic Director

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  • You can click here for Michigan’s press release on the hiring of Dave Brandon and here for statements on the hiring from current Michigan coaches, Lloyd Carr, Bill Martin, Steve Hutchinson, and Jeff Backus.  Hutchinson and Backus both are involved with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, which Brandon has worked with as one of the heads of the fundraising campaign.
  • Brandon’s first connection to the University of Michigan was when he came to Ann Arbor, initially as a quarterback, and played defensive end for Bo Schembechler from 1971-73.
  • In more recent times Brandon’s main connection to Michigan switched from being a former athlete to serving on the Board of Regents, which he did from 1998-2006.  Also, Brandon has been connected to Michigan via C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, as alluded to above.  He and Carr co-chair the fundraising committee for the new hospital.
  • Business-wise, Brandon is best known as the CEO of Domino’s Pizza, but he was involved in a countless number of other companies and projects as well.
  • Brandon has also been active in politics recently.  He served as the campaign chair for Dick DeVos during the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race, and more recently he was being mentioned as a possible choice for the Republican nominee in the next Michigan gubernatorial election.
  • As a thank you to the U-M medical staff for saving their twin sons in 1980 (they had a rare blood disorder), the Brandon family donated $4 million to the Michigan Difference campaign in 2006.
  • Brandon’s salary at Michigan will be $560,000.  In addition, he will receive deferred compensation each year worth $100,000.  Brandon made $3.2 million from Domino’s in 2008, so you can tell that his love for Michigan had quite a bit to do with him taking the athletic director job.
  • Although Brandon shared that he intends to be the athletic director for the next ten years, his initial “appointment” will last for five years and will officially begin on March 8.  Bill Martin doesn’t actually retire until September 4, so he will become a consultant when Brandon takes over the job.
  • Jerry Jones threw his support behind Brandon when he was a finalist for the job of NFL Commissioner.  Brandon ended up pulling out of the race, though.
  • AnnArbor.com has a video interview with Brandon.
  • Also at AnnArbor.com is a list of interesting tidbits about Brandon.  Two of the tidbits included on the list are that he was a national finalist in the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition as a 13-year-old and that he had dinner with Bo Schembechler the night before Bo died.
  • Crain’s Detroit Business has a regular interview with Brandon.  (One of the things mentioned in the interview is that Domino’s will not become the official pizza of Michigan because Brandon wants to avoid what would be viewed as a definite conflict of interest.)
  • Adam Rittenberg took a look at what Brandon had to say about the football program and more specifically Rich Rodriguez.  Brandon didn’t really say anything worthwhile about Rodriguez, but he really didn’t have to.  The fact of the matter is that if Michigan wins Rodriguez will be in good shape.  If Michigan doesn’t win then I think you can figure out what will happen on your own.
  • A recap of Brandon’s introductory conference call can be found over at mgoblog.
  • The Michigan Daily interviewed Mary Sue Coleman about the search process and the hire.
  • MVictors has a couple pictures of Brandon from his playing days at Michigan.
  • Just in case you were wondering about who is replacing Brandon at Domino’s, his successor is J. Patrick Doyle.

Daily Practicegate Update

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  • Gene Marsh, a former chairman of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, has been hired by Michigan to help investigate the allegations that there were violations committed.  Marsh currently works for a law firm in Alabama and is a professor at the University of Alabama.
  • Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman released a statement that addressed the allegations.

    “At the University of Michigan, we place the highest importance on the welfare of our student-athletes and the integrity of our intercollegiate athletics program. Our university is widely recognized for academic and athletic excellence, and it’s something we work to achieve every day. I am proud of our unwavering commitment to that standard.

    “As soon as the allegations surfaced about our athletic program, I launched an investigation. Our Board of Regents is fully informed on the matter. With the help of outside counsel, we are working in cooperation with the NCAA to discover and assess the facts of the situation.

    “It is critical that a thorough and objective investigation is completed before any conclusions are drawn. We will then determine what – if any – actions need to occur to ensure full compliance with NCAA rules and our own rules of conduct.”

  • Lloyd Carr, who is now president of the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl board of directors, declined to comment on the whole practicegate situation.
  • Rivals’ Tom Dienhart, like Kirk Herbstreit, called this a witch hunt.
  • Sam McGuffie, who left after playing under Rich Rodriguez for one season, said this about the allegations:

    “It’s going to be hard for some people, especially the people that were recruited by (former Michigan coach) Lloyd Carr,” McGuffie said. “They were used to a certain way of how Lloyd Carr went about things and running Michigan. I believe Rich Rodriguez has a different approach to how he wants Michigan to be known.”

    “They’re going to get things worked out,” he said. “After last year, going 3-9, people are going to try to take shots in any way they can to get Rich-Rod and Co. either out of there or just try to keep them down. Anybody who knows anything about Michigan knows they won’t be down long.

    “They’ll find a way to put Michigan back on top.”

    When McGuffie becomes eligible to play next year, I will be rooting for him.  McGuffie still seems like a fan of Michigan, which makes sense considering his transfer was more about being homesick than anything else.

  • Carson Butler, who already spoke out against the allegations, discussed them further yesterday.  Jeff Backus and Jon Jansen also talked about them and reflected on their time at Michigan playing for Lloyd Carr.
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