Monday Quick Hits: Ohio State Favored by 19 Against Michigan

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  • Michigan is a 19-point underdog in this coming Saturday’s game against Ohio State.
  • The announced attendance for the Michigan-Northwestern game was 107,856. There is no way that many people showed up to the game, though. It was more filled than I thought it would be at the start of the game, but as you can imagine, it emptied out pretty quickly after kickoff.

    Once Northwestern took the lead in the third quarter, there were really a ton of empty seats. Think of it this way: I sat in section 27, row 86 for home games this past season. I was able to move over to section 26 and down all the way to row 40 or so right at the start of the game. By Michigan’s final drive of the game, I was in section 25, row 2. Obviously not every row in front of me was empty or anything like that, but there were quite a few gaps that allowed you to move all over the stadium.

  • Justin Feagin only came in for one snap at QB during the game on Saturday and ran the ball for only a yard.
  • Michigan split with Western Michigan in hockey, with the home team losing both games. On Friday, Michigan lost 2-1 despite doubling Western’s shot total. Saturday night went better for the Wolverines, thankfully, as Michigan won 5-0 thanks in part to a Louie Caporusso hat trick. Bryan Hogan was in net on Saturday and stopped all 20 shots he faced. It seems like he is playing better than Billy Sauer right now, so it would not surprise me if he was elevated to become the starting goalie.
  • Walk-on running back Mike Milano was charged with “one count of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder and one count of aggravated assault” for his attack on hockey defenseman Steve Kampfer last month. The first charge is a felony and carries a punishment of up to ten years in prison. The latter charge is a misdemeanor that could result in a sentence of a year in jail. Kampfer requested a restraining order against Milano, but it was not accepted since repeated harassment is not taking place.
  • The women’s basketball team opened its season with a 70-60 win over Kentucky on Saturday.
  • Michigan’s newest commit, kicker Brendan Gibbons, can punt the ball a great distance and can deliver a hit as well.

  • There was a good article about Brandon Graham in The Michigan Daily last week.
  • The Big Ten Network put together an interesting piece about brothers Charles and Sidney Stewart. Charles is a safety for Michigan and Sidney is a wide receiver for Northwestern. A grease fire burned Sidney pretty badly seven years ago, and Charles actually saved his life by putting the fire on Sidney out. Their father was also badly burned in the fire. You can watch the video of the story below:

  • William Campbell visited Alabama this past weekend. (Link goes to a premium story)
  • The title of this article (another premium story) about Jordan Barnes, a linebacker commit, is not very encouraging: “Barnes Committed, But Looking.”
  • Jamar Adams was signed to the Seattle Seahawks’ active roster on Friday.
  • Syracuse finally fired head coach Greg Robinson.

Tuesday Quick Hits: Wisconsin Game Observations

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  • First things first, kudos to the crowd on Saturday. From the blimp shots on ABC, the maize out looked great. It probably was the best one Michigan has had yet, which likely has to do with the fact that maize shirts were being passed out to fans at some gates as they entered the stadium. AT&T sponsored the shirts to give Michigan the ability to pass them out.
  • Another aspect of the crowd that I have to give big props to is those that organized and were part of the navy block “M” in the student section. I was very wrong about how it would turn out as it was anything but an epic failure. The “M” itself looked good and it actually stayed together for the entire game. According to the organizer of this whole thing, a block “M” in the student section may become a regular occurrence.
  • One final thing I want to mention about the crowd is how loud it was in the second half once Michigan made this a game. The student section was loud on every play following the Kevin Koger touchdown, and other areas of the stadium were actually getting into it as well. I think it was probably the loudest the stadium had ever been for a sustained period of time, and when John Thompson scored on the interception return, that specific moment may have been the loudest I had ever heard Michigan Stadium.
  • John Thompson’s interception that was returned for a touchdown is a Pontiac Game Changing Performance nominee this week. Head on over to ESPN to vote for Thompson.
  • Michigan’s 27-25 win over Wisconsin featured the program’s second largest comeback ever and the largest comeback by a Michigan team at Michigan Stadium.
  • At halftime, Terrance Taylor delivered a speech to his teammates that seemed to get them pumped up.
    “I was very loud at halftime,” Taylor said. “Very vocal.” […]

    “It was a lot of things,” said Taylor, who had eight tackles and a fumble recovery in Michigan’s 27-25 comeback victory. “Just the situation, my last year, my first last Big Ten game at home, the 500th game, getting booed off the field.”

    Taylor’s speech came before the coaches even got to the locker room, showing the leadership he has.

  • Rich Rodriguez got a Gatorade shower after he shook Bret Bielema’s hand following the game.
  • Carson Butler did not play at all against Wisconsin, which is likely a direct result of him getting ejected against Notre Dame. Kevin Koger got his first playing time of the season and did an excellent job of filling in. He didn’t have any penalties, did a nice job of blocking, and caught Michigan’s first touchdown of the game that started the comeback.
  • There were so many familiar faces on the sidelines watching this game. Of course, the most recognizable to most was probably Michael Phelps, who got a huge standing ovation. Phelps was honored with other Michigan Olympians before the game and even spoke to the team prior to kickoff as well.
  • On top of the Olympians, there were a ton of former players at the game. Just off the top of my head, here is the list of who I remember being there: Drew Henson, Jeff Backus, Ronald Bellamy, Adam Kraus, Mike Hart, Marlin Jackson, Jake Long, Pierre Woods, Shawn Crable, Mario Manningham, Jamar Adams, Ryan Mundy, John Navarre, Anthony Thomas, Rueben Riley, and Ali Haji-Sheikh. Nick Sheridan’s dad, Bill, who is a coach for the New York Giants, also was at the game. I’m sure I missed a few simply because so many former players were at the game.
  • Isiah Thomas was also at the game as he is sort of touring the nation each week to watch college football. He had a Michigan hat on and is actually a fan as it turns out.
    “I went to a lot of Michigan games and am a Michigan fan,” said Thomas, who played two years of basketball at Indiana and won the national championship. “I was an IU basketball fan, but all of us adopted Michigan as our football team.”

    MVictors has a picture of Isiah from the game.

  • Even though Michigan Stadium’s capacity is lower than usual this season, the Big House still had a bigger crowd on Saturday compared to the Penn State-Illinois game. Specifically, there were 109,833 at the Michigan-Wisconsin game and 109,626 at Penn State’s game.
  • To commemorate Michigan Stadium’s 500th game, there were markings on both 25-yard lines that indicated the feat. Again, MVictors has a picture of what I’m talking about.
  • If you’re a student, please do not sell your ticket to an opposing fan. I can’t even describe how annoying it was to see a countless number of Wisconsin fans in the student section. I had the pleasure of sitting behind two of them. Although they weren’t douchebags like many of the other Wisconsin fans at the game, I disliked the fact that I even had to be near an opposing fan in the student section. They did leave after the third quarter, but still, if you’re a student, make sure you sell your tickets to Michigan fans.
  • A lot has been made about how the team was booed off the field at halftime. Although I understand why people dislike the idea of booing the team, I can understand why people did considering it was the worst half of offense I had ever seen. I’ll admit it; I booed as the first half came to a close. However, I did so only because Rich Rodriguez and the coaches decided to not take a knee to end the half. Instead, they decided to have Steven Threet attempt a Hail Mary. Threet was hit when he threw the ball and it was intercepted and returned all the way back to the 8-yard line. In that situation it would have been better to just take a knee as the chances of actually scoring were very low and only something bad could happen as we nearly saw.
  • John Thompson had to have stitches after he “busted” his chin and tongue up.
  • A couple Wisconsin fans that were in the student section got ejected at halftime. I didn’t see what sparked the incident, but they were standing up and shouting at Michigan fans and were getting stuff thrown at them. I have no idea if they provoked the Michigan fans or what, but the incident ended with them getting ejected.
  • Jason Gingell took over the kickoff duties after Michigan’s first kickoff of the game. Gingell actually kicked the ball out of the end zone once, so hopefully we see more of that in the future.
  • There is some confusion over why Travis Beckum, who is arguably one of Wisconsin’s best offensive players, didn’t play until the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game.
  • I mentioned last week that I wanted everyone to boo the Wisconsin band for their actions the last time they were in Ann Arbor. They were booed, but that wasn’t the only punishment they faced apparently. For the post-game band show, Michigan went by themselves while the Wisconsin band just sat off to the side and waited for U-M to finish. Once Michigan did finish and marched completely out of the stadium, Wisconsin then did the “Fifth Quarter.” I could be wrong, but it appeared that Michigan wasn’t even going to give Wisconsin a chance to be unclassy this time around, so they made UW wait to do anything until they were gone.
  • Two temporary lights were placed on the top of the east side steel structure. In the past, portable lights have been brought in with trucks parked outside of the bowl. Since there are structures that support the lights now, trucks are no longer necessary.
  • It looked like the south videoboard had something wrong in the middle of the screen. I don’t know if it was just the glare of the sun or what, but it seemed like there were pixels that were constantly white and never changed. Problem or not, it is time to start considering the addition of HD videoboards. It would be tough to replace the old scoreboard since a project like that would cost some money, but hey, what’s another $10 million or so at this point?
  • After the game ended, some students in the lower rows attempted to rush the field. A few made it onto the field only to be abruptly met by police. I did notice a couple students running around the field with the team, but it didn’t appear that the police noticed them.
  • When the team came over to the student section after the game, any idea of rushing the field quickly ended since the team was already with the students. Some players jumped up onto the walls to really get close to the students and others celebrated from the field. This is a new tradition that happens after a win anyways, but it really was fun considering how great the game was. Most of the student section stayed until the team left, which was nice to see.
  • The halftime show was very unique and very entertaining.
  • The Hoover Street Rag really wrote up a nice post about the game.
  • Photo galleries: GoBlueWolverine (of recruits at the game; I like how Will Campbell dressed), Detroit News, Free Press, and MGoBlue.

Six Wolverines Picked in 2008 NFL Draft

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Six former Michigan players were picked in the 2008 NFL Draft this past weekend. We already knew last week that Jake Long was the #1 overall selection as picked by the Dolphins, but we learned Saturday that he will be joined in Miami by Chad Henne. Henne was drafted by Miami with the 57th overall pick (second-round).

Day two of the draft featured four more Wolverines being drafted. Shawn Crable was picked 78th overall (third-round) by the New England Patriots. Next, Mario Manningham’s slide finally ended as the Super Bowl champion New York Giants picked him with the 95th selection of the draft (third-round).

The next Wolverine to be drafted was Mike Hart, who was taken by the Indianapolis Colts with the 202nd pick (sixth-round). I was shocked that it took so long for Hart to be picked. Even though his speed isn’t very good and he has injury problems, I thought he would at least be a fifth-round pick. I felt the same way about Adrian Arrington, who didn’t get drafted until New Orleans selected him with the 237th pick (seventh-round). I think Arrington will end up being a better pro receiver than Manningham, so I was definitely surprised to see him last so long.

One final surprise was that Jamar Adams wasn’t drafted at all. He has already signed a free agent deal with the Seattle Seahawks, but I expected him to at least be a seventh-round pick. Even one time Michigan player Ryan Mundy was a sixth-round pick after spending a year at West Virginia.

Perhaps the scariest revelation coming out of this weekend was just how good Ohio State will be next season. Other than Vernon Gholston, who was drafted 6th by the Jets, OSU had two players go in the seventh-round. That’s it. Next year’s draft will be filled with Buckeyes, but for the 2008 college football season, it’ll be like they are fielding an NFL team with all of the talent they have. We’re going to need a miracle in November.

Monday Quick Hits: 1969 Meets 2008

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  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal caught up with long snapper George Morales, who confirmed the rumor that he may be grayshirted.
    If it’s the little things that matter most in football, George Morales might be Michigan’s biggest recruit. The Mojave senior committed to the Wolverines — though he won’t sign his letter of intent until new coach Rich Rodriguez decides if he wants to use a grayshirt for Morales — to be a long snapper.

    Morales holds the distinction of being Lloyd Carr’s first recruit brought in solely for long-snapping and, after Carr’s retirement following the 2007 season, his last. Despite Carr’s retirement, Morales said he never was nervous about his recruiting status, thanks to the coach’s farewell words.

    “There was some doubt about the fact that Rodriguez hadn’t heard of me, and the coaches that had heard of me were all gone,” Morales said. “But I knew the scholarship would be honored. Coach Carr made it a point that all commits would be honored.”

    As long as Michigan doesn’t get another commit for the Class of ’08, Morales shouldn’t have to wait for his scholarship.

  • If you want to get a quick start on recruiting for the Class of ’09, then head on over to Varsity Blue. They have put together a great recruiting board for 2009 that will give you an idea of who Michigan might go after in Rich Rodriguez’s first full recruiting season.
  • Varsity Blue also has posted two videos of interviews they did with Rich Rodriguez and Scott Shafer following Coach Rod’s press conference last Wednesday.
  • MGoBlog ripped apart Michigan State’s recruiting class.
  • Fox Toledo has a video on Elliott Mealer and how he signed his LOI, and the Toledo Blade and The Wolverine both wrote two great articles on him.
  • Members of the 1969 Michigan football team spoke to the 2008 team to talk about how they handled the transition from Bump Elliott to Bo Schembechler.
  • Rich Rodriguez is going to have a three-day coaches clinic in early April.
  • Coach Rod was interviewed on SportsCenter recently and started to cry when talking about how some West Virginia fans have treated his family since he left for Michigan.
  • Lloyd Carr confirmed the news that Antonio Bass won’t ever play football for Michigan again.
  • Former Michigan football players Jamar Adams, Adrian Arrington, Shawn Crable, Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Jake Long, and Mario Manningham have been invited to the NFL Combine.
  • Former Michigan basketball player Glen Rice had battery charges against him stemming from an incident last month dropped.
  • Desmond Howard and five other former Michigan student-athletes were inducted into the Michigan Hall of Honor on Saturday.
  • The offensive line coach on Lloyd Carr’s coaching staff, Andy Moeller, has been hired as an assistant offensive line coach by the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Blog That Yost Built got to the bottom of why Kevin Quick was kicked off the Michigan hockey team.
  • Finally, there is a great highlight video of Michigan commit Martavious Odoms that is worth checking out. Click here to watch.

Thursday Quick Hits: More Quarterbacks Leaving?

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  • Rich Rodriguez’s assistant coaches will be making more money then the old staff did as the pool for assistants went up to $1.95 million.
  • The saga between Rich Rodriguez and West Virginia continues. Now, past e-mails are involved, meaning this only can turn out to be bad for both parties. New WVU head coach Bill Stewart said it best, “We need to go on.”
  • A different type of Michigan-West Virginia confrontation took place on the football field during Senior Bowl practices earlier this week when U-M safety Jamar Adams put a big hit on WVU fullback Owen Schmitt.
  • Also coming out of the Senior Bowl are some interesting comments from Chad Henne regarding Michigan’s quarterback situation.
    “I think it’s going to be a lot different,” he said. “(Rodriguez) is bringing the whole spread offense, and a lot of the quarterbacks are looking elsewhere.

    “Ryan Mallett already transferred and two of the other quarterbacks are staying for spring ball to see what happens. It’s definitely a change at the quarterback position, and we’ll see how it works in the Big 10.”

    I’m hoping that Henne is talking about David Cone and Nick Sheridan, because if one of those quarterbacks is Steven Threet, we could have a problem. I imagine that any of these QBs are waiting to see what happens recruiting-wise, because if Rodriguez lands a couple dual-threat QBs, then someone like Cone or Sheridan could leave just because that would make sense. Threet on the other hand is the starter right now, so unless things completely go horrible in spring practice or someone like Terrelle Pryor decides to come to Michigan, then he should be here next season.

  • Speaking of Terrelle Pryor, MGoBlog looks at a couple of interesting things involving a businessman from Pryor’s hometown that had dinner with Ohio State coaches last week.
  • Nathan Fenno updates us on what Brent Petway is up to these days.

Monday Quick Hits: R-Rod Contract Details Released

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  • Rich Rodriguez’s contract details have been released, and can be found below:
    Rodriguez, 44, will earn $2.5 million per year in compensation under the terms of the six-year agreement. He will receive a base salary of $300,000 and an additional $2.2 million via endorsement and other deals.

    The university will also contribute an unspecified amount toward his retirement fund and provide him with two cars, plus paid insurance, according to the agreement.

    Rodriguez could earn an additional $300,000 if he won a national championship at Michigan. He can earn $200,000 if the Wolverines appear in a BCS game.

    Rodriguez’s buyout is $4 million, by the way. That is the same number that he and West Virginia are going to court over from his contract there. The buyout was also $4 million, and he is supposed to pay it to WVU since he left for Michigan.

  • While on the subject of Rich Rodriguez and West Virginia, the whole saga between the two sides continued over the weekend. Although Rodriguez received a $287,000 bonus from WVU for accomplishments during the 2007 season, they still are waiting for $4 million that Rich Rodriguez owes them for his buyout.

    On a related note, West Virginia’s governor is denying that there is a “smear campaign” going on against R-Rod, just as news came out regarding Michigan’s new/West Virginia’s former offensive coordinator Calvin Magee that really could make WVU look bad.

    According to Brown, who declined to identify the person involved in this incident, “Calvin was in discussions with this West Virginia University administrator, and Calvin kind of politely asked him, ‘Do you think I have a shot [at becoming the next Mountaineers head coach]?’ The administrator said, ‘No you don’t,’ and pointed to his skin. That’s why Calvin got on the plane.”

    Magee said he told interim coach Bill Stewart his reasons for attending — for one thing, “to explore my options.” He returned the next day to Morgantown, but he quickly grasped that damage was done.

    “I immediately felt like I should have stayed away” from Ann Arbor, said Magee. Mountaineers officials “were kind enough to let me coach the bowl game. But I had not officially resigned from West Virginia University. I was coming back to work.

    “Two days later [Dec. 19], I got my phone confiscated from me and was told not to make any recruiting calls. So immediately after seven years of service, I thought, ‘Why are they doing this to me?’ On their behalf, I got an apology the next day [from Athletic Director Ed Pastilong] and given all the stuff back.”

    I’m not going to even bother throwing my opinion out there on this subject because it really isn’t needed. I’m sick of talking about this whole soap opera that exists between WVU and Michigan’s new coaches, and as Stewart Mandel put it, want to move on.

  • The Michigan hockey team had a big series with Notre Dame on Friday and Saturday and came away with a sweep. Friday’s game was a thriller that started off with Michigan going down 2-0 early on. The Wolverines battled back, though, and eventually scored the game-winning goal with only 20 seconds remaining.

    Saturday night’s game was technically a home game for Notre Dame, but it was played at The Palace, so take a guess at which fanbase was better represented. There was a decent turnout for Notre Dame fans considering it is a long drive from South Bend to watch a hockey game, but it was mostly Michigan fans in attendance. Those are the fans that were happy at game’s end as Michigan won 5-1 in a game that was really dominated by U-M. For pictures from this game, click here.

  • The Michigan basketball team dropped another game on Saturday night. Yes, there was actually a game being played despite all of the focus seemingly being on Terrelle Pryor. U-M was hanging close in the first half as they normally do and then just fell apart in the second half, once again, as usual. The Wolverines trailed by quite a bit as time was running down, but actually put together a great run to cut the lead down to only 4 points with under a minute to go. In the end, Iowa managed to hang on to win 68-60, giving Michigan its 13th loss of the year. Highlights can be seen here.
  • Congrats to Tom Brady and Amani Toomer for making it to Super Bowl XLII.
  • Chad Henne was interviewed by Jim Rome last Friday. Henne, along with Shawn Crable and Jamar Adams, will play in the Senior Bowl this coming Saturday at 4:00 ET on the NFL Network.
  • Ryan Mallett had a watery first day in the Arkansas dorms. (HT: Autumn Thunder)
  • Eugene Germany, a one-time Michigan football player, has decided to play football at Arizona State. Germany was kicked off Michigan in the offseason.

If Only Video Games Were Real

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As you may or may not have noticed, included in my posts where I predict each bowl game is a section showing which team won in an NCAA ’08 simulation. NCAA ’08 is the college football video game from EA Sports, and has done a fairly decent job of predicting the outcome of the bowl games so far.

The way I’ve done the simulations is by playing offense at all times, regardless of which team is one the field. That basically means I play for both teams, and just switch to whichever team has the ball. Doing the simulation this way means it really is myself playing against myself, and as I said, the results have been fairly decent so far.

Out of all 32 bowl games I simulated, the one that was the most exciting was the Capital One Bowl by far. Florida jumped out to a quick lead and would have really put the game out of reach in the first quarter had it not been for an offensive pass interference penalty that took a TD off the board. Thanks to that, Michigan was able to hang around the entire game and actually took the lead late in the fourth quarter. Although Chad Henne struggled greatly, Mike Hart had no trouble running the ball, which is the only thing Michigan had going its way.

With time running out in regulation, Florida had to go down the field to tie the game up as they trailed by 7 points. This is when Tim Tebow took over and really had a Heisman-like performance. With only 2 seconds remaining and needing 8 yards to score the game-tying touchdown, Tebow scrolled right and avoided a blitzer to throw a TD pass, forcing overtime.

In total, three overtimes would be played. Every OT featured a touchdown by both teams and the game really seemed like it would never end. Just as regulation had been, it was more Hart vs. Tebow rather than Michigan vs. Florida. Every TD scored was a Mike Hart run or a Tim Tebow run (at least that part was realistic).

As the third overtime got started, Tebow quickly found the endzone for a TD. Since it was the third OT, Florida had to attempt a 2-point conversion. The play call was a QB draw in the stacked shotgun formation, which featured a RB and a FB standing in front of Tebow, and then also called for two tight ends to be lined up outside of each tackle. Having so many blockers in front of him and needing only 3 yards, I figured this would be an easy score for Tebow. Well, I was wrong. With all of the congestion, Tebow got caught in traffic and was brought down by Jamar Adams a yard or so short of the endzone, giving Michigan a chance to win the game.

Mike Hart continued to run the ball effectively, but did have some trouble once he got closer to the goal line. The Florida defense was able to hold Michigan to 4th and goal from the 2-yard line, meaning they had a chance to get a stop to win the game. Hart got the ball and ran behind Jake Long and found his way into the endzone after breaking a tackle. Being only 3 yards away from a victory now that the game was tied, I decided to do the same exact play on the 2-point conversion attempt – handing the ball to Hart and running right behind Jake Long. The play worked, as Hart was able to fight his way past defenders and into the endzone, winning the Capital One Bowl for Michigan.

As exciting as this 64-62 Michigan win in three overtimes was, this will probably be an incorrect simulation after the actual game is played tomorrow. I’m not saying it will be wrong because the chances of going to three overtimes and having a score of 64-62 are highly unlikely, but instead am saying that this simulation will be wrong because of which team won. Although I am trying to find reasons that will give me some hope for tomorrow, I just simply can’t. If Michigan is able to even stay within the spread of 10 points I would be shocked. That’s how bad this match up is for the Wolverines.

Whether it be the fact that Tim Tebow fits the exact mold of what kind of quarterback is deadly to a Michigan defense, the fact that Florida has the so-called speed factor in its favor, the fact that the health of Mike Hart and Chad Henne is still unknown (especially Henne), or the fact that Florida will be a better coached team, all are reasons by themselves that would have me worried about playing the Gators. Combine them all together and that is what Michigan is up against tomorrow in Orlando, which obviously means the odds of a Maize and Blue victory are pretty slim.

There are only three things that are giving me one sliver of hope that tomorrow somehow ends up going Michigan’s way:

1) This college football season has been defined by upsets, truly showing that anything can happen.
2) Michigan’s last bowl victory was in the 2003 Outback Bowl against Florida (see below), although Ron Zook was the coach back then and the coaching wasn’t very good (just watch the play that ended Florida’s hopes of winning).

3) Al Michaels posed the question after the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviets back in 1980, “Do you believe in miracles?” If you do in fact believe in miracles, then there is a chance that Michigan can win tomorrow, because unfortunately, a miracle is needed for the Lloyd Carr era to end on a high note.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Stay Up Late With Michigan Basketball

By · Wednesday, November 21, 2007 · 1:46 PM |  Share | 2 Comments 
  • Reminder: The Michigan men’s basketball team tips off tonight against Butler in the Great Alaska shootout at 11:30 p.m. ET. The game is on ESPN2, so for those of you that haven’t been able to watch a game yet this year due to it being on the Big Ten Network or ESPN360, this is your chance. You will have to stay up late, but this is the only time we may be able to watch a game for another couple of weeks.

    UPDATE: Michigan lost 79-65. It seemed like Butler couldn’t miss a shot all night long. They were just amazing from 3-point land. U-M will play Eastern Washington tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET. The game isn’t on TV.

  • The Michigan women’s basketball team improved to 3-0 a couple of nights ago after an impressive victory over Miami (Florida).
  • Chad Henne, Mario Manningham, Jake Long, and Adam Kraus are apart of the All-Big Ten first team as selected by the coaches. Mike Hart, Terrance Taylor, Shawn Crable, and Jamar Adams all were members of the second team.
  • Three of the Wolverines mentioned above are also finalists for awards. Hart is a finalist for the Doak Walker Award, Long is a finalist for the Outland Trophy, and Manningham is a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award.
  • I ended up finishing in second place in the Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em contest, losing to Buckeye Battle Cry by only 3 points. If only I wouldn’t have tried to reverse jinx Michigan so much, I would’ve won, but congrats to Buckeye Battle Cry, even if it means Ohio State beats Michigan in yet another thing.
  • Jim Harbaugh is making it known that he is happy where he is at right now and isn’t a candidate for the Michigan job. Well, thank you, Captain Obvious. Harbaugh isn’t even a candidate for a number of reasons. Right now his record isn’t stellar and Bill Martin said he will only hire someone that wins games (yes, I realize he’s coaching Stanford). On top of that, the obvious reason that eliminates him from being a candidate is the fact that he bashed Michigan earlier this year for the way academics is treated with football players. Martin subtly hinted at Harbaugh not being a candidate on Monday in a very interesting way:
    “I want to know how many driving-under-the-influence (citations) a potential coach has had,” he said. “I want to know if he’s a deadbeat in terms of paying is bills. I want to know anything that is a pattern in terms of past behavior that could be an embarrassment to Michigan.”

    Martin was obviously referring to Harbaugh in mention of a DUI, as the current Stanford coach got one back in 2005.

  • MVictors came up with an interesting idea for how Michigan should choose its next football coach.
  • Michigan is now ranked 2nd in both polls for college hockey after Miami (Ohio) had a great week with two wins over Michigan State.
  • Finally, some sad news to report. Michigan track and field athlete Joi Smith passed away over the weekend after a long battle with caner. My prayers go out to her family and friends.
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