Tuesday Quick Hits: DeShawn Sims Shares MVP Award with Manny Harris

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  • DeShawn Sims was named the basketball team’s MVP during its banquet last night, but he asked to share the award with Manny Harris, just as Harris did with Sims a year ago.
  • Eso Akunne is no longer on scholarship.  Also, it looks like Ben Cronin will be placed on medical scholarship because of his hip injury, opening up another regular scholarship for the team.
  • Kelvin Grady’s status with the basketball team going forward is uncertain, but John Beilein apparently doesn’t think he will be back.
  • Once Michigan’s basketball practice facility is built it will try to land the MHSAA state finals, which would be nice since they are held at Breslin Center currently.  I imagine that if the state finals were to ever return to Crisler Arena, it would be after the extensive renovations are completed down the road.
  • Trey Zeigler is finally going to make an announcement regarding where he will play college basketball sometime next week.  If I had to guess I’d say that he picks Central Michigan to play for his dad.
  • The Michigan Daily’s Ryan Kartje put together a great piece on Red Berenson.
  • Adam Rittenberg interviewed Rich Rodriguez.
  • The Big Ten re-upped its deal with the Little Caesars Bowl through 2013.  Chances are the matchup will usually feature a MAC and Sun Belt team, though.  I say that because the Little Caesars Bowl will get the eighth pick in the Big Ten’s bowl lineup, but since two teams make it to the BCS so often, that probably will be the ninth pick in reality.  I don’t expect the Big Ten to be producing that many bowl eligible teams year in and year out, and this bowl didn’t get Big Ten teams very often even when it had the seventh pick.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Catching Up on Everything

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Apologies for the lack of content lately, but classes got started last week and I’m a little busy, to say the least.

  • Michigan opened up the second part of the CCHA season with a sweep of Western Michigan.  This was exactly what the doctor ordered, because Michigan needed a sweep to get things back on the right track and because Michigan couldn’t afford to lose to Western Michigan.  Friday’s game was a little close, with Michigan only winning 4-3 at WMU, but Saturday’s game was a rout, with Michigan winning 6-1 in dominant fashion.  Hockey was finally fun again, and Yost was rocking.
  • Michigan will look for another sweep when Alaska comes to Yost on Friday and Saturday.  If Michigan were to sweep Alaska, the Wolverines could conceivably move all the way up to a tie for fourth place in the CCHA.  That alone should tell you how important of a series it is, especially with a home-and-home against Ferris State coming up next week and a series with Michigan State after that.  Believe it or not, but Ferris is tied for first in the CCHA right now with Miami, and Michigan State is currently one point back of the top spot.  This will definitely be an important few weeks for the hockey team.
  • Carl Hagelin was named the CCHA Offensive Player of the Week.
  • Chuck Heater was rumored to be a candidate to join Michigan’s coaching staff, but he has decided to stay at Florida.  Now the hot name out there is Mark Snyder, Marshall’s former head coach and a former defensive coordinator for Ohio State.  Snyder interviewed for the linebackers coach job on Sunday, so hopefully we will find out something definitive sometime soon.
  • The investigation of the alleged sexual assault that took place the night/morning after the Ohio State game resulted in no charges, as the accuser didn’t want to press any.
  • Michigan Stadium’s press box is now completely gone.
  • Charles Woodson won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award and had a Michigan sweatshirt on during his press conference about receiving the honor.
  • I think it’s safe to say Brandon Smith has officially transferred.
  • Michigan commit Antonio Kinard talked about his plans to redshirt and the recruiting process (including telling Michigan State to “give it up”) in an article on AnnArbor.com.
  • For quite some time it looked like Michigan was going to land Tony Grimes and Clarence Murphy, who were set on being a package deal when they chose their college.  That plan has changed, though, and now it appears that Michigan may not land either recruit.
  • Delonte Hollowell, a junior from Cass Tech, is close to committing to Michigan.
  • Brandon Graham, Brandon Minor, and Zoltan Mesko were invited to the NFL Combine.
  • New athletic director Dave Brandon was interviewed on the Big Ten Network during halftime of last Sunday’s basketball game.
  • DeShawn Sims was named the Big Ten Player of the Week.
  • Eso Akunne is ineligible for the rest of the season.
  • Laval Lucas-Perry is a much better player on the road.
  • Wisconsin’s Jon Leuer is out indefinitely after breaking his wrist.
  • Notre Dame apparently nearly joined the Big Ten in 2003 but changed its mind at the last minute.
  • Ryan Mallett has wisely decided to come back for another season at Arkansas.  Barring a complete disaster in 2010, Mallett should be able to improve his stock to the point where he could be a top-10 pick in 2011.
  • Michigan State’s Greg Jones is also returning for another season, unfortunately.
  • The World Cup will not be coming to Ann Arbor or Detroit even if the USA successfully brings it to America.

Thursday Quick Hits: Hemingway Likely Probable for Saturday

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  • We’ll get a look at Michigan’s injury report for the Eastern Michigan game later today, but in the mean time it looks like Junior Hemingway could return this week (he has been practicing in a green limited contact jersey).  I don’t expect David Moosman, who suffered a shoulder injury against Notre Dame, to play, but he shouldn’t be out for more than a game or two.
  • Like the AP Poll, Michigan is ranked 25th in this week’s BlogPoll.
  • Rich Rodriguez went on Dan Patrick’s radio show yesterday.
  • SI’s Andy Staples has the story of how Jordan Kovacs went from a regular Michigan student to playing safety during the second half of the Notre Dame game.
  • The Rivalry, Esq. interviewed Eastern Michigan quarterback Andy Schmitt.
  • Contrary to claims that Michigan was going to don all-white uniforms next month at Iowa, The Wolverine’s Chris Balas has apparently debunked the rumor.  The rumor itself sort of came out of left field, as it didn’t really make a ton of sense for Michigan to wear white pants for only one game.  I guess maybe it was considered because Iowa wears yellow pants as well, but that is really the only explanation that makes it seem much less random.
  • Geoff of The Hoover Street Rag shared his take on the piped in music, and his opinion is similar to mine.  As long as Michigan Stadium doesn’t start to sound like a pro sports or minor league baseball game with music being played during every single stoppage then I’m okay with it.  The music definitely livened up the crowd coming out of some commercial breaks and definitely pumped up the players.  If the selected music strays away from something that pumps up the crowd or becomes too cheesy then I will be the first to call for it to stop.  Based on the Notre Dame game, though, I don’t exactly see that happening.  It seems as though there are guidelines and an approval process for what music is played, so I don’t see this as being anything more than a different way to get the stadium rocking every once in a while.  It isn’t going to replace the band, but it will continue to be something that pumps up the crowd in a way that the band simply can’t.
  • The first rendering of Michigan’s new soccer stadium has been released.
  • It is expected that Michigan’s Board of Regents will approve the schematic design of the new basketball practice facility at today’s meeting.
  • Eso Akunne has officially been awarded a scholarship for the 2009-10 season.
  • NCAA president Myles Brand passed away on Wednesday after battling pancreatic cancer for the last nine or so months.

Thursday Quick Hits: Minor Should Play Against Notre Dame

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