Tuesday Quick Hits: Michigan to Submit Response to Allegations Next Week

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  • Michigan’s response to the NCAA’s allegations of rules violations (try saying that three times fast) will be submitted next Monday and made public on Tuesday, May 25.  The response will include self-imposed sanctions, which Michigan hopes will satisfy the NCAA Committee on Infractions, who Michigan has to meet with in August.  During that meeting the committee will determine whether more sanctions are needed or if the self-imposed ones are good enough.
  • Rich Rodriguez and company won’t find out Demar Dorsey’s status (if he qualifies or not) for another few weeks.
  • Michigan’s only serious injury during spring practice was when Will Heininger tore his ACL.
  • The Griese/Hutchinson/Woodson Champions for Children’s Hearts Weekend raised more than $1 million for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.
  • MVictors has a recap of the Swing to Cure Diabetes Event.
  • The Michigan basketball team could travel to Europe in late August for some games.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Catching Up on Everything

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Apologies for the lack of content lately, but classes got started last week and I’m a little busy, to say the least.

  • Michigan opened up the second part of the CCHA season with a sweep of Western Michigan.  This was exactly what the doctor ordered, because Michigan needed a sweep to get things back on the right track and because Michigan couldn’t afford to lose to Western Michigan.  Friday’s game was a little close, with Michigan only winning 4-3 at WMU, but Saturday’s game was a rout, with Michigan winning 6-1 in dominant fashion.  Hockey was finally fun again, and Yost was rocking.
  • Michigan will look for another sweep when Alaska comes to Yost on Friday and Saturday.  If Michigan were to sweep Alaska, the Wolverines could conceivably move all the way up to a tie for fourth place in the CCHA.  That alone should tell you how important of a series it is, especially with a home-and-home against Ferris State coming up next week and a series with Michigan State after that.  Believe it or not, but Ferris is tied for first in the CCHA right now with Miami, and Michigan State is currently one point back of the top spot.  This will definitely be an important few weeks for the hockey team.
  • Carl Hagelin was named the CCHA Offensive Player of the Week.
  • Chuck Heater was rumored to be a candidate to join Michigan’s coaching staff, but he has decided to stay at Florida.  Now the hot name out there is Mark Snyder, Marshall’s former head coach and a former defensive coordinator for Ohio State.  Snyder interviewed for the linebackers coach job on Sunday, so hopefully we will find out something definitive sometime soon.
  • The investigation of the alleged sexual assault that took place the night/morning after the Ohio State game resulted in no charges, as the accuser didn’t want to press any.
  • Michigan Stadium’s press box is now completely gone.
  • Charles Woodson won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award and had a Michigan sweatshirt on during his press conference about receiving the honor.
  • I think it’s safe to say Brandon Smith has officially transferred.
  • Michigan commit Antonio Kinard talked about his plans to redshirt and the recruiting process (including telling Michigan State to “give it up”) in an article on AnnArbor.com.
  • For quite some time it looked like Michigan was going to land Tony Grimes and Clarence Murphy, who were set on being a package deal when they chose their college.  That plan has changed, though, and now it appears that Michigan may not land either recruit.
  • Delonte Hollowell, a junior from Cass Tech, is close to committing to Michigan.
  • Brandon Graham, Brandon Minor, and Zoltan Mesko were invited to the NFL Combine.
  • New athletic director Dave Brandon was interviewed on the Big Ten Network during halftime of last Sunday’s basketball game.
  • DeShawn Sims was named the Big Ten Player of the Week.
  • Eso Akunne is ineligible for the rest of the season.
  • Laval Lucas-Perry is a much better player on the road.
  • Wisconsin’s Jon Leuer is out indefinitely after breaking his wrist.
  • Notre Dame apparently nearly joined the Big Ten in 2003 but changed its mind at the last minute.
  • Ryan Mallett has wisely decided to come back for another season at Arkansas.  Barring a complete disaster in 2010, Mallett should be able to improve his stock to the point where he could be a top-10 pick in 2011.
  • Michigan State’s Greg Jones is also returning for another season, unfortunately.
  • The World Cup will not be coming to Ann Arbor or Detroit even if the USA successfully brings it to America.

Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Lines Up Future Thanksgiving Tournaments

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  • Michigan is reportedly going to play in the Legends Classic next season and the Maui Invitational in 2011.  The Legends Classic is in Atlantic City and is the tournament Michigan State played in this past week.  The Maui Invitational is one of the biggest early-season tournaments, as it always attracts big-name programs.  In 2011, Duke, Kansas, and Georgetown are also reportedly going to play in it, and Tennessee has been invited as well.  The Maui Invitational will certainly provide some tough competition, but John Beilein has showed that Michigan is willing to play any team out there.  Last year that resulted in wins over UCLA and Duke, propelling the team to a great start early in the season.
  • Charles Woodson donated $2 million to the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Women’s Hospital and then proceeded to play a great game against the Lions on Thanksgiving.  He had two interceptions, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and best of all, an interception return for a touchdown that was capped off with a Heisman pose.
  • Devin Gardner is still committed to Michigan, but he is not going to enroll early like he originally hoped.  There was talk that he might enroll early, but that is not going to happen.  What that means for Michigan is that the chances of Gardner coming in and becoming the starter are slim, though they were pretty slim to begin with.  A redshirt would be the ideal scenario, especially after watching him struggle in the state title game against Lowell (Inkster lost 27-6), but who knows how the quarterback situation will shake out next season.  It’s way too early to start speculating, especially since Gardner isn’t even officially a Wolverine yet.
  • Sam Webb interviewed Cullen Christian on WTKA last week.
  • Next year will be the last edition of the College Hockey Showcase.
  • Charlie Weis has finally been fired.  I’m sad to see him go because although he was a good recruiter, he was not a very good coach.  Notre Dame will now be on the search for his replacement, and it will be interesting to see who ends up taking over.  My only hope is that it’s not Brian Kelly, though he seems like the most logical choice.

Monday Quick Hits: Dann O’Neill Transfers to Western Michigan

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  • Contrary to some rumors that Dann O’Neill was giving up football, he has instead decided to transfer to Western Michigan, citing that he just wasn’t a good fit in Michigan’s spread offense.  At Western, he will be teammates with his older brother and a couple friends from his hometown of Grand Haven.
  • The Blog That Yost Built is reporting that Michigan’s hockey jerseys aren’t going to be changing next season.  I didn’t mind the design on MGoBlueShop, but I was a big fan of the jerseys the team wore last year, so I’m happy with this news.
  • Boise State is apparently close to finalizing a contract with a team for its season opener in 2010, and there is some speculation that that team is Michigan.   It is only speculation at this point, but a Michigan-Boise State matchup certainly would be intriguing.  Bill Martin did say that he wants to schedule a BCS team as Michigan’s opponent in the 2010 opener, but I think Boise State is just as good.  They are going to be more apt to schedule a game without it being part of a home-and-home series, so all it may take is a big check and the appeal of playing in Michigan’s first post-renovation home game. (HT: Maize n Brew)
  • Ace at The Wolverine Blog offered his suggestions on how to make the football student section better.  I agree with him on all fronts, especially his points about making the section general seating and putting your keys away on big plays.

    Making the student section general seating would be a good way to encourage people to show up earlier to games, which only adds to the atmosphere of the stadium.  For big games in the afternoon students stroll in after kickoff, so imagine how bad it is for a noon start against a MAC team.  The section never completely fills up for those types of games anyways, but a lot of people don’t even get there until midway through the first quarter if they bother to come at all.

    As for the anti-keys argument, that has been rehashed quite a bit over the last few years.  Some people do make noise by screaming even when jingling their keys, but way too many people seem to think that their keys are sufficient enough.  The scoreboard operator needs to stop encouraging this by displaying a “GET LOUD” message on third downs and other big plays rather than the “KEY PLAY” one that even has images of keys.

  • Also at The Wolverine Blog is a recap of the site’s Top 15 of the Last 15 series, which includes a cool video of Charles Woodson and Braylon Edwards.
  • Dr. Saturday looked at Michigan in his “Premature Assessments” series last week.
  • ESPN has announced its new announcing teams for next season.  Notable moves include Brad Nessler heading to ESPN’s primetime game, Mike Patrick going to the afternoon slot on ABC, Bob Griese joining Chris Spielman and Dave Pasch, and Matt Millen being added to an ABC afternoon game.  That last move bothers me the most, as we already have to listen to the buffoon that is Matt Millen during Monday Night Countdown and NFL Network games.  Considering Michigan is in the 3:30 spot quite a bit already, it seems like Millen will be calling our games at least a few times next season.  Thankfully for me it looks like most of those games will be at home, meaning I won’t have to listen to him, but if he ever announces an away game, the mute button seems like a better option than actually listening to him.
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