Tuesday Quick Hits: Michigan to Submit Response to Allegations Next Week

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  • Michigan’s response to the NCAA’s allegations of rules violations (try saying that three times fast) will be submitted next Monday and made public on Tuesday, May 25.  The response will include self-imposed sanctions, which Michigan hopes will satisfy the NCAA Committee on Infractions, who Michigan has to meet with in August.  During that meeting the committee will determine whether more sanctions are needed or if the self-imposed ones are good enough.
  • Rich Rodriguez and company won’t find out Demar Dorsey’s status (if he qualifies or not) for another few weeks.
  • Michigan’s only serious injury during spring practice was when Will Heininger tore his ACL.
  • The Griese/Hutchinson/Woodson Champions for Children’s Hearts Weekend raised more than $1 million for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.
  • MVictors has a recap of the Swing to Cure Diabetes Event.
  • The Michigan basketball team could travel to Europe in late August for some games.

Monday Quick Hits: Lacrosse Wins Another Title; Softball Advances

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  • Congratulations to the Michigan men’s club lacrosse team for winning its second consecutive MCLA national championship. Michigan took down Chapman by a score of 12-11 on Saturday night to finish the season with a 20-0 record and another national title. I think it’s time for lacrosse to be made a varsity sport at Michigan.
  • The softball team is on its way to an NCAA Super Regional thanks to an undefeated weekend in Ann Arbor. Michigan beat Miami (Ohio) on Saturday morning by a score of 11-3 in the completion of Friday’s suspended game. Later in the day, Michigan beat Notre Dame 2-1 thanks to a rally in the final inning. In a rematch with the Fighting Irish on Sunday, Michigan won 4-0 to win the Ann Arbor regional and advance to the Super Regional round. Michigan will host Baylor this weekend in a best two-out-of-three series. The winner will advance to the College World Series.
  • The baseball team’s season is over, as it failed to finish in the top six of the Big Ten, meaning it did not qualify for the Big Ten tournament.
  • Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Kurt Wermers is no longer on the team. News of Wermers’ departure began to spread in the last week or so, and Rich Rodriguez confirmed it on Sunday.
  • Rodriguez also addressed Kevin Grady’s status with the team and said, “Until I get all the facts and then I sit down with him and find out what’s going on, then at that point we’ll make a decision.” As I said on Friday, I think Grady should be kicked off the team. Aside from the fact that Grady is already on his second chance, he showed complete apathy toward his probation requirements. I don’t know why that is, but it’s not like he simply forgot to do one thing; he basically didn’t do anything his probation required.
  • Staying on the apathy theme, Rodriguez also said this on Sunday:
    “Guys that maybe are not doing all of their responsibilities and the things they’re supposed to do to be part of our football program may not be back,” Rodriguez said.

    That seems like a hint that we should expect a few more departures this summer. I just hope that if players do leave the team, it’s nobody important.

  • The reason Rodriguez had a chance to talk with the media is because he was at the Brian Griese/Steve Hutchinson “Champions for Children’s Hearts” golf tournament. The tournament was the last part of a charity weekend that included a football reunion, bringing hundreds of former players and coaches back to Ann Arbor. In all, $650,000 was raised this past weekend, bringing the total to approximately $1.3 million in the last three years.
  • Charles Woodson played a big part in raising money, as he donated $120,000. He will have his name added to the golf tournament next year, joining Griese and Hutchinson.
  • The Free Press has a list of the people that were scheduled to play in the golf tournament on Sunday.
  • Steve Hutchinson is going to be back in Ann Arbor this fall to watch a Michigan game in person for the first time since he played here.
  • Greg Robinson broke down some of his players for the Free Press, allowing us to learn that Troy Woolfolk has moved from cornerback to safety.
  • Ron Zook + Twitter in the middle of the night via text = entertainment.

Monday Quick Hits: Softball Wins Big Ten Title, Will Host Regional

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  • 1,369 returning students have bought 2009-10 basketball season tickets. Once incoming freshman get a chance to purchase tickets, that number could easily rise to 2,000. Considering only 480 season tickets were sold last year, this is great news. The Maize Rage should be filled for every game and the atmosphere at Crisler should be taken to a new level. Hopefully the team will continue to improve and ticket sales will get to the point where the bleachers have to be expanded. Right now the plan is to seat students in the bleachers until they fill up and then put them behind the band. As far as I know, once those two sections are filled, students then have to sit in the upper deck, so I suggest students get to games as early as possible next season.
  • The Michigan softball team, which won the outright Big Ten title by beating Michigan State on Friday, is the No. 5 overall seed in the NCAA tournament. Michigan will host a double-elimination regional consisting of Notre Dame, Cleveland State, and Miami (Ohio) this weekend. Miami is the No. 4 seed in the regional, meaning it will play Michigan in the opening round. Michigan had its 21-game winning streak snapped by MSU on Saturday in a 2-1 loss.
  • Michigan pitcher Chris Fetter played against Greg Oden in high school.
  • Tyrone Wheatley talked with the Ann Arbor News about his coaching aspirations. Wheatley is currently Eastern Michigan’s running backs coach.
  • Brian Griese went on WTKA last week.

Tuesday Quick Hits: Michigan Still Unranked in Basketball

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  • Michigan still isn’t ranked in either of the major college basketball polls. U-M is #26 in the AP Poll and #28 in the ESPN/USA Today Poll. If Michigan takes care of business against Oakland, then there is a good chance they will move up in the rankings if one of the teams near the bottom of the top 25 loses.
  • I know the win over Duke was huge for the basketball program, but I think Pete Bigelow’s article in the Ann Arbor News over-exaggerated just how big it was. It definitely is a turning point for the program, but it does not solidify Bill Martin’s legacy. Does John Beilein look like he was a great hire? Sure. But even if the basketball program makes an NCAA tournament, Martin’s legacy will mainly rest on what the football program does.
  • UM Hoops took a look at Laval Lucas-Perry, who will be eligible to play on Saturday against Oakland.
  • 2010 football commit Ricardo Miller now has four stars.
  • Varsity Blue launched a new site.
  • Charles Barkley, an Auburn alum, thinks the hiring of Gene Chizik was based on race (Buffalo coach Turner Gill was one of the candidates for the job).
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin will in fact join Lane Kiffin, his son, at Tennessee.
  • With Brady Hoke taking the San Diego State head coaching job, Ball State offensive coordinator Stan Parrish will be promoted to replace Hoke. Parrish was an assistant coach at Michigan for six seasons. He was the quarterbacks coach for Brian Griese and Tom Brady and later served as the offensive coordinator in 2000 and 2001 before taking a job with the Buccaneers, who won a Super Bowl in his first year there.

Thursday Quick Hits: Nasty Weather Predicted for Saturday’s Game

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  • Lou Holtz will be honored by Notre Dame this Saturday for his years as a coach of the Fighting Irish. Holtz is getting a statue dedicated to him and will speak to the team before the game Saturday afternoon. I hope that his speech is just as effective as his pep talks on ESPN were last year. Oh, and if you’re sitting in the front row when Holtz gives his speech, make sure to wear a raincoat or something.
  • Charlie Weis believes that Carlos Brown will get in the game at quarterback for Michigan on Saturday. Umm, Charlie, I know Brown took one snap at QB against Utah (he got injured on that play and missed the Miami game because of it), but that doesn’t mean he’s going to play QB against ND. Even if he does take a snap or two as the quarterback, the only thing that Brown will do is run. They aren’t going to give him a green light to pass, so if Brown comes onto the field as a QB everyone should be expecting a run.
  • Weis actually went to Morgantown, West Virginia, in the spring of 2007 to learn about the spread offense from Rich Rodriguez.
  • It doesn’t appear that the weather for Saturday’s game will be very good, so Rich Rodriguez is going to simulate rainy conditions during today’s practice.
  • Sam Webb has more on Will Campbell’s decision to de-commit and reports that Campbell will announce his college choice at the Army All-American Bowl on January 3.
  • Another Detroit Cass Tech player has been offered a scholarship by Michigan.
  • Shavodrick Beaver’s team will be on ESPN2 at 9 pm. ET tonight. We’ll get a look at one of Michigan’s two QB commits for 2009, so it should be an interesting game to watch. And yes, Beaver is committed and isn’t changing his mind anytime soon.
  • The Free Press has an article about how Michigan’s commitments have been doing on the field so far.
  • The Week 2 BlogPoll is out.
  • Brian Griese will start for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.
  • Matt Gutierrez has been signed to the New England Patriots’ practice squad. Gutierrez was cut by NE prior to the start of the season, but with Tom Brady out for the year with a torn MCL and ACL, Gutierrez joins the practice squad in case extra depth at QB is needed.
  • Hurricane Ike has changed its path, meaning that LSU’s game against North Texas won’t be postponed. The same can’t be said for Texas’ game against Arkansas as it has been postponed since Ike is heading right for the state of Texas.

Desmond Talks Boren, Herbstreit

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Angelique Chengelis talked with Desmond Howard at Sunday’s Brian Griese-Steve Hutchinson golf outing, and the former Heisman Trophy winner had many interesting things to say.

The first thing worth noting was what Desmond had to say about Kirk Herbstreit’s incorrect report that Les Miles was going to Michigan. Remember, the report came out the morning of the SEC title game, putting Miles in a tough situation as he had to deny those allegations. Here is Desmond’s opinion on the situation:

I was in Hawaii doing ESPN, so I had no knowledge of anything. I put the (earpiece) in my ear, and I’m hearing Herbstreit break this news, and I’m thinking, ‘You know, things happen overnight, maybe it did.’ He’s a seemingly intelligent guy, so if he’s going to say it, I don’t think he’s going to go out there and blurt it out. He must have believed what he said. Whether it was true or false, there’s no doubt in my mind that Herbstreit believed what he was saying on TV.

Now, should he have dug deeper, should ESPN have dug deeper? Of course. They have a Michigan guy on their crew and they knew how to get in contact with me, but no one ever called me.

The most interesting thing Desmond mentioned in this interview by far was what he had to say about Justin Boren. After hearing about Boren’s family values comments, Howard did rush to judgment a little bit. Thankfully, though, he had a talk with some Michigan players that told him more about what kind of person Boren was.

At first, I was like, ‘Wow, he’s talking about family values.’ And sometimes you use key words, and I read that, and I was like, ‘Damn, this thing is just blowing up.’ So I came up here (to Michigan) and I watched them practice. I was in the weight room working out, and two players started talking to me, and in general conversation they said, ‘This guy, Desmond, was a complainer. He complained about workouts, he complained about practices.’ And this is what they told me: ‘Really, we’re better without him.’ I said, ‘Wow, that’s a different side of the story I hadn’t even thought of.’ I knew they were training in a way they’ve never trained before.

So then he went to Ohio State, and I was like, ‘Well, how loyal can this guy be? All the colleges available to him, and he goes to Ohio State?’ I talked to Rich, and Rich told me he talked to him, and Rich said (Boren) never was really happy no matter what they did. And Rich said, ‘Desmond, I’ve got to do things my way.’

After beating the Les Miles drum for weeks and weeks after Rich Rodriguez was hired, it’s good to see that Desmond is starting to come around. I’m sure a lot of former players felt or still feel the same way about the coaching hire, but once they meet Coach Rod and get to know him, all should be well.

Monday Quick Hits: #1 Jersey to Stay With WR

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  • Earlier this month, Braylon Edwards mentioned that Rich Rodriguez had given the #1 jersey to a freshman defensive back during an interview on the radio. Since then, there has been talk by some about Rodriguez not showing his appreciation for the tradition, but Edwards had a talk with Coach Rod. He and Rodriguez spoke at the Brian Griese-Steve Hutchinson “Champions for Children’s Hearts” event on Saturday, and it appears that everything is straightened out.

    I love Braylon for all that he did and still does for Michigan, but I wish he would’ve just kept this quiet until having a talk with Rodriguez. There was no need to talk about it on the radio. Either way, I should point out that Braylon had this to say about the #1 jersey:

    “You could come in here and completely revamp everything, change the coaching staff, you could change the uniforms, change a lot of stuff, but you don’t change tradition. The No. 1 is one of our oldest, most storied traditions here — don’t change it.”

    Again, I love Braylon, but the #1 jersey is not one of the oldest traditions. It didn’t start until Anthony Carter wore it in 1979, and even then, it really didn’t have a huge meaning until Edwards worked to earn it and then endowed a scholarship for it.

  • The Michigan softball team beat Kent State 5-0 yesterday to win their regional. Michigan was led by 5 runs batted in by Dorian Shaw and a 1-hitter by Jordan Taylor. This victory was Michigan’s third in the regional as the Wolverines already had mercied both Wright State and Notre Dame. With regionals out of the way, Michigan now advances to an NCAA Super Regional against Virginia Tech. U-M is the host, and the first to win two games advances on to the College Softball World Series. (Highlights of the Kent State game can be seen here)
  • The Michigan track and field team won their first Big Ten title in 25 years.
  • Michigan’s baseball team set a Big Ten record for wins in a season by going 26-5. The baseball team also wrapped up another regular season Big Ten title over the weekend and will host the conference tournament later this week.
  • Eric Lacy has more on German basketball player Robin Benzing, who may commit to Michigan in the near future.
  • The Realests have located former Michigan basketball coach Brian Ellerbe. Thanks to one of their readers, we now know that Ellerbe – assuming it is the former coach – is a VP of Corporate Development for a construction company in Las Vegas.

Friday Quick Hits: Udoh’s Future Still Uncertain

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  • Although a decision was expected to be known on Monday, we still don’t know if Ekpe Udoh is going to transfer. Eric Lacy has the latest, but it is just another delay on commenting by Udoh’s former AAU coach. I don’t want to speculate too much, but it sounds like this coach is involved in this situation in a bad way for Michigan.
  • Rich Rodriguez has been touring the country to speak with University of Michigan alumni, and a video of his visit to Dearborn has popped up on YouTube. (HT: MVictors)

  • Rich Rodriguez got paired with Nick Saban in a golf tournament that gives coaches the chance to win scholarship money for their school. Rodriguez’s celebrity partner is former Michigan QB Brian Griese.
  • Coach Rod was on The Herd earlier this week, Varsity Blue has the audio.
  • Kevin Newsome is really fast (I believe he is running the last leg of the relay for the winning team). (HT: Varsity Blue)
  • Adam Kraus signed a free agent contract with the Ravens (he can thank Andy Moeller for that), and Brandent Englemon and Chris Graham are going to try out with a pair of NFL teams.
  • A couple of previews are out for NCAA Football 09. Also, West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt is on the cover of the PSP version of the game and Cal receiver DeSean Jackson is the PS2’s cover boy.
  • Indiana is going to have a tough time fielding a basketball team next year as they are down to eight players after the latest round of departures.
  • Two new bowl games were approved earlier this week.
  • Terrelle Pryor supposedly had dinner with Ohio State alum Cris Carter in Eddie George’s restaurant.
  • The NCAA unsurprisingly denied Ryan Mallett’s request to not have to sit out next season after transferring to Arkansas.
  • Former Tennessee basketball player Chris Lofton had to battle cancer during his senior season.
  • Les Miles finally kicked LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux off the team for good.
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