Wednesday Quick Hits: U-M Students Win Silver Medal; Shawn Conway Commits to Michigan

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  • Michigan students Meryl Davis and Charlie White won a silver medal in ice dancing at the Olympics, and fellow students Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates finished 11th.
  • Birmingham Seaholm wide receiver Shawn Conway committed to Michigan over the weekend after being offered a scholarship.  Conway, Michigan’s third commitment for 2011, is a definite sleeper considering that Michigan is his only offer so far.  I know many fans out there are concerned over the fact that Conway has flown under the radar so much, but let’s keep in mind that it is only February.  A lot of times players that are sleepers will suddenly jump up in the rankings after their senior year or simply once they gain more attention.  That’s not to say that will for sure happen in Conway’s case, but he has good size and good hands, making it seem like he could be a solid possession receiver for Michigan someday.  For more on Conway, check out mgoblog.
  • has a recap and various videos of the Victors Rally that was held on Sunday.  The Wolverine Blog also has a few videos from the event.
  • Coaches almost decided to play Justin Turner and burn his redshirt last season.  Although I imagine he would have helped the secondary, in the long run I think that was a good decision.
  • Brandon Graham’s stock soared after the Senior Bowl, and if he manages to run a 4.5 40-yard dash in Indianapolis like he did in practice recently it could continue to be on the rise.
  • Bill Martin’s official title from March 8 (after Dave Brandon officially becomes the athletic director) to September 4 of this year will be “special adviser to the president.”
  • The USA Today profiled Dave Brandon.
  • Fielding Yost was a curler back in the day.
  • Five Michigan hockey recruits are in Rivals’ top 50 rankings.  Two of them have five stars.
  • I think John Beilein’s expression during the Penn State game last Saturday just about sums up my overall expression for Michigan sports since October.
  • Beilein doesn’t expect Ben Cronin to play basketball again.
  • Michigan has submitted bids to host NIT games for both the men’s and women’s teams.  At this point I don’t think Michigan will even have to worry about hosting anything for the men’s NIT.
  • UM Hoops and The Wolverine Blog put together a twopart Q&A on where things stand with basketball recruiting.
  • Brent Petway is headed to France to play basketball.
  • Former Michigan basketball player Dommanic Ingerson was arrested last week in Oakland after stealing a purse and a jacket from two women and proceeding to swim in a lake naked.
  • George Sisler, who played baseball at Michigan from 1913-15, was elected to the College Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • The Big Ten has hired a research firm to analyze schools that could join the Big Ten.  The initial list included 15 schools.  Texas was not on the list, but you don’t need to really do research to know how big of an impact adding the Longhorns to the conference would have.
  • Michigan Sports Center turned four on Sunday.

Wednesday Quick Hits: Alumni Game Roster Announced

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  • Michigan finally announced the official alumni game roster. You can check it out on MGoBlue. Teams will be announced tomorrow on WTKA during their remote at a Michigan practice.
  • Also part of the alumni game release was the news of two events for students at the spring game.
    Kick for Books and Gear: The athletic department will randomly select two U-M students to attempt field goals with the chance to win adidas gear and/or a $500 gift card to purchase books for next semester. Students will have the opportunity to kick from three different spots, the 10-, 15- or 20-yard lines, with varying prizes for each of the three distances.

    Go Blue Banner Held by Students: Forty (40) randomly selected U-M students will have the opportunity to hold the historic ‘Go Blue’ Banner for the team to run under upon entering the field prior to the scrimmage.

    The last time I remember kicking a field goal was actually at media day in the Big House six or so years ago. I think I could make at least an extra point, but doing it in front of a crowd might be tough.

  • The athletic department announced the creation of Twitter feeds for over half of the University’s varsity sports (eventually each sport will have a Twitter feed). The AD also has its own, as does Rich Rodriguez. MSC’s Twitter feed can be found here. That is how I will keep everyone updated on the spring game festivities on Saturday.
  • Rich Rodriguez will hand out three scholarships next month since only 22 players were signed for the 2009 recruiting class.
  • Former Miami quarterback Robert Marve will not be transferring to Michigan, as he is no longer considering the Wolverines. I doubt Michigan ever was all that interested since he doesn’t fit the system, so this is not a big surprise. (HT: Varsity Blue)
  • Manny Harris has no plans to leave Michigan right now.
  • Courtney Sims is the NBA D-League’s MVP. It’s hard to believe he has improved so much since leaving Michigan. It’s not that he was a bad player here, but he wasn’t anywhere near the level of play he’s at now.
  • Brent Petway was named the D-League’s Defensive Player of the Year. What I said about Sims goes for Petway as well.
  • Aside from the fact that there are so many bowl games now-a-days, I really hate that so many are played after New Year’s Day. The Alamo Bowl is now on the list of games that will be played after New Year’s, even though it probably shouldn’t be. It will be played on January 2, 2010, departing from its traditional date of one of the last days of December. It is a great bowl, but it is better suited for the end of December.
  • Blake Griffin declared for the NBA Draft.

Wednesday Quick Hits: DeQuinta Jones Appears SEC-Bound

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  • The Wolverine put together a list of when Michigan recruits will be sending in their letters of intent and/or announcing if they will be going to Michigan or somewhere else. MGoBlog highlighted the recruits that will be announcing their college decision.
  • One of the recruits announcing his decision is Louisiana defensive tackle DeQuinta Jones, who is technically committed to Michigan right now. Jones is actually “leaning” towards Arkansas, though he could still change his mind. Problem is if he does change his mind, Tennessee will be the likely destination, not Michigan.
    “I want to play SEC ball,” Jones said. “That’s what I grew up watching.”

    Although Jones would technically be a decommit if he does go somewhere other than Michigan, his situation is much different from some of the other decommits Michigan has had. Jones has been taking visits for a while now and never even sounded like he was committed to Michigan. I do wonder why he even bothered verballing to the Wolverines in the first place, but I guess it makes sense when you think about how he basically reserved a spot at Michigan but left other options open. Either way, Michigan doesn’t look like it will land Jones.

    Hopefully Oklahoma DT Pearlie Graves, another soft-commit, ends up signing with Michigan. Losing both would really hurt the recruiting class since Michigan is lacking depth at DT next season.

  • The Detroit News spoke with 15 recruits from the state of Michigan about various recruiting-related things, including why they didn’t choose Michigan or Michigan State depending on where they committed. There are some very interesting answers from both Michigan and Michigan State commits. Perhaps the most noteworthy one is what running back Edwin Baker, an MSU commit, had to say about why he didn’t choose Michigan.

    Why not U-M? They’re arrogant.

    Looks like someone has been talking to Mark Dantonio quite a bit already.

  • Mark Mitera practiced again on Tuesday and left halfway through, as planned, for conditioning reasons. Brandon Burlon and Chad Langlais both missed practice with what appear to be minor injuries.
  • Gus Johnson is coming to Crisler Arena on Thursday to announce the Michigan-Penn State game.
  • Despite spending much of his time getting ready for the NFL Draft, Terrance Taylor is close to getting his degree from Michigan and is taking 15 credits this semester (mostly online).
  • Former Michigan basketball players Brent Petway, Courtney Sims, and Chris Hunter are NBA D-League All-Stars.
  • UM Hoops assessed the Michigan basketball team, which is just over halfway through the Big Ten schedule.
  • Corey Tropp, the Michigan State player who slashed Steve Kampfer twice after he was hit by Andrew Conboy, is going to return to school and will apparently be reinstated by Rick Comley after his suspension is over.

Friday Quick Hits: Michigan Beats Saginaw Valley State 81-55

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  • What is even worse than the fact that Michigan is likely going to lose the Little Brown Jug to Minnesota on Saturday? Well, if the Wolverines do in fact lose, they will not be able to retake the Jug until 2011. Minnesota isn’t on Michigan’s schedule in 2009 and 2010, so wherever the Jug ends up, it will be there until at least 2011.
  • Although most of Michigan’s commitments seem solid right now, quotes like this make me feel like DeQuinta Jones is not going to end up in Ann Arbor.
    “I am committed to (Michigan) but I have wandering eyeballs,” the 6-2, 270-pounder told “I have been noticing Oklahoma State and they are looking pretty good. I have wandering eyeballs for Alabama. They have been playing really good. I have my eyes on Arkansas and California, too.”

    Regardless of what Jones decides to do, Michigan is in good shape with 4-star defensive tackle Pearlie Graves (what an awesome name).

  • Michigan commit Anthony LaLota will play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 3. Another U-M commit, Jeremy Gallon, was also just invited to play in the game.
  • The Michigan hockey team plays tonight and tomorrow at Alaska-Fairbanks. If you’re interested in staying up for the games, both of them start at 11:05 p.m. ET. Check out The Blog That Yost Built for 10 things we should know about Alaska.
  • Michigan beat Saginaw Valley State in an exhibition basketball game last night by a score of 81-55. The Wolverines got off to a slow start and actually trailed late in the first half. Thankfully, though, Michigan turned it around and started to pull away in the second half. It was a shaky start that had me worried, but it seemed like the team was just really rusty early on. For a full look at the game on a player-by-player basis, check out UM Hoops.
  • Freshman center Ben Cronin looks like he may be headed for a redshirt. He got into the game in the final minutes and looked pretty good. However, he was noticeably limping, leading me to believe that he isn’t even close to being 100% healthy. Although Michigan could use the height — they did get out-rebounded by SVSU and had big issues on the boards — it wouldn’t be smart to play someone that isn’t healthy, especially a freshman. A redshirt would probably be the most logical move if his injury lingers, but we’ll see.
  • Stu Douglass, another freshman, started at shooting guard and went 3-5 from three-point land. One of the three-pointers he made was a really awkward shot where he didn’t seem to have his feet set. What I like about Douglass is that he is able to get those kinds of shots off with ease, so we probably will see quite a few three’s from him that make us scratch our heads in a good way.
  • DeShawn Sims came off the bench. I’m not exactly sure why, but I doubt this will be a usual occurrence.
  • David Merritt started at point guard for Michigan.
  • Former players Daniel Horton, Brent Petway, and Chris Hunter were at the game and each got their name or nickname chanted by the Maize Rage.
  • Women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth was also at the game and sat courtside next to Bill Martin during the first half.
  • Saginaw Valley State’s coach did some very interesting things during the game. He got a technical foul, which came as no surprise considering it seemed like he was trying to get one on purpose throughout much of the game. What did surprise me, though, was that he actually responded to the Maize Rage on more than one occasion. Often times the student section started making noise when he argued calls and at least four or five times he looked at the Maize Rage and said something. It was funny, yet at the same time I wondered if he should be more focused on the game than on talking with the opposing crowd.
  • The new sound system is so much better than what Crisler used to have. Not only is the sound louder, but it’s much, much clearer now.
  • Charlie Weis’ knee injury is really bad. Apparently the damage he suffered was like getting hit by a car, so the recovery process will be pretty long, as you can imagine.
  • Florida State’s Myron Rolle is one of the few true examples of a student-athlete. He is going to potentially miss the FSU-Maryland game on November 22 to be interviewed for the Rhodes Scholarship. If the game is at night there is a chance that Rolle could get there by the second half. But regardless of whether or not he plays, the fact that he is putting academics before football is almost as amazing as the fact that he is so close to becoming a Rhodes Scholar.

Wednesday Quick Hits: TV, Time Set for Toledo Game

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  • As expected, the Toledo game on October 11 will kickoff at noon on the Big Ten Network.
  • As it turns out, one-time Michigan signee Marcus Witherspoon will not be eligible for the 2008 season. He won’t be able to play until 2009, meaning that it doesn’t appear that Michigan dropped the ball in this complicated situation. Originally something seemed fishy as Witherspoon wasn’t eligible to play for Michigan but was as soon as he went to Rutgers. Apparently that report about him being eligible at Rutgers was incorrect, meaning that Michigan no longer looks like the bad guy in this situation.
  • Brandon Graham was named the Big Ten defensive player of the week.
  • The Hoover Street Rag has pictures from the Wisconsin game, including a few that feature the navy block “M” in the student section.
  • With players getting healthy, the offensive line is likely going to be changed up a bit again.
  • The Wisconsin game is going to be shown on the Big Ten Network a week from today at noon.
  • UM Hoops has a picture of Michigan’s new home basketball jersey.
  • According to the MySpace profile of 2010 recruit Marvin Robinson, he is about to commit to Michigan.
  • Norman Griffith, a Pahokee High School football player and teammate of Vincent Smith and Brandin Hawthorne (and former teammate of Martavious Odoms), was shot and killed over the weekend.
  • Recruits at the Wisconsin game had a great time.
  • The announcers for Michigan’s game against Illinois this upcoming Saturday are going to be Dave Lamont and David Norrie.
  • Varsity Blue has the stats of Michigan’s commits as of this past week. Take note of what Fitzgerald Toussaint is doing as his stats are straight up ridiculous.
  • If you weren’t at the Wisconsin game and are wondering about the “Save Cody” halftime show, a reader of MGoBlog posted a recap of it.
  • The media picked Michigan to win the CCHA and the coaches picked Notre Dame.
  • Former Michigan hockey player Max Pacioretty scored a goal in regulation and in a shootout to help the Canadiens beat the Red Wings in a preseason game.
  • Michigan picked up another 2010 hockey commit.
  • Michigan’s 2009 softball schedule is out.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley recovered a fumble and returned it for a touchdown during Monday night’s game against the Ravens.
  • Brent Petway was signed by the Memphis Grizzlies.
  • Tommy Amaker has come under fire for the way he handled cutting players from Harvard’s team.
  • And finally, the least shocking news of the day: Former Michigan State offensive lineman and notorious NFL bust Tony Mandarich has admitted to using steroids at Michigan State and cheating on a drug test at the 1988 Rose Bowl. Well I am just shocked. I mean, it’s not like we could have seen this coming or anything. Oh, wait…

More Ann Arbor News B.S.

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So, the Ann Arbor News released two more articles as a part of day 2 of their 4-day series on Michigan’s athletes and academics. To sum today’s stuff up, it basically is expanding on the point made by Jim Harbaugh last year, so that should tell you all you need to know. The other article is on Brent Petway and how he felt cheated out of having a chance to go to the music school. Basically, it’s some pretty weak stuff.

I’m not even going to bother linking to it as that’s just what the AA News wants, so if you want to read the articles, there is a link to the main section in yesterday’s post. Other than that, I don’t think I have anything more to say on this garbage. Jim Carty and the other writers that worked on this story are hacks, no and’s or but’s about it.

If you want to get in contact with some of the Ann Arbor News’ advertisers to let your displeasure with the paper be known, you can find a list of them here.

Wednesday Quick Hits: No Set Date or Location for Spring Game

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  • I’m planning on doing a live blog of tomorrow’s basketball game against Iowa in case you are stuck at work or don’t have the Big Ten Network. During the live blog, I will provide updates of what is going on in the game and will share my observations on the action. Tip-off is at 12:00 p.m. ET.

  • MLive has the audio of John Beilein’s interview with WTKA this morning.
  • A decision still hasn’t been made about where the spring game will be held. Since Michigan Stadium is off limits due to construction, the hope was that the game would be moved to Ford Field. Problem is, on April 12, the hopeful day of the spring game, Ford Field is going to be hosting a motocross event. On April 19, the AAFL is supposed to be playing a game at Ford Field, but right now that league’s season is up in the air. My guess is that the game gets moved to Eastern Michigan’s football stadium as it would be the most convenient place for Michigan.
  • A video featuring various Sam McGuffie hurdles has been uploaded to YouTube.
  • Another video recently uploaded to YouTube features various Brent Petway dunks.
  • Former Michigan hockey player and current Edmonton Oiler Andrew Cogliano has set an NHL record for scoring an overtime goal in three straight games.

Monday Quick Hits: Jalen Comes Home

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  • The Michigan hockey team split with Michigan State over the weekend to delay the clinching of the CCHA title for the Wolverines. U-M played a bad game on Friday at MSU as the Spartans won 5-2 in impressive fashion. That loss meant that Michigan could only clinch the CCHA title on Saturday at Joe Louis Arena with a win and a Miami (Ohio) loss.

    Although the title-clinching win will have to wait as Miami (Ohio) won their game, Michigan did put themselves in good position going into the final weekend of the regular season by beating the Spartans 5-2. From the very start Michigan was in control of the game, and despite a shaky 2nd period, came out on top with a big win.

    With only a home-and-home against Ferris State left on the schedule, Michigan needs just one win or two ties to clinch the CCHA title. Of course, there are many other scenarios that could play out resulting in Michigan winning the CCHA, but the easiest path to the title is by winning on Friday. It will be Senior Night at Yost against Ferris, and tickets are still available if you want to watch Michigan play for the CCHA title.

    (Highlights: Friday’s game; Saturday’s game)

  • Jalen Rose was honored at Saturday’s basketball game and spoke to the crowd at halftime. You can watch his speech here, but the picture quality sucks. The audio is decent, though, which is all that really matters.

    In his speech, Rose mentioned the Fab Five and gave the impression that he hoped they would all be honored by Michigan someday. I think 3 of the other members will be honored eventually, but I’m not sure if Chris Webber ever will be welcomed back to Ann Arbor. He can’t be back until 2013 anyways due to a 10-year ban from associating with U-M, but even after that I really doubt a lot of people will be ready to embrace him and the Fab Five as a whole.

    UPDATE: Here is a better video of Rose’s speech at halftime.

  • 12 walk-ons from tryouts a couple weeks ago were asked to join the football team to train with Mike Barwis. If they can survive, they will get to practice in the spring.
  • The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis, and four Michigan players on offense have had their chance to show scouts what they’re made of. Jake Long has been one of the most impressive players at the combine so far as his stock seems to be rising. In between pranking Vernon Gholston and being mentioned as the possible #1 overall pick, Long was working hard in various drills to show that all of his hype is well deserved.

    Long may have had a great few days in Indy, but the same can’t be said for Mario Manningham and Mike Hart. Both had slow times in the 40-yard dash and now seem to be dropping on draft boards. Hart’s slow 40 time (4.67) is no surprise, which is why his falling stock surprises me a bit. People should have expected this given that he always has lacked speed, but regardless, Hart is beginning to fall down some draft boards. He isn’t falling quite as fast as Manningham, who really had a rough few hours yesterday in Indy.

    Manningham ran a 4.59 40-yard dash, which was a surprisingly slow. Mario has always seemed to be faster, and hopefully he will show that on his pro day when the scouts come to Ann Arbor. In the meantime, he better hope the combine doesn’t make too much of an impact on the teams that were looking at picking him as his stock is drastically falling right now.

    The fourth player at the combine from Michigan right now is Chad Henne. There hasn’t been much talk about him, but as of right now it’s looking like he’ll be a second-round pick. That could always change, but for right now he is in good shape.

    (Adrian Arrington was also in Indy but didn’t participate in any of the drills due to an injury)

  • Speaking of Arrington, he talked with the Detroit Free Press and had some very interesting things to say. Specifically, he indirectly said something that really shed some light on Ryan Mallett’s departure from Michigan.
    Q: Do you think Mallett would have stayed at Michigan if Carr had returned?
    A: “Talking to (Mallett), he’s a pretty good friend of mine, he was leaning on staying. He was probably going to stay.”

    Wait just a second. Mallett was leaning toward staying if Carr had returned? To me, that meant that Mallett was thinking of leaving long before a coaching change was made, which shows you why Rich Rodriguez really didn’t have much of a chance to get him to stay considering he already had one foot out the door when Coach Rod got here. What I find funny is that Arkansas is trying to get the NCAA to waive the one year that Mallett has to sit out because he felt “forced out” by the coaching change. That certainly doesn’t sound like the case at all, especially with what Arrington said.

  • Andy Staples of wrote a great article on Sam McGuffie.
  • The Toledo Free Press talked with the Elliott Mealer and his family.
  • Brent Petway, fresh off of an NBDL dunk title, is challenging Dwight Howard to a dunk contest.
  • For those that even care anymore (I’m not one of them, by the way), Terrelle Pryor visited Ohio State “unofficially” yesterday. If he does end up picking OSU, it sounds like he’ll fit in perfectly with the Buckeyes.
  • Kelvin Sampson resigned as Indiana’s coach on Friday, but did get paid $750,000 to do so as long as he doesn’t sue the school.
  • The Michigan baseball team is off to a 3-0 start after sweeping Villanova. Next up for U-M is a game against the New York Mets, a team owned by Michigan graduate Fred Wilpon.
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