Thursday Quick Hits: Ricardo Miller Moving to Ann Arbor?

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  • Just as 2010 recruits in the state of Michigan are being rated, it may already be time to shake up the rankings. Why? Well, Michigan wide receiver commit Ricardo Miller, one of Florida’s top players, is apparently moving to Ann Arbor for his senior year of high school. Via a post on MGoBoard, Miller’s status on Facebook recently said this:
    “Ricardo Miller is movin to michigan dis summer goin to huron high school aint lookin back at florida.”

    Huron High School is where fellow Michigan wide receiver commit Jeremy Jackson (son of running backs coach Fred Jackson) goes to school. Having both of them as targets has to be a nice thought for any quarterback, as both are highly rated wide receivers. Jackson is 11th on Allen Trieu’s list of the top 2010 in-state recruits, and if Miller does in fact move to Michigan, he would likely be at the very top of the rankings. After all, he is already one of the top players in Florida, and there is much more talent in that state than in Michigan.

    If Miller does move to Ann Arbor for his senior year of high school, it would likely mean that he would spend his weekends recruiting. Miller has already established himself as an excellent recruiter with both 2009 and 2010 recruits, so having him in Ann Arbor would definitely help Michigan recruit in the future. Obviously it would be nice to have someone like him down in Florida, but by moving to Michigan he could sell recruits on the state and the school with first-hand knowledge. With the contacts he already has, I see this as a huge plus for Rich Rodriguez and company.

  • Gus Johnson will handle play-by-play duties for tonight’s Michigan-Minnesota game on the Big Ten Network. Action gets underway at 7 p.m. ET.
  • Wide receiver Darryl Stonum pleaded guilty to a “charge of operating a motor vehicle while visibly impaired.” Here are the details of what went down on the night/early morning Stonum was arrested:

    The charge stemmed from an arrest last Sept. 28 after Stonum was stopped by state police at 3:30 a.m. in downtown Ann Arbor.

    According to a police report, Stonum’s car accelerated to a speed of approximately 60 miles per hour through the campus area of State Street, and nearly struck another vehicle crossing an intersection.

    A preliminary breath test administered at the scene indicated Stonum’s blood alcohol contest was .10. A person with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher is considered legally intoxicated in Michigan.

    60 mph down State Street pretty much sums up how dumb Stonum’s actions were. He was probably lucky to only be suspended for one game (Stonum was suspended against Illinois and was not in the starting lineup the next week against Toledo).

  • Although Bryan Hogan is going to start on Friday against Ohio State, Billy Sauer will likely get to start at least one more game before the end of the regular season. My guess is that he will start on Senior Night against Ferris State. Barring an injury to Bryan Hogan, February 28 would likely be Sauer’s last chance to play at Yost.
  • LaMarr Woodley returned to Saginaw High School on Wednesday.
  • Josh Helmholdt ran down a list of five quarterbacks Michigan is targeting for the 2010 recruiting class.
  • MVictors has audio of Red Berenson sharing stories about Gordie Howe on Wednesday’s Red Berenson Show.
  • Will there ever be an uglier basketball game than this: Penn State – 38, Illinois – 33? That’s a final score, in case you weren’t sure. Illinois shot 30% from the field and Penn State shot 28.3%. The Nittany Lions somehow managed to pull off a late comeback to win this game despite the awful shooting percentage. Illinois did make two more field goals than PSU, but they didn’t shoot a single free throw. That was the difference in this game, as PSU went 9-11 from the charity stripe to win this “basketball” game.

Tuesday Quick Hits: Mark Mitera Fully Practices

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  • I’d like to give a big thanks to all of you for making January Michigan Sports Center’s largest month ever traffic-wise.
  • The Free Press has a rundown of which recruits Michigan fans should keep an eye on tomorrow. As posted yesterday, I will be providing updates throughout the day as news relating to Michigan comes out.
  • Mark Mitera fully practiced for the first time since the start of the season on Monday. He still isn’t ready to play in a game, but it is looking more and more likely that he will be back before the end of the season.
  • The ticket application for the 2010 Frozen Four at Ford Field is out.
  • UConn, Michigan’s opponent on Saturday, is now ranked #1 in the country. Yikes.
  • Jay Bilas is an idiot.
  • The CCHA official who blew his whistle right before Michigan scored what would have been the game-tying goal against Notre Dame on Saturday is also an idiot. He was in the neutral zone and blew the play dead because he thought the net came off its moorings. Thanks, moron, for costing Michigan a chance of sweeping Notre Dame.
  • Even though Michigan only split with Notre Dame, the Wolverines moved up to #4 in the latest USCHO rankings. If Michigan can finish the season without any losses to bad teams and make a run in the CCHA tournament, a #1 seed may be in reach.
  • Sean Griffin, Tim Jamison, Terrance Taylor, and Morgan Trent were invited to the NFL Combine.
  • Cleveland’s Marcus Hall, an offensive lineman from Glenville High School, committed to Ohio State on Monday. Hall visited Michigan in January and named the Wolverines his leader following the visit. That proved to mean very little, as he did the same thing after visiting Miami (Florida). Throughout all of the visits, Ohio State remained on his list, which basically foreshadowed that the Buckeyes would end up landing his services. It’s not surprising considering he is from Glenville, an Ohio State pipeline, but at one point this looked like it could be Michigan’s chance at breaking Ohio State’s grip of Ted Ginn Sr.’s football team.
  • MGoBlog’s Brian Cook was interviewed by John U. Bacon on WTKA yesterday.
  • Former Michigan pitcher Rich Hill was traded from the Cubs to the Orioles.
  • Add Ohio State offensive lineman Alex Boone to the list of idiots from above. Boone was arrested on Sunday after being tasered. He allegedly was “jumping on car hoods, yanking on a tow truck cable and trying to break a window,” and when police arrived he resisted arrest and tried to hide under a patio. Boone is set to be drafted by an NFL team in April, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want someone like him on their team. Sure, he’s talented, but this isn’t the first off the field incident he has been involved in.

Tuesday Quick Hits: MSU Suspends Conboy, Tropp for Rest of Season

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  • Michigan State head hockey coach Rick Comley has suspended Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp, the two players that assaulted Steve Kampfer during Saturday’s game, for the remainder of the season. Although I still think both players should be kicked off the team altogether, this suspension is more than I expected. I credit Comley for making this move, but I still hope these two never see the ice again in college, at least in the state of Michigan. If they are out there next season when Michigan and Michigan State play, I would be willing to bet that things will get very ugly.
  • The CCHA supports MSU’s decision to suspend Conboy and Tropp for the rest of the season, so they will not be doing anything discipline-wise it would appear.
  • A new video of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube and gives us a longer look at how things unfolded.

  • Red Berenson confirmed that Steve Kampfer’s father, Bruce, was the one that confronted Tropp in the MSU locker room following the on-ice incident. Bruce Kampfer apologized to Berenson for his actions, and Michigan associate athletic director for media relations Bruce Madej explained how Kampfer’s father gained access to the locker room.
  • Steve Kampfer hopes to get back on the ice by Wednesday at the latest. He still has to go through a couple more tests before being cleared to practice, but Kampfer seems confident he will return to the ice shortly. It still doesn’t seem clear if he will play against Notre Dame this weekend if he does in fact return to practice, but you would certainly think he will be ready to go if he can get on the ice this early in the week.
  • No one from MSU has contacted Steve Kampfer to apologize, though he doesn’t want an apology from them anyways.
  • Michigan Hockey Net tore apart The State News’ (MSU’s student newspaper) recap of Saturday’s game that actually insinuated that Kampfer’s check on Tropp at mid-ice wasn’t clean (it was) and also worried more about what Michigan fans were chanting rather than the actions of Conboy and Tropp. What’s even worse is that the article wasn’t even accurate when recounting the chant. For starters, it was “F*** You State” not simply “F*** State.” Also, fans were not chanting that when Kampfer got off the ice. The F-you State chant lasted approximately 20 seconds, as the crowd began chanting “Sore Losers” soon after. And when Kampfer was taken off the ice, fans were chanting his name, not F-you State.
  • MVictors has the audio of Michigan associate head hockey coach Mel Pearson’s interview on WTKA yesterday. As expected, Pearson talked about the Kampfer incident, and he also mentioned that Mark Mitera is “probably a couple weeks away” from returning, which is pretty remarkable. It would be great to get him back from his ACL injury at all, so the fact that he may return before the end of the regular season is truly awesome news.
  • Audio of defensive coordinator Greg Robinson’s interview can be found over on WTKA’s website.
  • The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review talked about LaMarr Woodley and Steve Breaston and how they will play each other in the Super Bowl.
  • Greg Mattison, who was a defensive line coach at Michigan in the 90s, was promoted to Ravens defensive coordinator yesterday.
  • The Mountain West wants to become a BCS conference.
  • Duke is now ranked #1 in both basketball polls following a 40-point win over Maryland. The Blue Devils’ only loss this season is to Michigan, as Duke is currently 18-1.

Tuesday Quick Hits: Michigan Drops Out of Top 25

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  • Michigan dropped out of both basketball polls this week thanks to its loss to Wisconsin on New Year’s Eve. The Wolverines barely missed the cut in the AP Poll, as they are ranked #26. In the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, Michigan came in at #28.
  • MVictors has the audio of Sam Webb’s recruiting round-up from Monday. You should definitely listen to it since Webb shed some light on William Campbell’s recruitment. The gist of it is that Campbell decommitted mainly so he could take visits to other schools and announce his decision on national TV and said Michigan was off his list to build some suspense around his announcement. Michigan was never really out of it; they were actually the favorites all along.
  • MVictors also has the audio of Rich Rodriguez’s interview on the first airing of WTKA’s Big Show.
  • Scott Shafer was introduced as Syracuse’s defensive coordinator on Monday and said that he and Rich Rodriguez “had quite a few differences” philosophically. That became obvious at the Purdue game when Michigan suddenly switched to a 3-3-5 that failed miserably. Rodriguez and Shafer were not on the same page, and that can’t happen with the new defensive coordinator.
  • Ohio State capped off a terrible bowl season for the Big Ten last night. The Buckeyes made a fourth quarter comeback to take the lead before Texas scored with less than a minute left to win the game. With the OSU loss, the Big Ten finished a dismal 1-6 in bowl games.

Friday Quick Hits: Preparing for Miami (Ohio)

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  • Going into tomorrow’s game, I expect the offense to play much better than they did against Utah. At the same time, I expect the defense to come out and be dominant from the very start of the game rather than only the second half. The offense still likely won’t look pretty at times, but I do think the coaches will have a better idea of what type of game plan they will run. Instead of focusing on the passing game, I think and hope we’ll see more of a mindset that features the running game. It may take time to get going, but establishing the run will be important.
  • Miami will come ready to play and I think they’ll make it close. I don’t necessarily believe that this will come down to the final minutes of the game, but if Michigan won by more than a couple touchdowns I would be pretty surprised.
  • The fallout from Marcus Witherspoon not qualifying has resulted in a decision that he will never attend Michigan and instead will likely end up at Tennessee or Rutgers. Also, Michigan once again is coming out of a situation looking like the bad guys even though this had to do with the NCAA rather than U-M.
    Looks like Spoon might have got a raw deal. He didn’t find out about his ineligibilty (sic) until July 28 – although it’s not uncommon for the NCAA Clearinghouse to take until mid-August sometimes to determine if a student-athlete can compete.The way Spoon’s father talks, it looks like Michigan dropped the ball and something could have been done a lot sooner.

    Bottom line – The Holy Spirit graduate and 2007 C-P Defensive Player of the Year will not wear the maze and blue of Michigan ever. The family is going to make sure he gets cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse – which it sounds like he will be very soon, according to his dad – and he will enroll somewhere else.

    So it’s Michigan’s fault that the NCAA ruled he wasn’t eligible? I know Witherspoon’s dad is likely upset and is just trying to defend his son, but Witherspoon reportedly had a chance to become eligible when he went home earlier in the summer and wasn’t able to do so. I don’t know if this is a Nick Perry type of situation where he needed a specific credit to become eligible or if he just simply had failed a class needed to go to Michigan, but this is hardly Michigan’s fault.

  • Taylor Hill transferred because he wanted to be closer to his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown is around 3 hours and 40 minutes away from Ann Arbor, but is only 1 hour and 14 minutes away from Pittsburgh. Early speculation is that he will end up going to Pittsburgh, which would make sense distance-wise.
  • Michigan is in the running to land one of the nation’s top defensive end recruits.

  • MGoBlog debuts UFR for the 2008 season.
  • Genuinely Sarcastic analyzes Michigan’s run game against Utah.
  • MVictors has audio of Larry Lage’s recent interviews on WTKA and WDFN. Lage is the AP reporter that went behind the scenes of Michigan football in the week leading up to the Utah game and he shared his thoughts on the experience during the interviews.
  • Michigan’s women’s basketball schedule has been released.
  • Three Penn State players have been suspended for their game against Oregon State tomorrow after they were caught with marijuana earlier this week.
  • Beanie Wells won’t play against Ohio tomorrow. This is the smart move as there is absolutely no point to rush him back from an injury. Not only is he Ohio State’s star player, but they’ve got a game against USC in a week and will need Wells, so every day of rest is important.

Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Not Ranked in AP Poll

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  • MGoBlue has links to photo galleries and audio from yesterday’s media/fan day.
  • The Free Press also has a photo gallery of their own from media day.
  • The preseason AP Top 25 Poll was released over the weekend, and unlike the USA Today Coaches Poll, Michigan was not ranked. U-M did receive 36 votes, though, which puts them in 32nd for those of you keeping track.
  • Speaking of polls, the preseason BlogPoll will be released sometime this week. I am voting in the BlogPoll for the first time this year and will post my preseason ballot later today.
  • The Big Ten Network will be at Michigan’s practice today and you can actually watch the entire thing tonight at 9 p.m. ET. It’s rare that we ever get a glimpse inside a Michigan practice, so being able to watch an entire practice will be awesome. I’d say The Fort officially no longer exists.
  • Kevin Grady actually was found passed out behind the wheel of his car before being arrested for driving while intoxicated. He’s really lucky no one got hurt as a result of his actions.
  • When fans file into Michigan Stadium on August 30 for the first time since construction on the Big House began, they are in for a surprise. Routines will have to be altered to accommodate the ongoing construction as fans are asked to show up earlier in order to keep the crowd moving.
  • The second edition of MGoBlue’s “Camp Confidential” features Carlos Brown.
  • Prices for hockey tickets have been set.
  • Chad Henne is “being groomed” to be the Dolphins’ future starting QB.
  • Mario Manningham’s injury has put the Giants in a tough spot as they haven’t gotten a good look at his on the field abilities.
  • If you’re looking for a maize and blue truck covered in Michigan logos then check out this auction on eBay.
  • Last October, a college football fan finished a 32-year long quest to watch all 119 I-A teams in person.
  • Nick Willis, a former Michigan indoor track star, qualified for the 1,500 meter final in Beijing.
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