Football Quick Hits: Michigan Fills Coaching Vacancy with Adam Braithwaite

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Just like a few weeks ago, I’ve been busy with school and have had a bunch of news pile up.  As a result, I’ve separated quick hits into different posts for football, basketball, and hockey.

  • Rich Rodriguez filled the vacancy on his coaching staff by promoting quality control assistant Adam Braithwaite to safeties/outside linebackers coach.  Braithwaite’s experience as a position coach/coordinator is mainly limited to lower divisions, but he was a graduate assistant for Rodriguez at West Virginia and a quality control assistant the last two seasons at Michigan.  To me this was a pretty “meh” move, but I guess Rodriguez wanted some continuity considering Braithwaite has been around the team for a couple years.
  • This move means that Greg Robinson is now in charge of coaching the inside linebackers and Tony Gibson is responsible for the cornerbacks and free safeties.  Gibson is also now the team’s special teams coordinator.  Regarding that move, the release said this: “Rodriguez will continue to have all of the coaches remain involved with a certain phase of special teams, but Gibson will manage that phase of the game on a daily basis and on game day.”
  • Before Rich Rodriguez’s press conference on signing day, I wondered to myself if any questions would be about Demar Dorsey, who has an interesting past, to say the least.  Well, there were multiple questions about Dorsey and his brushes with the law, but Rodriguez came to his future player’s defense each time before the media was finally told to move on.  The media did move on at the press conference, but the Free Press followed up with a lengthy article detailing what exactly Dorsey has done.  The article sheds some light on the type of trouble he has been in and includes some quotes from Dorsey on what happened and why he decided to come to Michigan.  One of the big reasons he picked Michigan is to escape the type of people that have brought him down in the past, though he already is trying to do that and (knock on wood) hasn’t been in any trouble since 2008.  I certainly understand some of the concern over taking a player like Dorsey, but I’m glad he is coming to Michigan and hope he is a changed person.
  • Somebody who isn’t a changed person is Drew Sharp.  I say that because, unsurprisingly, he was a huge douchebag about the whole Dorsey situation and made some extremely unprofessional comments.  Like Rob Parker, I will never understand why Sharp has a job and manages to get on ESPN as often as he does.  It’s so blatantly obvious that Sharp’s schtick is simply to write and say negative/controversial things to drum up attention.  He isn’t anything close to an actual journalist (this picture from MVictors certainly seems to show that) and is nothing more than an assclown, as the folks at the MZone used to call him.
  • Rich Rodriguez said there was one school in the Big Ten doing a lot of negative recruiting.  He didn’t name the school, but he did say that it wasn’t Ohio State.  Rumors suggest that the school in question is either Minnesota, Purdue, or Michigan State.  Based on how big of a problem Danny Hope seems to have with Rodriguez, my bet is that Purdue is the school behind the negative recruiting.
  • Antonio Kinard appears to be the only member of the 2010 recruiting class in danger of not qualifying.
  • put together a comprehensive Q&A with Michigan’s 2010 recruiting class.
  • Also from is an interview with Devin Gardner from signing day.
  • MGoBlog has video and transcripts of interviews from signing day with early enrollees and coaches.
  • Ricardo Miller hopes he can be the next Braylon Edwards.
  • Austin White put in a lot of extra work last fall in order to be able to enroll early.
  • Baquer Sayed, a receiver from Dearborn Fordson, will join the Michigan football team next season as a preferred walk-on.  Sayed had offers from a couple MAC schools, but he opted to play for Michigan as a walk-on instead.
  • The Big House Blog has more news on recruits who will join the team as walk-ons as well as an interview with kicker Jeremy Ross, who is from Pioneer High School.
  • Mark Moundros will line up at fullback and linebacker this spring.
  • Had Calvin Magee got the South Florida job, he would have wanted to take some Michigan assistants with him, including Greg Frey, Tony Dews, and the newly-promoted Adam Braithwaite.
  • The Board of Regents met on signing day for an informal meeting to discuss the NCAA’s investigation of practicegate.  No real news has come out of the meeting, but hopefully it is a sign that the investigation is close to wrapping up.
  • There is a photo gallery on MGoBlue giving us a look inside the suites in Michigan Stadium.
  • “72 percent of the suites and 77 percent of club seats” that will open in the Big House next season have been sold.
  • Mike Hart would like to be Michigan’s head coach someday.
  • The Michigan Daily’s Andy Reid wrote a great article about Antonio Bass.
  • Tyrone Wheatley has been hired by Syracuse to be the Orange’s running backs coach.
  • Teryl Austin, a former Michigan assistant, is Florida’s new defensive coordinator.  Urban Meyer sure likes former Michigan assistant coaches.
  • Former Michigan coach Mike DeBord has landed in Chicago as the Bears’ tight ends coach.
  • Former Michigan players Jonathan Goodwin and Adrian Arrington and former coaches Mike Mallory and Terry Malone are Super Bowl champions as a result of the Saints’ victory over the Colts last Sunday.
  • The NCAA has proposed some new rules for the 2011 season.
  • A 13-year-old quarterback committed to USC.  Weird doesn’t even begin to describe this news.
  • It was only a matter of time, but Big Ten expansion rumors involving Texas have popped up in recent days.
  • Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said that if the Big Ten were to call, the Cornhuskers would certainly listen.
  • Michigan State changed its mind and is no longer going to change its logo as a result of all the backlash it received over the news.  It is going to change its shade of green, although that’s not really all that big of a deal.

Monday Quick Hits: 1969 Meets 2008

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  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal caught up with long snapper George Morales, who confirmed the rumor that he may be grayshirted.
    If it’s the little things that matter most in football, George Morales might be Michigan’s biggest recruit. The Mojave senior committed to the Wolverines — though he won’t sign his letter of intent until new coach Rich Rodriguez decides if he wants to use a grayshirt for Morales — to be a long snapper.

    Morales holds the distinction of being Lloyd Carr’s first recruit brought in solely for long-snapping and, after Carr’s retirement following the 2007 season, his last. Despite Carr’s retirement, Morales said he never was nervous about his recruiting status, thanks to the coach’s farewell words.

    “There was some doubt about the fact that Rodriguez hadn’t heard of me, and the coaches that had heard of me were all gone,” Morales said. “But I knew the scholarship would be honored. Coach Carr made it a point that all commits would be honored.”

    As long as Michigan doesn’t get another commit for the Class of ’08, Morales shouldn’t have to wait for his scholarship.

  • If you want to get a quick start on recruiting for the Class of ’09, then head on over to Varsity Blue. They have put together a great recruiting board for 2009 that will give you an idea of who Michigan might go after in Rich Rodriguez’s first full recruiting season.
  • Varsity Blue also has posted two videos of interviews they did with Rich Rodriguez and Scott Shafer following Coach Rod’s press conference last Wednesday.
  • MGoBlog ripped apart Michigan State’s recruiting class.
  • Fox Toledo has a video on Elliott Mealer and how he signed his LOI, and the Toledo Blade and The Wolverine both wrote two great articles on him.
  • Members of the 1969 Michigan football team spoke to the 2008 team to talk about how they handled the transition from Bump Elliott to Bo Schembechler.
  • Rich Rodriguez is going to have a three-day coaches clinic in early April.
  • Coach Rod was interviewed on SportsCenter recently and started to cry when talking about how some West Virginia fans have treated his family since he left for Michigan.
  • Lloyd Carr confirmed the news that Antonio Bass won’t ever play football for Michigan again.
  • Former Michigan football players Jamar Adams, Adrian Arrington, Shawn Crable, Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Jake Long, and Mario Manningham have been invited to the NFL Combine.
  • Former Michigan basketball player Glen Rice had battery charges against him stemming from an incident last month dropped.
  • Desmond Howard and five other former Michigan student-athletes were inducted into the Michigan Hall of Honor on Saturday.
  • The offensive line coach on Lloyd Carr’s coaching staff, Andy Moeller, has been hired as an assistant offensive line coach by the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Blog That Yost Built got to the bottom of why Kevin Quick was kicked off the Michigan hockey team.
  • Finally, there is a great highlight video of Michigan commit Martavious Odoms that is worth checking out. Click here to watch.

Just Call Him the Closer: A Look Back at the Class of ’08

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Whenever a coaching change occurs in college football, the general expectation is that the proceeding recruiting class won’t be up to snuff. The reason for that belief is pretty simple. Commits look elsewhere because the people that recruited them may no longer be at their school, the new system being implemented may not fit them, and negative recruiting reaches its apex when there are any questions about a new coach. All of those negative factors were working against Rich Rodriguez while he was trying to put together his first recruiting class at Michigan, but he overcame them with flying colors.

It truly is remarkable that Michigan’s 2008 recruiting class turned out to be filled with so many great players. Scout ranks it 8th in the nation, right behind Ohio State. And Rivals has it ranked right behind OSU as well at 10th overall. Looking back on the process of assembling this great recruiting class, there is a group of people that should be recognized for their hard work.

The first person I will give a shout out to is recruiting coordinator Chris Singletary. During the transitional period when the future of the football program was unclear, Singletary worked hard to keep the recruiting class in order. He kept in contact with the recruits and made sure they were kept up to date on the latest happenings in Ann Arbor, and although he doesn’t get a lot of publicity for the job he does, there is no doubt that he was instrumental in limiting the number of decommits.

The second person that should not be forgotten when it comes to this recruiting class is Lloyd Carr (and his assistants as well). Obviously, he was the head coach when the majority of the commits verballed and his recruiting ability was shown off greatly. But a less noticeable thing he did to ensure the recruiting class would be as good as possible was the timing of his retirement. By announcing that he would retire just days after the Ohio State game, Carr gave Bill Martin a chance to get the search for a new head coach started way back in November. That meant that Rich Rodriguez was hired early enough where he could get a staff together to go all out on recruiting in January and the first few days of February. Rodriguez did just that and ended up with a top 10 class as a result.

The final group of people that were responsible for putting together this recruiting class are the new assistants, Fred Jackson, Mike Barwis (recruits on their official visits loved him), and of course, Coach Rod. What excites me so much about the future of Michigan football when it comes to recruiting is the potential this staff has. With only a month to actually recruit, Rodriguez and his staff not only secured almost all of the inherited recruits, but they added many more as well. Coach Rod and his staff were able to identify recruits that will make the transition to a spread offense easier in his first year and really came out of nowhere with some and still locked up many commitments.

All I can say is that if Rich Rodriguez and his staff excel in recruiting this much in only a month, then imagine what they will do with an entire year to work with. On top of that, Rodriguez showed he can finish off the recruitment of players late in the game near signing day. I’ve never seen so many recruits commit in such a short period of time, but just in these last few days Michigan has added 6 new faces to the Class of ’08. With the ability to do that well as signing day nears, I think we need to start calling Rich Rodriguez “The Closer.”

With the general fluff out of the way, here are some notes on recruiting and a few other things worth mentioning:

  • Rich Rodriguez said that four players will no longer be on the team at his signing day press conference yesterday (click here to watch the presser). Offensive linemen Alex Mitchell and Jeremy Ciulla both will be graduating and will not use return for their fifth season at Michigan. The loss of those two was expected, but it really shows why so many offensive line commits were needed. The other two leaving the team are doing so due to medical reasons. Tight end Chris McLaurin and wide receiver Antonio Bass will remain on a medical scholarship at the University of Michigan, but neither will play football again due to injuries. McLaurin leaving is unexpected and completely out of the blue, but the news Bass was something no one was hoping to hear.

    Out of high school, Antonio Bass was a highly recruited athlete that had loads of potential. As a freshman he was used in the Michigan offense in a variety of ways, and really was the first player to be used in a spread type of formation under Lloyd Carr. Bass’ future looked very promising until a disastrous injury happened during offseason workouts.

    He was supposedly doing a conditioning drill and somehow came down on his leg wrong and reportedly tore all his ligaments in that leg. Although a comeback always looked unlikely for Bass, he has worked hard over these last couple of years to rehab enough to get to the point where he could play. That unfortunately won’t happen for sure now that he is off the team because of this injury, but I’m sure Antonio will do great things off the field. I wish him the best of luck and wish he could’ve been on the field in this new offense come this fall.

  • Long snapper George Morales still has not signed his letter of intent as of the time of this post. There hasn’t been much talk about why his LOI isn’t in, but one reason may be that he is waiting to see what happens with the rest of the recruiting class. Since Michigan would only have room to sign one more recruit if Morales signed his LOI, I think he may be waiting to see if he will have to grayshirt. A grayshirt is when a recruit pays his own way the first year at a school and gets his athletic scholarship in year #2. That is definitely a possibility with Morales, and really, I can’t think of any other reason why he wouldn’t sign by now.
  • MGoBlue has updated their bios page to now include Sam McGuffie.
  • Rich Rodriguez was interviewed by the Big Ten Network to talk about Michigan’s recruiting class, and that video can be found here.
  • J.T. Floyd committed to Michigan last week, but he still had some fun with his announcement by hiding a Michigan hat under a Tennessee one to surprise the crowd.
  • It was previously reported that Florida wide receiver Martavious Odoms had committed to Miami, but that turned out to be incorrect. Odoms hasn’t signed with any school yet and Michigan is still under consideration. I’d be surprised if he ended up a Wolverine simply because of all the receivers and athletes a part of this class already, but anything can happen.
  • The Houston Chronicle talks about what happened with Sam McGuffie to cause a huge scare for Michigan fans.
  • Finally, what would a recruiting post be without Terrelle Pryor? He announced that he wasn’t announcing at his school yesterday on TV (video can be seen here) and now is ready to delay a decision for an extended period of time. Pryor mentioned wanting to visit Penn State and even Oregon, so this process really could be strung out over the next few weeks depending on when these visits happen. My opinion on this situation is pretty well known already, but I will say that any optimism I had is gone after these latest developments.

    Penn State creeping into the picture thanks to Pryor’s dad really seems to be the cause for his delay. My belief is that he was ready to announce he was going to Ohio State yesterday, but out of respect for his dad is giving the Nittany Lions a full look. Whether or not that leads to a commitment to Penn State is left to be seen, but at this point I think he will end up at PSU or OSU. Other than somehow going to Michigan, my hope is that Pryor visits the Nike Palace that is Oregon and likes it so much that he decides to become a Duck. I don’t want to see him lining up against Michigan regularly in the Big Ten, so only possibly playing him in the Rose Bowl would be nice.

(Programming note: I’m taking off for an early weekend as yesterday was so busy. I don’t think I will ever break the record 15 posts I had in one day, but hey, that’s what happens with signing day. I’ll post a full list of Michigan’s commits later today and will update you guys if any news breaks over the weekend. I’ll be back Monday, but until then, thanks for reading and Go Blue!)

Media Day Notes

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Football season isn’t here just yet, but it sure is getting closer. Season tickets have arrived, fall practice begins today, and media day took place yesterday in Ann Arbor, giving answers to the questions that many of us still had. Here are notes from the event.

  • To start things off on media day, Lloyd Carr talked about a former Michigan player that died last week. Former U-M fullback Garvie Craw passed away after a fight with cancer, but left a legacy remembered for his contributions in a game that was one of Bo Schembechler’s best wins. During the 1969 Michigan-Ohio State game, Craw scored 2 touchdowns from the fullback position to lead the Wolverines to a 24-12 victory. There are two really good articles about Craw and how great of a person he was.
  • Also mentioned in the opening statement by Carr was this little tidbit of news that MSC definitely likes to hear.

    “I also want to congratulate Bob Becker on his retirement. For those of you who don’t know him, Bob was a long-time sports editor and columnist for the Grand Rapids Press. I’ve met some great people in the media and I’ve made some great friends. Bob is one of those. I have tremendous respect for the way he did his job. In that community, he was a guy that always gave back. I wish him all the best.”

    Becker’s retirement means I won’t have to bash his defending of Tommy Amaker or hate of the John Beilein hire anymore. Carr was very complimentary of him, so maybe it’s just the basketball program he doesn’t like. In all seriousness though, if it weren’t for Becker writing those articles, I wouldn’t have been able to critique them, so a congratulations is in order on his retirement.

  • I knew Lloyd Carr had become good friends with Russell Crowe during the offseason, but I didn’t know he became his movie promoter. Carr threw this into the opening statement as well.
    “Don’t forget to see ‘3:10 to Yuma’ tomorrow, starring Russell Crowe. I recommend it, I give it five stars.”

    Maybe Carr could become a movie critic after his coaching days are done.

  • Moving on to stuff related to this year’s football team, Carr discussed the status of two players that many have been wondering about. First, he said that we should be hearing something about Carson Butler in the very near future. From everything that I’ve already heard, Butler will be back on the team. He’s got a long way to go before seeing serious playing time or starting again, but getting back on the team is the first step. The other player mentioned was wide receiver Antonio Bass, who again will not see the field this year because of that ongoing injury. He has worked and worked to try to get back on the field, but now will have to set his sights on 2008. I hope we do someday get to see Bass play because of how much he’s put into getting back, but the chances of that don’t look very good.
  • Carr on the kicking situation:

    “I think Bryan Wright, based on what I saw in the spring, will be our kickoff guy. He’s got a great leg, probably as strong a leg we’ve had since I’ve been here. We’ve got K.C. Lopata and Jason Gingell who will also compete for the placekicking job.”

  • Carr on the kick returning situation:

    “I expect Carlos Brown to play a major role. Stevie Brown is certainly going to be a factor there. Greg Mathews will work back there as will Brandon Minor. We have got some freshmen that we’ll want to work out how they handle a ball. The most important thing, where it all starts, is with a guy who is going to make good decisions whether to field the ball or not, where to fair catch it. So, experience is something we don’t have.”

  • Getting to some of the player’s quotes, Chad Henne talked a little about the shotgun.
    “The shotgun definitely buys the quarterback a little bit more time. It gives offensive linemen a better pass set and makes them comfortable. If we can do it and we’re good it definitely can be a big help for us.”

    The shotgun was about the only thing that worked against USC in the Rose Bowl, and with so much talent on offense coming back this season, I want Michigan to use the shotgun. We really don’t see it too often, but with Henne, Hart, Manningham, and all the other weapons, it could do some damage… in a good way that is.

  • To read full transcripts from Lloyd Carr and players, click here and here.
  • Moving from the football field to the football blogosphere, RBUAS is back with another great post. Also, The Diag got a tip from someone that was listening to Colin Cowherd’s radio show (why?) and posted that he said Wisconsin over Michigan would be 2007’s biggest upset. As Chris says, Wisconsin beating U-M is not that big of an upset. Considering how closely ranked the two teams are and the fact that this game is at Madison in November and will probably be a night game, the chances of U-M losing are pretty good. Finally, although this isn’t related to football, Reed Baker has officially transferred to FGCU. Good luck to the Rainmaker down in Florida.
  • Overall, the team looked like they were enjoying themselves quite a bit yesterday. There was a lot of goofing around, but it was all in good fun. I think this picture below sums it up best:

(Photo courtesy Daniel Mears / The Detroit News)
  • Kickoff of the Appalachian State game is only 25 days away. I’ll start previewing the season next week, but until then, thanks for reading and Go Blue.

Kevin Grady Injury Rumors Confirmed

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The rumor that Kevin Grady had injured his ACL has been quickly circulating around the Internet in the last week and most had come to the conclusion that it was true. I included the rumor in a post on Tuesday regarding the final spring practice, and just days later we have found out that it sadly is correct. WOOD TV8 out of Grand Rapids has the story.

University of Michigan running back Kevin Grady will have knee surgery on Monday.

Grady tore an ACL in one of his knees during the team’s scrimmage on Saturday when his foot got caught in the turf.

This injury is more than bad news for Michigan. The running back position already is very thin on the depth chart, and with this injury, it gets even worse. Grady was really excelling and improving during spring ball this year and now will be sidelined for quite some time. I would expect him to be out for the majority of this coming season, but I’m no expert on how long ACL injuries take to heal. Let’s just say, a redshirt would not be surprising.

Grady’s injury might actually affect another rumor that has been out there recently. Many have said that Carlos Brown, the now cornerback who played running back last season, is on his way out as he will transfer following the end of this semester of classes. From what I’ve heard, the general consensus is that he’s almost completely gone. Could this be the one thing that keeps Brown at Michigan?

Brown originally switched to cornerback in hopes of getting more playing time as the running back position actually was stacked for some time believe it or not. With Grady going down for who knows how long, Brown has an opportunity to be the third string running back now and could even push for playing time. When the 2007 season rolls around next September, Mike Hart will be the starter and Brandon Minor the backup. But if Brown does stick around to play running back, then he my be able to work his way onto the field come this fall. It’s just something to consider for now, but stay tuned for this developing story.

I wish Kevin Grady the best of luck in his road to recovery as it can’t be an easy one. My question is what is the deal with Michigan football players having freak injuries involving their ACL or something of that matter. Antonio Bass completely screwed up his leg because he reportedly landed wrong during a conditioning drill. It just goes to show you how one small misstep could completely change your football career.

Lloyd Carr Press Conference Quotes

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Lloyd Carr held a press conference yesterday since it was signing day and fielded questions from reporters. Most of the questions were asking about recruiting, but there were many also wondering about the schedule, Carr’s future, and other things regarding the football team. Here are some of the quotes from the press conference.

Opening statement:

“We are delighted that we were able to sign 20 [recruits]. Of course, Marques Slocum will be part of that class as well. So we signed 21 guys. I like their character, I like their potential, and I look forward to the opportunity to coach them when they get here.

“It’s a little unusual – we do have four guys who are already here, that started school in January. The advantage there, certainly, is that they’ll have the opportunity to participate in our winter program in terms of developing their strength and conditioning, and the opportunity to play in spring practice.”

“It also is a more difficult adjustment, coming into college in the middle of the year. They normally come in as a class. These four guys are in here, and their adjustment is a little bit different. Certainly the weather has been colder than Ryan Mallett would have [liked]. We told him it never got less than 40 degrees here.”

On the recruits playing defensive back.

“I think Donovan Warren is the real deal. When he visited last year during the season, he impressed me as a guy that was really goal-oriented, as guy that was not afraid of competition. I think he has all of the skills that it takes, but I think all of the guys that we recruited, or else we would not have recruited them, they have all of the ability and all of the qualities that we’re looking for. It’s a matter of how well they do when the competition begins.

“Of course you all know about Troy Woolfolk, Butch’s son. Troy is a guy with wonderful speed and an athletic ability. Mike Williams from St. Bonaventure is really a guy I think is going to be able to compete early.

“I think that James Rogers is a guy that, you know and a lot of times, it’s interesting to read some of the things that are written about guys, the rankings and all of the stars, the five-star and, you know, it’s kind of funny. I think we had him in our camp, he’s got great speed and is a three-sport guy, no four-sport, four sports. I don’t remember recruiting a guy plays football, baseball, basketball and track. So he’s a guy that brings a lot to the table.

“Artis Chambers is one of the four guys that’s already here. So he’ll get an opportunity to compete in spring practice, which will I think give him a leg up as far as his knowledge and understanding of the game.”

Update on Marques Slocum.

“He’s in school and he will not participate in spring practice.”

Discussion of coaching rumors.

Has someone been hired to replace anybody? … “No.”

Is Ron Lee still on the staff? … “No.”

Thoughts on an early signing period.

“I think there are pros and cons to it. I’m really kind of ambivalent. There are so many factors in there that I can’t give you a good answer.”

Will Ryan Mallett redshirt?

“It’s not a perfect world. We’ll try to play him some if he is the backup quarterback. It may not be a lot, and it may be, you never can predict that. But the advantage of playing some, knowing it’s not going to be a lot, not planning that it’s going to be a lot … the great thing about not redshirting him, every single week he is going to prepare like he’s going to play, because he may. Mentally, the pressure is on him. His dreams are to be the starting quarterback for three years. At the end of that time, you might say, well, you should have redshirted him. But he might not have stayed anyway. There are no guarantees.

On Quintin Woods.

“He is not in school. We’re still holding … I can’t really comment on that.”

Response to talks of his contract change.

“Well, I think you can read into it whatever you choose to read into it.”

Update on a few players’ status.

Is Marques Walton still with the program? … “No, Marques is not with us.”

What about Brandent Englemon? … “Yes.”

What about Ryan Mundy? … “No.”

Is Will Paul returning for his fifth year? … “No, Will is not. He’s graduated. Ryan Mundy will finish his degree this spring as well.”

Update on the still vacant 12th game.

“TBA. We’re working on it. It’s an issue, because there just aren’t many schools out there, so I can just tell you we’re hoping it will be resolved in the not too distant future.”

Thoughts on playing after Thanksgiving.

“That’s one of the suggestions I’ve made. The Big Ten athletic directors are trying to address that issue, but if they don’t do something in the Big Ten Conference, each school would be free to make some changes that would allow them to play the 12th game after Thanksgiving.”

Injury updates.

Do you have an update on Steve Schilling and Antonio Bass? … “Schilling is working out and we’re really optimistic that he’ll be able to play spring practice, at least in some capacity. We just have to see if he’s ready to go as far as contact, but he’s made real strides. He’s really healed fast and we’re excited about that.

“Antonio is working hard. He was in the training room yesterday but I can’t tell you anything. I don’t have anything to tell you that would be different (from before).”

Has Mike Massey’s shoulder problem lingered? … “He had surgery and he will not play spring ball but he’ll be fine.”

Thanks to and for providing the various quotes used above.

Antonio Bass Has Another Surgery

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It has been quite a while since we last heard of Antonio Bass as he’s been out all season with a severe injury to his right knee. Back before spring practice began, Bass suffered ligament damage in a non-contact drill when he was giving a hand-off. The great thing about Antonio Bass is his versatility. From what we saw of him as a freshman, Bass often lined up as the quarterback and then ran a draw play. He did throw a pass once, and it was completed.

The injury effectively ended any chance of Bass playing during this season, and is still keeping him from knowing about his status for 2007. The latest news that is keeping his comeback in the fog is of a third surgery he’s had since the spring. Before this recent one, Bass’ last surgery was in September and it appeared that he would be well on his way to making it back for ’07. Things aren’t so certain now.

Throughout this whole rehabilitation process, Antonio Bass has kept his thoughts positive and his hopes high that soon he will return to a football field. From the beginning he knew that it would be about a year of recovery time in order to make sure that he is healthy enough to play. Since the injury first happened, Bass has worked hard to try to get closer and closer to recovering a full 100%. Hopefully that point in time is sooner rather than later, but following this recent surgery, the latter may be looking more and more reasonable.

The actual details of what was done in this last procedure are not known publicly, but we do know that it was a “lengthy procedure” according to Lloyd Carr. He briefly addressed this situation in his weekly press conference on Monday.

“It was a lengthy procedure. It will be a lengthy rehabilitation. I don’t know what his status will be for next season, but it will be a while.”

As you can see, it is up in the air right now of how long this recovery will exactly take. All that we can do now is wait until his knee is back to full strength and he is back on the field. Good luck to Antonio during his mission of playing football again because he could be a very explosive player and a dangerous weapon for the Michigan offense.

Media Day Wrap-up

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You know the football season is just around the corner when media day hits. That time around early-August where we get a first look at the upcoming season’s team. In year’s past media day was always a public event where all of the fans got to go and see their favorite players. The last two years it has been different because of ongoing construction to Michigan Stadium. Instead, there was a “fan day” put in place, which is probably something that will happen at the end of August again this year.

Media day may not seem like a big deal to most, but it’s the small things you find that are the news stories. From the pictures you see how everyone looks and if they’re in worse or better shape then the previous season, and from the interviews you get answers to questions you’ve had bottled up for months.

Possibly the biggest question on everyone’s mind is the future of standout wide receiver Antonio Bass. Bass sustained a significant injury to his knee during the offseason and is projected to miss the entire 2006 season. This is a huge blow to Michigan because Bass could play as a quarterback. He was one in high school, and ran many plays last season from that position. With a limited amount of depth at quarterback this year, Lloyd Carr was even trying out Antonio Bass at quarterback more than usual.

With reports coming out last week that Bass’ injury could shorten his career, he fired back at those rumors with a statement of his own.

“What do you think about reports that it may be a career-ending injury?”

“I’m not concerned at all,” Bass would say. “It’s a significant injury, but I’m going to come back next year and it will all be good.”

That’s great to hear. Bass continues to be positive about the injury, which will hopefully lead to a quick recovery. Obviously, no one is concentrating on this season for his return as Lloyd Carr has already said there is no expectation for him to be back in time for this year, but if he can get back to full strength for 2007, then the wide receiver position will be very strong. Plus, Bass will still have three years of eligibility left when he takes the field again because of a medical redshirt.

Other things coming out of media day are the interviews and comments from other players and coach Lloyd Carr. Head on over to for all of the quotes.

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