Tuesday Quick Hits: 1989 Basketball Team to Be Honored at OSU Game

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  • The 1989 national champion basketball team will be honored at halftime of Saturday’s game against Ohio State. Michigan is going to wear throwbacks as part of the festivities, and many members of the ’89 team will be in attendance.
  • Thanks to a comeback win at Indiana and a dominating win at home against Iowa, Michigan is once again ranked in both basketball polls. Michigan came in at #25 in the AP Poll and #24 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.
  • Speaking of polls, the final BlogPoll of the college football season has been posted.
  • Morgan Trent, Terrance Taylor, Tim Jamison, Sean Griffin, and Will Johnson are going to participate in all-star games in the coming weeks.
  • I agree with Brian of MGoBlog, I think I am going to start referring to Miami University as Miami of Ohio just because they are so uptight about what they are called. Oh, and you have no idea how bad I wanted to take the woman’s flag from the picture at the top of MGoBlog’s post. Even though Michigan was kicking Miami of Ohio’s ass, she insisted on waving it around the entire game on Saturday. Thankfully there was no flag at Sunday’s game.
  • Florida State’s Myron Rolle is going to study at Oxford instead of entering the NFL Draft, though he plans on going pro in 2010.

MSC’s Final CBSSports.com BlogPoll

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I had a tough time deciding on which team to vote #1, but in the end I opted to put the undefeated Utah Utes ahead of Florida. Although Florida did win the BCS Championship Game, I felt that Utah deserved to be ranked first based on the fact that they went undefeated. Can you make an argument for Florida? Absolutely. You can make one for USC and Texas as well.

What it came down to for me was that Utah won all of its games, beat six bowl teams in the process, and did all it could to make its case for a national title. You can talk all you want about who would win between Florida and Utah, but we won’t ever know for sure. Would Florida be the heavy favorite? Sure. But not many people thought Utah would beat Alabama, either.

I really can’t fault anyone for voting Florida, USC, Texas, or Utah as the nation’s top team. The fact of the matter is that only so much can be settled on the field with the BCS, so there is always going to be debate about the top team in a situation like this. Until some sort of playoff is created, it will be pretty rare that a true champion is crowned. In the meantime, the #1 team will be determined by both performance and politics.

Rank Team Delta
1 Utah 7
2 Florida 1
3 Southern Cal 2
4 Texas 2
5 Oklahoma 2
6 Alabama 2
7 TCU 4
8 Penn State 2
9 Ohio State
10 Georgia 5
11 Oregon 5
12 Mississippi 7
13 Texas Tech 6
14 Boise State 4
15 Iowa 6
16 Virginia Tech 6
17 Missouri 6
18 Oklahoma State 4
19 Oregon State 7
20 California 6
21 Cincinnati 8
22 West Virginia 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Michigan State 6
25 Georgia Tech 13

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#17), Northwestern (#20), Boston College (#24), Ball State (#25).

MSC’s Week 15 CBSSports.com BlogPoll

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My final BlogPoll of the regular season features a change at the top.  Florida is my new #1 thanks to the Gators’ big win over Alabama.  They beat the previous #1 team in the country, so they jumped three spots to go to the very top.

As far as Texas and Oklahoma go, I have the Longhorns #2 and the Sooners #3.  I know, I know, Oklahoma is playing unbelievable right now and they scored 60+ points in five straight games or whatever.  That’s great and all, but the fact remains they lost to Texas.  Like I’ve said before, you can bring Texas Tech into the argument all you want, but I’m still going with Texas.  The fact that polls had to even make a tough decision like this shows how flawed the system is and why it needs to be changed.  Even so, I think Oklahoma will choke as they have recently done in the big game.  Florida and OU both have great offenses.  The difference is that Florida plays great defense, too.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida 3
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Alabama 3
5 Southern Cal
6 Penn State
7 Texas Tech
8 Utah
9 Ohio State
10 Boise State
11 TCU 1
12 Georgia Tech 2
13 Cincinnati
14 Oklahoma State 2
15 Georgia 2
16 Oregon 3
17 Pittsburgh 3
18 Michigan State 3
19 Mississippi 5
20 Northwestern 2
21 Iowa 2
22 Virginia Tech 4
23 Missouri 5
24 Boston College 9
25 Ball State 14

Dropped Out: Florida State (#25).

MSC’s Week 14 CBSSports.com BlogPoll

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My Week 14 BlogPoll features Alabama at #1 and Texas at #2. I decided to rank Texas ahead of Oklahoma because the Longhorns already beat the Sooners this season. Yes, Oklahoma did demolish a Texas Tech team that beat Texas, but there is no perfect way to settle this three-way tie.

Texas Tech is out of contention due to the fact that they were embarrassed by Oklahoma. But wait, they did beat Texas. Although that is true, Texas lost to the Red Raiders on the road on basically the last play of the game after a Longhorns defender dropped an interception only a couple plays earlier. On top of that, the Texas Tech game was the Longhorns’ fourth in a row against a top 11 team. You can go along with the whole this team is better than that team who beat that other team scenario all day long, but at the end of the day there is no fair way to settle it. Given the circumstances, though, I picked Texas as the Big 12’s best team.

After Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma, I have Florida ranked as the nation’s fourth best team. If they beat Alabama, they would likely jump up to the top 2, but for right now I’m waiting to see what happens on Saturday. Florida has played great recently, but I can’t forget that they lost to Mississippi. Between them, Texas, and Oklahoma, they have the worst loss, even though it was only by a point to a team that is now ranked 24th in my poll. Texas and OU both lost to top 10 teams — Texas Tech and Texas, respectively.

USC comes in at 5th to round out the top 5, and I’ll just present the rest of the poll to you as is.

Leave any thoughts about my poll or ideas for how I should rank the teams in the comments section and I’ll take them into consideration when I officially submit my ballot on Wednesday.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Florida
5 Southern Cal
6 Penn State 1
7 Texas Tech 1
8 Utah
9 Ohio State 1
10 Boise State 2
11 Ball State 3
12 TCU 3
13 Cincinnati 4
14 Georgia Tech 4
15 Boston College 4
16 Oklahoma State 7
17 Georgia 4
18 Missouri 7
19 Oregon 6
20 Pittsburgh 2
21 Michigan State
22 Northwestern 1
23 Iowa 1
24 Mississippi 2
25 Florida State 5

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#16).

Friday Quick Hits: Michigan Soccer Team Advances to Sweet 16

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  • The Michigan soccer team will play at Indiana in a Sweet 16 matchup as part of the NCAA Tournament tomorrow night. Michigan got to the Sweet 16 by beating UC Davis 2-1 on Tuesday. The Wolverines beat Indiana on the road earlier in the season but lost to the Hoosiers in the Big Ten tournament. Both games produced a 1-0 score, so the Sweet 16 matchup will likely be close as well. If the Wolverines beat IU, they would play UC Irvine or St. Johns in the Elite 8.
  • Michigan will host Savannah State in basketball at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday. The game will be streamed live on the Big Ten Network’s website.
  • Michigan is going to play in the College Hockey Showcase tonight and tomorrow. Tonight they will play at Minnesota, and the game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network at 8:05 p.m. ET. Michigan will then play at Wisconsin on Saturday at the same time. The Wolverines are heading into these two games on a losing streak after they were swept by Miami (Ohio) last week, so hopefully they will bounce back and pick up at least one win.
  • Former Michigan and current Louisville defensive coordinator Ron English is reportedly a candidate for the San Diego State and Eastern Michigan head coaching jobs. Former Michigan quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler and former Michigan wide receivers coach Erik Campbell are also reportedly candidates for EMU job.

    The fact that three former Michigan assistants are in the running for the EMU job should come as no surprise considering Lloyd Carr is helping Eastern Michigan with their search. English, Loeffler, and Campbell were all on Carr’s staff before he retired, so I’m guessing one of them will be on their way back to Washtenaw County.

  • The Blog That Yost Built has more on Michigan’s most recent hockey commit, Kevin Clare.
  • Varsity Blue has a guide to the Michigan high school football finals that will air on FSN Detroit today, tomorrow, and Sunday (due to a game being shown on tape-delay).
  • This week’s BlogPoll is out.
  • There are many intriguing college football games to watch today and tomorrow, but the one I’m really keeping an eye on is the matchup between USC and Notre Dame. According to BetUS Sportsbook, Notre Dame is a 32-point underdog in this game. Charlie Weis’ job may be on the line, so the Fighting Irish better keep it closer than 32 points. It’s pretty much a given that Notre Dame won’t win, so the thing to watch for is how they play against the Trojans. If they are demolished from the start, I honestly would expect Notre Dame to can Weis, regardless of his reportedly enormous buyout.

MSC’s Preliminary Week 13 CBSSports.com BlogPoll

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The top of my Week 13 top 25 was shaken up thanks to Oklahoma absolutely destroying Texas Tech.  The win was beyond impressive, and it has created a three-way tie in the Big 12 South.  There is no real good way to determine who should be ranked where out of Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech since they all lost to each other, but I decided to put Texas 2nd since they did beat OU and barely lost to Texas Tech.  Although the Sooners looked great on Saturday, I couldn’t put the fact that they lost to Texas out of my mind, so they are at #3 right now.

As for the rest of the poll, there were lots of changes in the final 10 spots.  I’m not set in how my rankings are in those spots especially, so leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 1
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Florida
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Texas Tech 5
7 Penn State
8 Utah
9 Oklahoma State 1
10 Ohio State 2
11 Missouri
12 Boise State 3
13 Georgia
14 Ball State
15 TCU 1
16 Oregon State 1
17 Cincinnati 1
18 Georgia Tech 5
19 Boston College 5
20 Florida State 5
21 Michigan State 6
22 Pittsburgh 3
23 Northwestern 3
24 Iowa 2
25 Oregon 1
Dropped Out: Brigham Young (#20), Maryland (#21), North Carolina (#22).

Thursday Quick Hits: Rodriguez Picks Captains; Schilling Questionable

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  • Michigan takes on UCLA in basketball a little after 9:30 p.m. ET tonight on ESPN2. The winner heads to the finals of the 2K Sports Classic to play Duke on Friday, and the loser will play against Southern Illinois tomorrow evening.
  • Michigan’s team captains for the 2008 season have been made permanent. Seniors Terrance Taylor, Will Johnson, Tim Jamison, and Mike Massey have been given the honor of being named the captains for this year’s team. Taylor, Johnson, and Jamison are all defensive linemen, and Massey is a tight end. Pat Massey, Mike’s brother, was a captain in 2005.
  • Steve Schilling is questionable for the OSU game after spraining his knee in practice on Tuesday. Schilling is Michigan’s top offensive lineman, so losing him would be bad news.
  • On a more positive note, Sam McGuffie may be ready to play on Saturday. Rich Rodriguez didn’t sound very optimistic, but he hopes McGuffie will be available.
  • It seems as though Brandon Minor will be the starting running back against OSU.
  • According to Rich Rodriguez, Justin Feagin “can make all the throws.” The reason Feagin didn’t play more at quarterback against Northwestern is because of an injury. With Steven Threet likely unable to play on Saturday, Feagin will probably get some playing time at QB now that he is healthy again.
  • Desmond Howard went on WTKA on Wednesday to basically clear up some of the things he said during a previous interview on a Columbus radio station. His comments became news, and some of the things he said were sort of taken out of context. Check out the audio of the interview to see what Howard really thinks about Rich Rodriguez and the future of the Michigan program. Despite some of the other things said recently, Howard thinks Rodriguez will get Michigan to the national title game someday and will get this program back on track.
  • Lost in the recent storm of negative things said about Rich Rodriguez is this positive story from the Columbus Dispatch, of all places:

    Harrison, the safety, was among them. Then last weekend on Senior Day, his parents were late getting to Michigan Stadium from Dayton because of traffic from an accident. So instead of having Harrison take the field unescorted, Rodriguez accompanied him.

    “He didn’t really need to do that,” Harrison said. “I see him in a whole different way. I used to look at him as just my head coach. Now I look at him as if it’s a different type of bond.”

    No family values, right?

  • Former Michigan QB Rick Leach came out and defended Rodriguez in an interview with the Associated Press.
  • Hockey player Steve Kampfer was able to remove a neck brace he has had to wear since he was attacked last month.
  • The women’s basketball team nearly upset #7 Texas A&M today, as they lost only by a score of 59-56.
  • The Michigan Daily profiled the man behind MGoBlog.
  • I came in second-place for the BlogPoll’s Mr. Numb Existence award this week.
  • Michigan commit Justin Turner’s current and Shawn Crable’s former high school in Massillon, Ohio, is getting its own indoor practice facility that will be used for various activities, including football.

MSC’s Preliminary Week 12 CBSSports.com BlogPoll

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My BlogPoll for this week featured barely any change in the top 15 and lots of change with the final 10 spots.  Nothing I saw this weekend other than Florida’s beat down of South Carolina prompted me to alter the top 15.  After that, though, lots happened, specifically with the ACC.  The last five spots in the poll are ACC teams, and I ranked them in the order I did based on the losses each team has.  Maryland turned out to be the best of the bunch and got the 20th ranking, and Miami (Florida) was just on the outside looking in at spot #26.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for my poll, leave a comment by Wednesday morning and I will take the advice into consideration when I submit my final ballot.

Here are some specific things to think about: Should Oregon be ranked in place of one of the ACC teams? Should Florida be ranked higher or lower than they currently are? Should Texas Tech or Alabama be #1? And finally, can anybody give me one reason why LSU deserves to be ranked? I’m not even considering putting them in my top 25, but I’d like to find out why the AP and USA Today polls think they are good enough to be #18 despite having no quality wins this season and needing an enormous comeback to beat Troy this past Saturday.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Florida 1
5 Oklahoma 1
6 Southern Cal
7 Penn State
8 Utah
9 Boise State
10 Oklahoma State
11 Missouri
12 Ohio State
13 Georgia
14 Ball State
15 Michigan State
16 TCU 1
17 Oregon State 4
18 Cincinnati 1
19 Pittsburgh 1
20 Brigham Young 2
21 Maryland 5
22 North Carolina 6
23 Georgia Tech 1
24 Boston College 1
25 Florida State 7
Dropped Out: California (#23).

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