One Final Quick Hits

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Friday Quick Hits: Michigan Loses to Tennessee 5-0

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  • The Michigan softball team lost its first home game since 2008 last night.  Pitcher Jordan Taylor only gave up one earned run during the game, but Tennessee capitalized on a few Michigan mistakes and ended up winning 5-0.  The Wolverines only managed one hit during the game, breaking up the near no-hitter in the seventh and final inning.  To advance to the College World Series, Michigan will have to win twice today.  Game two of the series gets underway at 4:30 p.m. on ESPNU.  If Michigan wins and forces a third and deciding game, it will start around 7 p.m. and be shown on ESPN2.
  • Bree Evans, who’s had enough injury problems to deal with, hurt her right arm last night when a foul ball hit her in the dugout.  Evans was on the ground for a few minutes before going to the clubhouse.  She did come back out to Michigan’s dugout with her right arm in a sling, but there’s no word on how bad Evans’ injury is (she was supposed to get x-rays last night).
  • The baseball team opened the Big Ten tournament with an 18-4 win over Iowa.
  • MVictors took a look at where Bill Martin fits into this whole CARA forms mess.
  • Get well soon, JoePa.

Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Wins Third-Straight Club Lacrosse Title

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  • The Michigan club lacrosse team won its third-straight MCLA title on Saturday, downing Arizona State 12-11 in the championship game.  It certainly seems like it’s only a matter of time until lacrosse gets bumped up to the varsity level, but I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.
  • Michigan was trailing Northwestern in baseball 14-0 yesterday after only 2.5 innings.  The bad news obviously was that Michigan played so bad that it was down 14-0, but the good news was that it had plenty of time to get back into the game, and that is exactly what they did.  Michigan slowly but surely chipped away at the 14-run deficit and eventually tied the game on a 2-run homer in the bottom of the ninth.  Then, in the bottom of the tenth, Mike Dufek hit a walk-off home run to give Michigan the unbelievable 15-14 victory and to keep Michigan near the top of the Big Ten standings with one week left to play.  This was such a ridiculous game that it made SportsCenter, which isn’t too surprising considering teams don’t often come back from 14-run deficits and win on a walk-off homer.
  • The softball team received the No. 2 overall seed in the NCAA tournament and will be hosting a regional this weekend.
  • MGoBlue put together a piece on softball’s Bree Evans, who was seriously injured during a game last October but is once again healthy and playing for Michigan.
  • Michigan’s game in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge is going to be at Clemson on Tuesday, November 30.
  • Gil Brandt, the former longtime VP of player personnel for the Cowboys, said that whatever Rich Rodriguez told scouts about Morgan Trent was not why Trent dropped to the sixth round.  In fact, Brandt gave his own scouting report on Trent and explained exactly why the former Wolverine was only a sixth-round pick.
  • Mike Hart doesn’t regret using the phrase “little brother” to describe Michigan State after Michigan won the rivalry game in 2007.
  • If he could do it over again, Drew Henson would have stayed for his senior season at Michigan instead of signing with the Yankees.
  • Marvin Robinson is going to join the football team at some point in the next couple of weeks.
  • Johnny Sears has signed with the Bengals.
  • Dayeesha Hollins has left the women’s basketball team and is going to transfer somewhere closer to home.
  • Isaiah Sykes ended up deciding to play college basketball at Central Florida.
  • There may be some rule changes coming to NCAA hockey.
  • MVictors has a good post examining what exactly went down between Bo Schembechler and Ernie Harwell during that whole saga in the early 90s.
  • Purdue reinstated Justin Siller, the quarterback who torched Michigan in 2008.

Thursday Quick Hits: Tate Forcier Has a Sprained Ankle

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Tuesday Quick Hits: Catch the Michigan Spring Game on the BTN

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Saturday Quick Hits: Michigan to Play FAU in 2012?

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  • Michigan and Florida Atlantic are reportedly close to agreeing to a deal that would bring the Owls to the Big House in 2012.  FAU played at Michigan State last season and will play at Spartan Stadium again in 2011.  This year FAU will play MSU at Ford Field, which is where the Owls played in 2008 for the Motor City Bowl.
  • Brian of mgoblog interviewed the author of Bylaw Blog about the allegations against Michigan.  It is very interesting and provides a look at what sanctions Michigan could be facing.  Also at mgoblog is a look at some past cases that are similar to what Michigan is going through and what sanctions came from them.
  • A user on mgoblog compared the Free Press’ allegations with what the NCAA actually found, and it’s pretty amazing just how off the paper was in so many instances.
  • has combine videos of Zoltan Mesko and Brandon Graham.
  • has a video of Graham getting ready for the combine with Mike Barwis.
  • Tony Gibson thinks Donovan Warren will have a great career in the NFL.
  • New England Patriots and former Michigan linebacker Pierre Woods is working out in Ann Arbor to stay in shape during the offseason.  Considering how he and Lloyd Carr never seemed to be on the same page during his time at Michigan, it’s good to see him back around the program again.
  • MGoBlue has news aerial photos of Michigan Stadium.
  • Dave Brandon’s last full day at Domino’s included a nice surprise.
  • Goalie Shawn Hunwick, who won his first career collegiate game on Thursday, is the scoreboard operator at Alumni Field (softball).  You learn something new every day.
  • Baseball great Barry Larkin originally came to Michigan to play football for Bo Schembechler.
  • Despite multiple reports to the contrary, Texas’ athletic director claims that the school hasn’t had any talks with the Big Ten.
  • Some information about NCAA Football 11 is out, and it looks like EA Sports is finally going to add some features that have been missing from the game for way too long.  That said, not much of this info is gameplay-related, which is what I’m really looking forward to hearing about.

Thursday Quick Hits: Lloyd Carr Speaks Positively of Rich Rodriguez

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  • The Purdue game on November 7 will start at noon and be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.
  • Lloyd Carr talked up Rich Rodriguez and proclaimed his support for the football program on the radio during the opening quarter of the Penn State game.  I’m sure some people will criticize Carr for waiting so long so do something like this, but maybe now we can all move on and stop worrying about what Carr does or doesn’t do.
  • Junior Hemingway only suffered a knee bruise from the hit Donovan Warren put on him during a punt.  Warren was pushed in the back as he ran down the field and his helmet nailed one of Hemingway’s knees.  At the time it looked like a pretty serious injury, but it thankfully only ended up being a bruise.
  • The Michigan Daily chatted with Cass Tech head coach Thomas Wilcher about Boubacar Cissoko.
  • It has been a rough few days for Cissoko, but one piece of good news for him is that his disorderly conduct charge was dismissed because the arresting officer didn’t show up to court.
  • Devin Gardner led Inkster to an amazing upset of Steubenville, an Ohio team, last week.  Gardner threw a 63-yard touchdown pass with 34 seconds left to give the lead back to Inkster after Steubenville made a comeback, and Inkster’s defense forced an interception as time was winding down to seal the upset.  The loss was Steubenville’s first at home since 2001 and something like their first regular season defeat in seven years.
  • Rich Rodriguez would like to see the addition of another signing period sometime in December.
  • Mike Milano was acquitted of felony assault and instead convicted of a misdemeanor for last year’s incident that left Steve Kampfer in the hospital with a cracked skull.  The judge actually made it known that he disagreed with the verdict, saying this after it was announced: “For what it’s worth, I’d find the defendant not guilty and recommend that you file for an order to have it expunged, which I’ll be pleased to sign.”  It seems unbelievable to me that a judge would say that, especially considering there is no doubt that Milano slammed Kampfer to the ground.  I guess this story may not be over just yet even though the trial is finished.
  • Michigan lost 3-2 to Boston University in hockey last Saturday.  Michigan made a third-period comeback and came back from a 2-0 deficit, but a late goal by Boston was enough to win the game.  The Wolverines will be on the road this weekend for a two-game series at Lake Superior State, and then next week they return to Yost Arena to host Miami (Ohio), the top-ranked team in the country.
  • The Big Ten’s baseball tournament may be headed to Columbus on a permanent basis, which really sucks for every team in the conference except Ohio State.
  • MVictors shot a video of the pregame flyover from last Saturday.
  • Also at MVictors is an in-depth look at whether or not the current Little Brown Jug is actually the original one or if it is a fake.  I won’t give away what Greg concluded as you really should read the post for yourself, but let’s just say that I was pleased with the findings.
  • Brian of mgoblog shared some new information on possible candidates to replace Bill Martin, including some interesting tidbits on Dave Brandon.

Monday Quick Hits: Talking Media Day, Quarterbacks, and More

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  • Much was made about this quote from Rich Rodriguez during yesterday’s press conference:

    “In what order and how many, I couldn’t tell you,” Rodriguez said Sunday at media day. “Right now, all three of them look like they’re going to play in the opener.

    “Again, it’s two weeks out. There is a lot going to happen in the next two weeks.”

    Quite a few people seem to be overreacting to the idea that Tate Forcier, Denard Robinson, and Nick Sheridan are all going to play.  I say overreacting because the season is still 12 days away.  If Rodriguez came out and said he wasn’t going to name a starter because everyone will for sure play, then I would be a little concerned.  All Rodriguez said, however, was that as of right now, Forcier, Robinson, and Sheridan look like they will all play.  He followed that up by pointing out that the things can change in the next couple weeks, and to me all he really said was that the quarterback competition is even and don’t expect a starter to be named anytime soon.

    Could we end up seeing all three QBs against WMU?  Of course, but that could happen for a lot of different reasons (hopefully it is because Michigan has the game locked up in the second half and all backups get a chance to play).  I just think people are taking what Rodriguez said as his gameplan or something.  If this quote was a few days before September 5, then I could understand some of the concern, but it isn’t even game week yet.

  • Denard Robinson seemed to be the talk of media day, partly because he told the story of how he got the nickname “Shoelace.”

    “When I was 7, I started playing little league football and never tied my shoes,” Robinson said Sunday. “My coach started calling me ‘Shoelace’ and that has stuck with me.”

    Robinson still doesn’t actually tie his shoes, and considering how fast he is, the coaches don’t plan on telling him to start.

  • Adrian Witty still hasn’t been cleared by the NCAA.  Even if he is cleared for this season he would likely be redshirted because he missed so much practice.
  • Michigan held a full scrimmage on Saturday, and you can find some notes on it at MGoBlue.
  • Brandon Minor missed the scrimmage because of a “minor ankle sprain.”
  • Tim at mgoblog has a recap of what the coaches had to say during media day.
  • MGoBlue has links to video, audio, and photos from yesterday’s media and fan events.
  • MVictors has a photo gallery from yesterday.  Also at MVictors is a look at what Rich Rodriguez had to say about his quarterbacks and a look at why Greg Robinson will be coaching from the field.
  • Maize and Blue Nation also has a photo gallery of Fan day.
  • An estimated 7,500 people showed up for Fan Day.
  •’s Michael Rothstein got the story of how Kelvin Grady’s switch to football happened.
  • Being a cornerback from Ohio, you can probably guess why J.T. Turner chose to wear the No. 2 jersey.
  • WolverineHistorian has uploaded extended highlights of the 1989 Rose Bowl.
  • Although Michigan lost one baseball recruit to MLB, another has decided to pass up a chance to sign with the Rays and instead will play for U-M.
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