Thursday Quick Hits: Big Ten Expansion Discussion Turns Focus to Rutgers

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  • The women’s basketball team opened the Big Ten Tournament with a 67-54 win over Northwestern.  Tomorrow Michigan will play Michigan State, the No. 2-seeded team in the conference.
  • Just this week alone former Michigan hockey players Danny Richmond, Aaron Palushaj, Aaron Ward, Kevin Porter, and Chad Kolarik have been traded and current players Steve Kampfer and Matt Rust both have had their rights traded.  To see where they are all headed you can check out the hockey team’s Twitter feed.
  • Linebacker Lawrence Thomas has cut his list to 10 schools and Michigan isn’t one of them.  The chances of him coming here were beyond slim to begin with given that he goes to Detroit Renaissance, but I’m a little surprised Michigan didn’t even make his top 10.
  • TomVH recently caught up with Craig Roh’s father.
  • Jay Feely has faith in Dave Brandon.
  • Daniel Horton was playing basketball in France, but he was recently cut by his team.
  • The Big Ten reportedly had an investment firm investigate expansion by looking at Missouri, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Rutgers and was told that it would be worth it to add another team or teams.  Assuming Notre Dame doesn’t change its mind about joining the conference, Rutgers is apparently the school that would do the most for the conference if it joined the Big Ten, followed next by Missouri and Pittsburgh.  Personally I’m not a fan of Rutgers joining the conference at all, because I just think some of the benefits of adding the Scarlet Knights are being overstated.  I would much rather have Missouri or Pittsburgh join the conference, but I guess for now the new front-runner resides in New Jersey.
  • Northwestern and Illinois are hoping to play each other in football at Wrigley Field this season.

1 Comment

  1. Dan D says:

    Don’t “hate on” Jersey too much. If we are fortunate enough to be invited to the B10, we will be a good member (I promise). Plus I think the exposure the B10 would get from moving east is being under-estimated (not over-stated). Capture the NYC market and you really can get back to competing with the SEC and PAC10 (Missou and Pitt can NEVER give you that)- Rutgers, just might.

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