Thursday Quick Hits: Yeah, College Basketball Refs Suck

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  • According to Greg Banks, Michigan will attempt to fill the void created by Brandon Graham’s departure with various players, including Ryan Van Bergen.
  • Mel Kiper thinks Donovan Warren should have returned for his senior season.
  • How lame is the officiating of Ed Hightower and company?  Had DeShawn Sims missed his game-tying three at the end of regulation, a foul would have been called.  Because he made it there was no foul.  That about sums up how inconsistent college basketball referees are, especially in the Big Ten.
  • Anthony Wright didn’t play against Iowa because of a forehead injury.  Based on what John Beilein said about Wright, it sounds like he was in an altercation of some sort, but that is just pure speculation.
  • Michigan hockey commit Jon Merrill is ranked fourth in the nation by
  • A poster over at mgoblog has a recap of Mock Rock, which took place earlier this week. also has a recap.
  • Frank the Tank has another great look at why Texas to the Big Ten isn’t quite as crazy as you might think.


  1. jon says:

    I have stopped reading your site since I can no longer read your entire posts in my Google Reader. I always have to click in google reader to be directed to your main site, which I never do because I usually read on my phone and your site takes too long to load.

  2. Sean says:

    I am considering switching back to the old format for my RSS feed. I am also looking into a mobile-oriented site and will announce when it is available.


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