Miscellaneous Quick Hits: MSU Changes Logo; Epic Meltdown Ensues

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  • In addition to approving the Crisler Arena renovation, the U-M Board of Regents also approved the hiring of Dave Brandon as the new athletic director.
  • Marty Bodnar had left Michigan for a new job in his hometown, but he quickly resigned and is now back in Ann Arbor again working as the associate athletic director of ticketing and marketing.
  • Michigan’s new wrestling facility now has a name: the Bahna Wrestling Center.
  • MVictors interviewed Sam Webb.
  • Michigan State Logos - Old and NewThe Red Cedar Message Board unearthed Michigan State’s trademark application for a new Spartan helmet logo, leading to much speculation and discussion.  A day later Michigan State confirmed that it is getting a new logo, causing the RCMB and essentially MSU’s entire fan base to melt down.  The new logo isn’t exactly all that good looking, and I’d definitely say it is a downgrade over the current one.  To make matters worse, Nike supposedly is behind the new logo, which is merely part of a “new comprehensive brand and graphic identity project.”  One source likened the project to what Nike has done with Oregon, causing the meltdown and backlash over this news to go to a new level.  Facebook groups against the new logo have popped up and have already grown to more than ten thousand members, and chants are already being led (by Sparty, no less) in favor of the current logo.

    To say that Michigan State fans have exploded over this whole situation is an understatement, and I can certainly understand where they’re coming from.  Just imagine the collective meltdown that would happen if adidas tried to change Michigan’s home football jersey or the winged helmet.  There’s no doubt we would melt down, although I don’t know if we could top the meltdown currently going on in Spartan nation.  It truly is on another level than anything I have seen before over a logo.  I mean, when the Lions revealed their new logo last year there was some backlash, but it was very limited and generally fans liked the changes. For MSU, though, it seems like every poll about the logo results in somewhere around 90% of the voters being against the change.

    From a marketing standpoint the change to the Lions’ logo made sense.  The Lions needed to do something to generate added revenue, and you can bet quite a few fans went out and bought merchandise with the new logo on it.  I’m sure many MSU fans will do the same thing, but considering just how strongly opposed most people are to the new logo, I really don’t see the sales boom being that large.  In fact, many fans have commented that they will go out of their way to avoid purchasing anything with the new logo.  I imagine over time people will warm up to the changes, but I still don’t think it will be worth it from a revenue standpoint.  On top of that, I don’t get the thinking behind messing with your brand.  It’s things like this that prevent tradition, just like changing uniforms every few years like Michigan State has seemingly always done.  I’m certainly no marketing major, but this move just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me.

  • The Only Colors’ thoughts on the new logo are certainly interesting, and I have to agree about the point regarding the movie 300.  The first year MSU used all of the tie-ins with 300 was fine, but they have beat it to death since then.  It’s beyond cheesy, yet it seems like the new logo was actually influenced quite a bit by the movie.  Seriously, MSU needs to get over it already.  I know, the movie involved Spartans and gave MSU the chance to use cheesy clips throughout games, but MSU’s athletic department needs to move on and forget about that movie.  Like I said, it’s just cheesy at this point.
  • Personally I like The Wolverine Blog’s idea for MSU’s new logo more than anything else I’ve seen.

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  1. J says:

    The new logo F’n sux

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