Dave Brandon to Be Michigan’s New Athletic Director

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Michigan has found a new athletic director, and it is none other than Dave Brandon, the CEO and Chairman of Domino’s Pizza, a former U-M Regent, and a one-time football player at Michigan for Bo Schembechler.  Brandon seemed like the favorite to get the job from the moment the search began because he is a successful businessman and because he has very strong ties to Michigan.  In that sense, he was the most well-rounded candidate, so it’s not surprise that he ended up getting the job.

I will have more on this hire and more on Brandon in the coming days, but my initial reaction is that this was a good move by Michigan.  Brandon definitely has the business credentials for the athletic director job, and his ties to Michigan are a definite positive.  He has been around college athletics as a player, as a U-M Regent, and now he will get to take it in from the perspective of athletic director.


  1. Mick says:

    I’m really happy about this hire, I like that he is a former player under Bo. His background of success sounds very promising for U-M Athletics. I grew up a fan under Don Canham’s reign….the best AD ever!

    Now as far as our Football program is concerned, I was watching the Fiesta Bowl tonight and noticed that TCU had 17 and Boise St. 21 underclassmen in their starting line-ups. That sounds young to me. But all we hear about is how young and inexperienced our squad is, well excuses are like assholes!

    A good coach should be able to adjust, I know, I know, RR is changing over the roster….whatever! I get the feeling that Brandon is a no-nonsense kinda guy. I believe that RR has next year to make this work, we’ll see what happens. This should be interesting, I can’t wait! Go Blue!!!!!

  2. Blue Skys says:

    The major difference is both of those coaches systems have been in place for years at their respective schools, whereas Michigan is attempting to transform themselves after 40 years, from 3 yards and a cloud of dust philosophy, to a system that is predicated on speed and tempo. Throw in 4 different D coordinators in 5 years, coupled with the record low numbers of players being taken in both last years and this year’s upcoming NFL drafts, and you have the past 2 years as a result.

    I don’t like the lack of winning the past 2 seasons either, and next year is definitely make or break, but some folks seem like they are rooting for this team to fail.

    I do like that hire though, hoping he will be open minded to do some different stuff and create new traditions. LIKE A HOME SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!!!

    • Chris says:

      I’m as much of a Michigan Man as the next person but I’m not hopeful for next year at all. Please consider that Michigan just lost its best talent off of a defense that was ranked dead last in the conference.

      If Michigan does well, the wins will be 44-41 games.

  3. guanxi says:

    There’s more to David Brandon than that. He was seen as a serious candidate for Governor in Michigan, he was one of five finalists for NFL Commissioner (he withdrew), and compare the job he left to his new job:

    – $1.3 billion in revenue
    – 10,000 employees
    – operations in 60 countries
    – $3.2 million salary

    UM Athletic department
    – $85 million budget
    – 250 employees
    – operations mostly in Ann Arbor, MI
    – $500,000 salary

    Yes, he took a pay cut from $3.2 million to $500,000 for this job.

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