Friday Quick Hits: Notre Dame Hires Brian Kelly

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  • Zoltan Mesko didn’t win the Ray Guy Award (it went to Georgia’s punter instead), but he and Brandon Graham were named to the Walter Camp All-America second-team.
  • Brian Kelly is officially headed to Notre Dame.  I personally think he will succeed there.  It may take some time, but he has won everywhere he has been in the past.
  • Michigan hosts Notre Dame in hockey tonight (7:35 p.m.) and then goes to South Bend to finish the series on Sunday (4:05 p.m.).  Both games will be broadcast on Comcast 900.
  • Some people thought there was going to be a limit of 25 recruits allowed to sign in the 2010 football recruiting class, but that is not true.  The limit is still 28.
  • It has been a long, long time since Michigan’s football, basketball, and hockey teams have all been struggling this much at the same time.
  • At the end of Wednesday’s basketball game, Utah fans chanted “just like football,” referring to the Utes’ season-opening win at Michigan in 2008.
  • Nine Michigan State football players have been charged with at least one count of assault or assault and battery as well as one count of conspiracy to commit an assault and battery.  In addition, Myles White (commit Austin White’s brother) has been charged for allegedly urinating in public and being a minor in possession of alcohol.  The Alamo Bowl should be interesting to watch simply because of how many players have been suspended in the last few weeks.  Depth is definitely going to be a concern for MSU.
  • The Heisman Trophy will be awarded tomorrow, and I personally think it should go to Toby Gerhart. Ndamukong Suh is a close second on my list, with Mark Ingram coming in third.

1 Comment

  1. Mick says:

    Hello everybody, I know some of my comments piss some people off and other people probably yell ….hell yeah when reading my comments.So here is one for ya, more like a question. Does anyone like the way Chris Johnson of the Titans plays and runs w/the football?
    Well DRob reminds me of him big-time. I would love to see him play at RB next year and devise a lot of plays where he can throw the ball, I think his best chance of playing pro is thru the RB position.
    That would allow us to have both sophomores Tate & Denard in the backfield together, besides we graduated alot of rushing yds. this year. Also, Gardner could get playing time instead of RS-ing. Anyone else like this idea?

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