Donovan Warren Leaning Toward Going Pro

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As we have learned over the last two or so years, when it rains, it pours as far as bad news involving the football program is concerned.  Today is no different.

Earlier we learned that Vincent Smith tore his ACL against Ohio State and will miss all of spring practice, which is not what you want to hear about the team’s future starting running back.  But while that is certainly bad news, it doesn’t even compare to this:

Warren, a third-year junior who led Michigan with 4 interceptions this year, has filed paperwork to ask the NFL’s underclass advisory committee for his draft status.

He said Thursday their input will play into his decision, but turning pro is “just something that I believe it’s just for me.”

“I’m definitely, I’d have to say heavily, I like the chances of me coming out,” Warren said at Michigan’s annual football bust.

Warren said he planned to make a decision “within 2 weeks or so,” likely before the advisory committee reports back on his draft status.

I can completely understand why Donovan Warren would go pro, but as Rich Rodriguez said, for “selfish reasons” I want Warren to stay one more year.  We all know how much the secondary struggled this season, and it’s tough to even think about how much it could struggle next year without Warren.  Sure, J.T. Turner should become a starter and everybody will have a year with Greg Robinson under their belts, but losing a player as good as Warren is just something I don’t think the defense can afford.

This news isn’t completely shocking, especially after Cullen Christian hinted that Warren may go pro, but I honestly thought he would return for his senior season.  I guess it comes down to how high his draft stock is right now and how much higher it could be a year from now.  I personally think he could improve his stock even more with another year in college, but there are other factors that come into play, such as not wanting to suffer a serious injury and not wanting to worry about the possibility of decreased pay in the future for rookies.

If Warren does indeed decide to go pro I wish him the best, but I think I speak for all Michigan fans in saying that I hope he comes back for one more year.

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