Tuesday Quick Hits: Fred Jackson Plans to Return; Adrian Witty Qualifies

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  • Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson is planning on returning to Michigan next season, according to AnnArbor.com.  There were some rumblings that he would be leaving Michigan, possibly for an NFL job, but as of right now he is set to say in Ann Arbor as U-M’s running backs coach.
  • Adrian Witty has qualified and will be coming to Michigan in January.
  • According to Vincent Smith, Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson aren’t thinking about transferring or anything like that.
  • Although nothing is official, Donovan Warren is apparently planning on coming back for his senior season.  Things could obviously change, but I don’t think Warren’s stock right now is as high as it could be, leading me to believe he will return.
  • Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins and a big U-M donor, thinks Rich Rodriguez deserves more time and that “it will all work out.”
  • There is no new information on the sexual assault investigation other than that the alleged incident happened at Chi Psi, a fraternity on campus.
  • Michigan Stadium is going to get new FieldTurf after next year’s spring game.  The current field was installed back in 2003, and I was noticing earlier this year that it was looking a little worn down.  If you compare how it looked in 2003 to how it looked this past season, you can see the difference just by examining the maize block “M” at midfield.  The “M” is no longer bright maize but instead has a shade of black to it due to the rubber.  Although the field is still in good shape for the most part, I’m guessing Michigan figured that it might as well spruce up everything for when the renovation is complete.
  • Michigan’s search for a new athletic director will be aided by Spencer Stuart, a search firm, and an advisory committee that includes John Beilein.
  • I don’t think I can sum up my feelings about people who sold their tickets to Ohio State fans any better than the Wolverine Liberation Army already did.  It was absolutely disgusting to see so much scarlet in the stadium.  I mean, I know it was bad two years ago, but this was even worse, especially once OSU had the game in check and the “O-H-I-O” chants started.  I realize that OSU fans travels well and the ticket office didn’t exactly make it tough for them to get tickets to the game, but still, quite a few season-ticket holders gave their seats to Buckeyes, and for that all I can really say is screw you.

    Sure, tickets for the OSU game can make you a good amount of money and the team wasn’t exactly doing well coming into the game, but anybody who sold their tickets to OSU fans really ought to have them revoked.  Even if you can’t attend the game, is it really that tough to find a Michigan fan who would want the tickets?  It’s not every day that someone is presented with a chance to go to a Michigan-OSU game, so if you are going to sell them, put in some extra effort and make sure they go to a Michigan fan.

  • Angelique Chengelis wrote a great article that recounted her memories of Michigan’s now-former press box.  The press box was set to start coming down on Monday, and eventually seatbacks will be in its place.  The new press box, which is going to be much more modern and much nicer in general, will replace it officially starting next September.

    I personally spent one game in the old press box back in 2006, and it was definitely a unique experience.  Being so used to watching the game from my usual seats, I gained a new perspective by taking in an easy win over Central Michigan from the press box.  What was really interesting about the whole experience was that that game included the only weather delay in Michigan Stadium’s history.  The timing couldn’t have been better for me, because while the crowd was running for cover and getting soaked by the rain, I was sitting back and relaxing up in the press box.  Like Chengelis said in her article, it has a special feeling of history and tradition, but I can tell you from my one afternoon in the press box that it definitely needs to be replaced by something more modern and more spacious, which is exactly what the new one will be.

  • MVictors has a bunch of pictures and videos from down on the field before Saturday’s game, including a shot of Brandon Graham walking out onto the field with his mom and dad.
  • Cornerback recruit Cullen Christian is going to announce his college decision today at 6:30 p.m., and based on his reaction to visiting Michigan this past weekend, I would expect him to verbal to the Wolverines.
  • Tony Jefferson, ESPN’s top athlete recruit in the nation, really enjoyed his Michigan visit.
  • Maize & Blog has an interview with Michigan commit Kenny Wilkins.
  • Former Michigan basketball player Chris Hunter has been called up to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.
  • Despite persistent rumors that Urban Meyer might go to Notre Dame when Charlie Weis is inevitably fired, Meyer again denied that he will leave Florida.
  • Jimmy Clausen was involved in some sort of altercation early Sunday morning that left him with two black eyes.  According to Joe Schad, Clausen was allegedly sucker-punched by a fan, but it seems like there are different versions of what happened out there and not everything is adding up.
  • Members of the Michigan State football team were allegedly involved in a nasty-sounding brawl.

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  1. Kevin in South Carolina says:

    Cullen Christian commited to Michigan. Finally, someone over six foot tall in the backfield. Things are looking up already. Throw a few really good linebackers in there and things will be great! GO BLUE.

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