Rich Rodriguez: CARA Logs Issue Was Immediately Corrected

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Earlier this week, a story came out about how Michigan’s football program did not turn in its CARA logs, which track countable activities and are really at the heart of the Free Press’ allegations.  The story, as expected, turned into a rather big deal, but based on the University’s write-up on the audit that discovered the logs hadn’t been turned in, it seemed like the problem had already been fixed.

During a May 2009 audit a concern was identified regarding an internal process for tracking athletic activities logged by the U-M football team. The compliance office did not receive the football team’s Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA) forms for the 2008-2009 school year. The CARA form is an internal mechanism developed by the University to help track the total time players spend in required practice and is standard across all U-M sports.

When detail on a concern identified in an audit needs to be provided to a department, a memorandum is sent so the issue can be addressed. In this instance, the audit and a memo went to the athletic department on July 24, 2009. The forms are now turned in on a timely basis. The audit does not identify where the system broke down and it did not identify any other areas of concern with respect to the football program.

(Emphasis mine)

The bold sentence is pretty ambiguous because it doesn’t specifically say if the missing forms were turned in, but saying that they are “now turned in a timely basis” suggested to me that the issue was corrected.  Perhaps I was just being optimistic, but Rich Rodriguez said on a Columbus radio station yesterday that this problem was corrected right after the memo was sent, so it appears that this is no longer an issue.

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez told a Columbus, Ohio, radio station he fixed the problem of unkept practice logs “as soon as I learned of the issue.”

“Because of the investigation is still in the process, the NCAA won’t let us comment about it other than the fact that the practice log process, that thing was corrected as soon as I learned of the issue,” Rodriguez said Tuesday. “And as soon as this whole thing is over I’ll be happy to discuss all the other details.”

First of all, whew.  The last thing Michigan needs when being investigated for practicing too much is to not have any CARA logs.  It doesn’t do the PR department any favors when mistakes like this are made, adding even more negative publicity, but at least the logs were turned in right after the problem was discovered and are now turned in on time.


  1. mzgoblue says:

    The Freep article from Monday, 11-16-09 had the following paragraph: “The school sent a letter to Rodriguez and his staff on that day [7-24-09]. The school said reports since had been filed on time. However, reports from the 2008 season have never been filed.”
    I think the school was being purposely vague with its statement “The forms are now turned in on a timely basis.” It would have been more clear for the school to state that the forms are now being turned in timely on a monthly basis since the letter of July 24, 2009. That is how the problem was “corrected”. Nothing, however, has been done to create the records the Football team failed to maintain on an ongoing basis in 2008. Thus, the real “problem” (since the NCAA investigation is looking into that time frame) still exists.

  2. Richard says:

    Personally I think that if Rich Rod doesn’t beat OSU, he’s gone! Think about it this way, this is going to be Michigan’s one and only opportunity to get rid of him and not have to pay him a dime remaining on his contract because of the whole too much practicing allegations, which an easily come to pass. Michigan can and will use these allegations against Rich Rod, and I find it very interesting that the actual investigation itself won’t be found out until December 31’st.
    Another thing to think about is that the Michigan “community” is more than split against Rich Rod, right now there are more fans against him than for him! Next year the 200 million dollar stadium renovation will be complete, what a better way to fill the seats than by generating hype by hiring a new coach!?! It seems obvious to me that if Rich Rod doesn’t beat OSU, that he’s gone…I guess we’ll see what happens here in a few hours…


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