Game #11 – Michigan (5-5) at Wisconsin (7-2)

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Michigan AT Wisconsin
Date: November 14, 2009 Location: Madison, WI
Time: 12:00 PM Stadium: Camp Randall Stadium
TV: Big Ten Network Line: -8.5; 55.5 O/U
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  1. Mick says:

    What a joke! You know people can make all kinds of excuses they want, but the fact remains, we don’t improve as the season goes on, we digress. Two years in a row. This guy has come to AA and taken all the fun out of Mich football, pathetic!

    I bet if we had hired Brian Kelly we would not be in this predicament I guess we have to put up with another year of RichRod, but if we don’t improve signifacantly next year, I hope we don’t waste time and decide to cut our losses, which have been way too many under this regime!

    And I don’t want to hear how he hasn’t had his players, blah, blah, blah! I could name a ton of coaches who came in to tough situations and succeeded right away!

  2. Spaciorek says:

    If RR has taken all the fun out of watching Michigan football then maybe you should not watch for awhile. The D is bad but ” he hasn’t had his players” isn’t an excuse it’s a reason the D is so bad.

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah we do not have the players for D. However that is not an excuse for digressing as the season goes on and not being well coached. The defense is NOT well coached and is pathertic. We need to plasy solid cover 2 gap control D. We do not have the athlete’s to play they way we are playing. OSU 40, UM 24 if we play that way next week…..

    God this sucks

  4. JHS says:

    uhhh mike I think you mean regress not digress – bit of a difference

  5. Mike says:

    True, I was venting and made a few gramatical/spelling mistakes. However the point is still the same, the defense (except for BG) plays very undisciplined, which is a sign of poor coaching.

  6. oldmanblue says:

    It stinks to lose but at the same time you have to be realistic. There have been some major hurdles this year and not just with the depleted numbers of defensive players. Injury has been a major factor but not as evident as experience.

    I don’t get how people can’t look around and see that other college football teams play mostly seniors and juniors. This team is beyond young. I don’t understand why people ask what will we do when Devin Gardner comes next year? Simple, we redshirt him. He learns the system and then excels his junior year. I know this has been hard but It’s time to sit back for a second and relax. This will get better, I promise.

    When it gets better please remember this day when for the second year in a row I said I’m on board. The winning est NCAA football program is taking it’s lumps. Maybe for a minute we can understand how all these teams we have beat on for the last 30 years felt. We will be back and better then ever. The offensive problem has been solved, with time (next year) the defense will get better as well.

    Acting like upset 11 year old’s that feel they deserve to win every time they play a game is getting so old at this point. I love Michigan football just as much as you. I guess even more so. I love Michigan football enough to not turn my back on the program when they are down.

    • Mike says:

      Oldmanblue, nobody said ANYTHING about giving up on Michigan. My point is still the same which does not have anything to do with being young or under talented (which we are in both), but has to do with poor defensive coaching. Young players make mental errors, whle undertalented players get beat by superior talent. What seems to be happening to our D is they are consistently out of position and constitantly making poor reads. That is poor coaching. That should get corrected by the coaching and is not game after game. I am happy with the O. They are inconsistent, sure, but they move the ball and put points on the board. That is what you expect from a talented but young team. I expect more from our D . BG excepted since he play’s lights out every game.

  7. Mick says:

    Actually Mike that was my initial grammatical error using the word digress, I did mean regress and in a huge way! I read all these responses and it mystifies me how some people can just except this crap. If we were improving I could see the optimism, but where is it?
    So, Oldmanblue,I appreciate your view, but damn, the offense is up and down also, the play calling is inconsistent as hell. Why do we not keep using plays that work till people can stop us, i.e. the TD to Roundtree, did we see that play much again if at all? It was a great play design and execution. I’m telling you guys, I’m very concerned and I want to be wrong more than anyone about this. I’m just not seeing it.
    Also the argument between RR and Tate, what’s that all about? RR needs to take some responsibility instead of deflecting as much as he does. We better hope Notre Dame doesn’t hire Brian Kelly, that would suck for us! How about that Jim Harbaugh, huh? He can coach, what a revelation!

  8. Bruce says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand. With the score 7-7, we had 1st and goal at the 5. Minor up the middle for 2 followed by Minor up the middle for 2. Its third down and instead of just giving it to Minor for the TD, we have some sort of play where Forcier runs right and loses 2 yards. Its like RR wants to prove he’s some sort of offensive genius instad of calling the same play which works. Just give the damn ball to Minor up the middle already!

  9. oldmanblue says:

    I’m not here to argue and I have a lot of questions every week myself. Hopefully some kind of miracle can happen and we can win Saturday. There has to be an end to all the bad luck that has continued to come our way. From the 2 missed field goals against App State, to every single time we hear “the following play in under review.” Something has got to go our way. Lets band together. I hope all have a safe trip Saturday morning. I also hope we all have a smile cemented on our faces Sunday morning. Go Blue.

  10. WVblueman says:

    The wheels are not falling off. Sure, the losing stinks. But given the fact that we’ve been in nearly every game, we’re getting terrific experiences for our young players, and our recruiting crop is getting better and better, I am VERY optimistic about Michigan football.

    This is a classic let-down game for Ohio State. They just played an emotional, hard-fought game against Iowa and won the Big Ten. They are going to the Rose Bowl no matter what happens on Saturday. They are feeling pretty good about themselves going into a game versus a weaker (on paper) Michigan team. Michigan has a lot to play for. I think we win and it won’t even be close. 35-14. We shock OSU and are bowl-bound. Just watch.

  11. Chris in NC says:

    Dang, WVBlueman, can I have some of that happy stuff you’re smoking/taking/drinking/shooting? My wife and I are splitting and maybe we can patch up with some of that! :) Can we beat OSU on Saturday, yes it’s possible. You’re absolutely right, it can be a big let down for them and they will come in taking us lightly but our D can’t stop a thing. 38-34 if we win. Unfortunately, I think your 35-14 is accurate, just reverse the teams…

    As far as regressing, remember, our first 4 teams were 2 directional Michigans, neither of which are even good enough to be called below average, Notre Dame, who was vastly overrated and Indiana, the only team below us in the league. We haven’t become worse as much as our competition became dramatically better.

  12. Mike says:

    Let down! No Way. I hope our team doesn’t think OSU will think this is a let down game. They are every bit as crazy about beating Mich as we are about beating them. They will not be on a let down for this game. We need to play very solid, gap control D with coverage that contests every pass. We do not have to stop them all just compete for the ball. We do that, then O can give us enough to win, but it all comes down to the D keeping the OSU O off the field.

  13. WVblueman says:

    Run defense is the key to the game. Tressel won’t let Pryor drop back more than maybe 15 times. They’ll throw a steady diet of counter and pitch plays to Saine and Herron. We should stack the box and force Pryor into mistakes. That’s how Purdue beat them.

    OSU has a terrific front 7…there’s no doubt about that, but their secondary is average.

    Plus, don’t underestimate our kicking advantage. Their starting PK is injured and the reserve is very inconsistent. Depsite hitting the winning FG last week, I think he’s only 3 of 6 for the season.

    If we are aggressive, we’ll win.

  14. Mike says:

    I hope you are right! However it is our secondary that leaves the most holes and Tressel knows this. Plus PU beat them with a secondary far superior to ours. I really really hope you are right. Hell I don’t care as long as we have at least 1 more point than they do at the end…… Go Blue!!

  15. WVblueman says:

    Correction, Barclay (OSU’s backup kicker) is 4 of 7 on FGs. Their starter is injured and unlikely to play. We have the top punter and punt returner in the Big Ten. Special Teams could tip the balance to Michigan.

    I hate all these “low expectations” or “Michigan has nothing to lose” postings on UM and the players and the fans should EXPECT to win this game, as they should every game. They need to have a short memory. Every game before this doesn’t matter. Only Saturday matters and they need to play with confidence. I wish I could get in that locker room and fire up the team!

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