Softball Player Bree Evans Suffers Serious Injury During Game

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The softball team’s first home game (against Michigan State) of the brief fall schedule was cut short last night after outfielder Bree Evans suffered a serious injury during a collision at home plate.  It sounds like it was a very scary scene at Alumni Field that ended with Evans being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  Here are more details from Craig Ross, who was at the game (via mgoblog):

Michigan scored 3 runs in the bottom of the fourth to go up, 3 – 0, but then Bree Evans tried to score from third and slid head first into the MSU catcher, probably hitting her head on the bottom of the catcher’s shin guards, something just about the top of the shoe, you could hear the impact. Evans appeared to be knocked out cold, and she lay there, face straight down, for a good 20 minutes, not moving at all. at long last, an ambulance arrived and drove right onto the field, they rolled Evans over, stabilized her neck, put her on a back board, and took her away to the hospital.

The game was called after Evans was taken away in the ambulance, as it would have been impossible to suddenly start playing again after seeing a teammate or opponent down for that long.

Evans is listed as being in serious condition at the U-M Hospital, so my thoughts and prayers go out to her, her family, and the Michigan softball program.  Here’s to hoping she makes a full recovery.

UPDATE: Evans’ condition improved to fair at some point on Thursday night, and according to her older sister, she was walking around on Friday with the help of a walker.

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  1. linsey says:

    i went to a michigan softballl camp this weekend and bree evans was just a stud i had never heard of her before because i like michigan state but i think the catcher that was catching could have been my faorite player on the team Brett WIlliams. i no Brett and i know her enough ffor her afterwards to go say sorry and see if she needed anything. i also know she did not intend for tht to happen she was just trying to stop the score from happening !

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