Rick Leach Calls Out Lloyd Carr on Radio

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Rick Leach has been the most vocal supporter of Rich Rodriguez over the last two years, and I greatly appreciate that. Leach called into WTKA yesterday to again defend Rodriguez, this time because of the GPA thing that came out earlier this week. Leach spent his time on the air talking about how Rodriguez did nothing wrong and he basically called out the Free Press for trying to turn a positive into a negative. He mentioned how he can’t even get his own son’s academic records from U-M, so he doesn’t understand why the Free Press was trying to get its hands on the entire team’s records over what was a simple misunderstanding. He went on to discuss how it seems like information is being leaked out to the Free Press from people on the inside in order to hurt Rodriguez, which led him to his next topic: calling out Lloyd Carr.

Leach abruptly changed his focus from the Free Press to Carr by saying that if Michael Rosenberg wants to investigate something, he ought to look into what private box Lloyd Carr was sitting in at the Iowa game last Saturday. The accusation was that Carr was sitting in a box with Iowa people, and that “our ex-coach flipped a huge middle finger right in our current coach’s face.” According to Craig Ross, Carr went to the Iowa game as a fan, and obviously he has connections to former Michigan and current Iowa receivers coach Erik Campbell. Unless he was rooting for Iowa, which I highly doubt, this is completely irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

I think the main point Leach was trying to get across is that Lloyd Carr is not supporting Rodriguez. Further, Leach basically insinuated that Carr is one of the people responsible for leaking information to the Free Press. I think that is an absolutely ridiculous claim to make, because Carr wouldn’t just be hurting Michigan in general, but he would be hurting players he recruited. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if there is someone or some group of people with connections to the athletic department or the school leaking out information to the Free Press, but I highly doubt it’s Lloyd Carr.

As far as the issue of Carr supporting Rodriguez goes, has he been very quiet during quite a bit of turmoil? Sure. But I don’t see how it’s suddenly his responsibility to say anything about Rodriguez or any of the Free Press’ allegations or whatever. Carr has tried to distance himself from the program as much as possible since Rodriguez took over, which I’m sure Rodriguez appreciates. What’s more, anything Carr says about Rodriguez would probably be over-analyzed and spun into something negative, making it pointless for him to say anything.  It’s not like Carr was a big fan of the media when he was a coach, so he is not going to go out of his way to get involved in this situation now.

People calling Lloyd Carr out for staying silent are just completely off base. I will concede that he has not been vocally supportive of Rodriguez, but he doesn’t have to say anything. Carr probably just wants to enjoy retirement and stay out of Rodriguez’s business, and even if he came out and said something supportive of him, it would just drag him into this situation. I think the people on Carr’s case need to back off and realize that he is a Michigan man. To claim that he is leaking information to the Free Press and is trying to bring down Rodriguez is just utterly stupid.  What’s more, regardless of what he thinks about Rodriguez, does anyone honestly believe he is rooting against a team that still has his players on it?  Seriously, wake up, people.


  1. Bennie says:

    Thank you. I hope that there are many people who embrace your comments. I do, and I very much appreciate the voice of reason.

    We, as part of the Michigan fan base, can support RR without the hatred directed toward LC.

    • michman4ever says:

      You are a complete moron and idiot to think that Carr is so innocent. You Carr sympathizer go home please…your days are over..this is the day of the spread offense..

  2. Jeff Faistenhammer says:

    First, this is a very good site — I rely on the information. In my view, carr stayed 5 years too long and did so for the $$ which is understandable but that should be recognized as such — greed. People like to paint carr as this great Michigan man etc. etc. and he’s not. The reason I feel that way is because he has failed to support Rich Rod — if carr was so great and the University was number 1 on his list he’d be out in front taking some of the flak so Rich can get on his feet — which he’s doing without friend carr. People like Bo and others stood up for carr but he’s too self centered to do so for others.

  3. ricky stern says:

    jeff ,you couldnt have said it better , lloyd has forgotten what made him what he is , and he is not a michiagn man like he says he is, thank god for players like ricky leach.

  4. The Truth says:

    I think it would be naive to say that there’s nothing to this. I don’t believe Carr has anything to do with the Free Press witch hunt but at the same time it’s evident that he resents Rodriguez. I think Carr put himself in a bad position. I don’t think there is any reason for him to watch a road game on the opposing side. Even if it is in a luxury box. Would he have done that if English had become the coach? I don’t think so. I don’t think it was that wrong for Rick Leach to assume things. Living in Ann Arbor and being friends with former players, you hear things. Many of these problems that are still surfacing now started before Rodriguez was even talked to.

    I respect Carr he was a great coach. I respect and love Rick Leach. Rich Rodriguez is a winner. He will have a many successful seasons. I just hope people relax and let the guy have a chance. All the things that Rich has been criticized for look small compared to Michigan Men fighting amongst themselves and acting like children.

  5. Chris says:

    There are some BS points being made here… not too long ago on Grand Rapids TV, Carr was asked what he thought about the team. Carr wouldn’t comment at all. Stubborn bastard. Even if Carr doesn’t like RR, Carr could have at least said something akin to “go blue” just for the cameras. Instead Carr refuses to comment or flat out doesn’t say anything and that does nothing but to fan the rumors and speculation. Carr doesn’t have to have a bromance with RR but if Carr was indeed a Michigan Man, he’d publicly put his grudge aside and SUPPORT THE FREAKING TEAM?!

    I had to listen to the DSU game via an internet radio broadcast.

    Related to the freep… in the 3rd quarter, Jim Brandstatter took a shot at Rosenberg. That made my day!

    Go Blue!

  6. greg says:

    First off, I don’t think Carr hates RR. But I can totally understand him being ticked off at Michigan for firing him. And because of this, not lifting a finger to help support his replacement. Who wouldn’t feel that way. But apathy towards showing his former employer support is a far cry from actively trying to undermine the new coach or the program he shepherded for years.

    Carr wouldn’t sink so low, but some of his loyal supporters probably would. Let’s cut Carr some slack. If he wanted to undermine RR, why wouldn’t he just start making public statements? That would be much bigger news, get much bigger headlines, and cause much more damage — and nobody could stop him. I’m glad Carr’s not coach anymore, but I still respect him for being a class act.

    As far as the Iowa game goes, one of the other Michigan blogs has a very detailed explanation of the Michigan-Iowa connection which absolves Carr of any evil intent and which Leach should read before shooting off his mouth with wild accusations — we get enough of that from the Free Press. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Sean says:

      Aside from you saying Carr was fired, you are dead on. I agree with you that Carr wouldn’t sink that low, but some of his supporters might.

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