Monday Quick Hits: Molk to Practice This Week, Could Play Against PSU

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  • David Molk has been cleared to practice, and depending on how he does this week, he may play against Penn State.  Molk broke his foot about a month ago against Eastern Michigan, and he has quickly recovered and is now in position to return to the starting lineup.  It would be great to get Molk back not only because he is a great player, but also because his return would allow David Moosman to move back to his regular position.
  • Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown will return to the field on Saturday against Penn State.
  • James Rogers has switched positions from receiver to cornerback.
  • J.T. Turner will for sure redshirt this season.
  • Rich Rodriguez shared an interesting story about when he and West Virginia played Penn State back in 1984.

    Rodriguez’s wife, Rita, then a cheerleader for West Virginia, went up to Penn State head coach Joe Paterno before the game and asked if he would take a picture with the cheer squad. Paterno agreed. “She kept that picture in her wallet,” said Rich, who often jokes about the story with Paterno and Rita. “May still have it. Kept it right there in the wallet. ‘There’s the big celebrity, Joe Paterno and me, 1984.’ … She never asked to take a picture with me at the time.”

  • Michigan, as you can imagine, broke some records against Delaware State on Saturday.

    The Wolverines (5-2) set team marks with 442 yards in the first half and 727 total. They matched a school record with a 28-point first quarter and led 49-3 with their second-highest score by halftime.

    This would take some research, but I wonder when was the last time that Michigan didn’t punt a single time in a game.

  • If you were at the game on Saturday, you probably noticed the new closed captioning on the videoboards.  Michigan probably added it to ensure the stadium is ADA compliant and to avoid a lawsuit like the one Ohio State experienced, but it really seemed to get in the way at times during replays and when stat overlays were on the screen.  I imagine people that have hearing problems probably appreciated some aspects of it, but at times, as MVictors showed in a picture, it really was pretty useless.  It’s here to stay, so this is just another reason I wish Michigan would get a couple new scoreboards/videoboards.  That way they could put the closed captioning in its own part of the videoboard, keeping it out of the way of the actual video.
  • Jack Kennedy’s dad received a good birthday present in the form of getting to watch his son run the ball on the last play of the game against Delaware State.
  • Even though Delaware State technically lost twice on Saturday, they are considering the Michigan game a win on their schedule page.DSUScheduleEven though it’s just a typo, maybe they count receiving $550,000 to play the game as a win. (HT: MGoBoard)
  • I have to agree with Michael Rothstein, despite their small size, Delaware’s State band was pretty impressive.  I especially liked how their PA announcer explicitly explained everything they were doing.  I had to laugh when I heard this at the start of the halftime show: “Now watch as the band forms three diamonds! And then watch as the diamonds rotate!”
  • Maize and Blue Nation had a press pass on Saturday and took some cool pictures and videos from the game.
  • I think Maize n Brew summed up the Delaware State game the best by saying “That’s How You’re Supposed To Eat a Cupcake.”
  • MGoBlue posted a feature on David Cone last week.


  1. Anonymous says:

    For the no punt, I went on ESPN, which has every game back to 2002. In every game, Michigan had at least one punt. The closest to 0 is in 2003 against Central Michigan, where they had one. I can’t find the stats to this game, but in 2000, Michigan beat Indiana 58-0.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    Regarding the DSU band, someone, possibly from Michigan’s band called up WTKA’s morning show and tried to “Correct” Sam when he said that DSU’s band played every note on point, and she (the caller) stated that DSU couldn’t hold a candle to Michigan’s band because the music was better. This caller didn’t have a clue. DSU played very well and every note was on point. However, unlike Michigan’s band the HBCU bands are more for entertainment and not concert perfection. It is far more difficult to play the style of songs they play plus dance at the same time which is the HBCU’s style of play. We don’t see that with most division 1-A school bands. Therefore, some of the music quality will be compromised, but most people feel that the entertainment value is worth the product results. It would be nice to see Michigan loosen up a bit and get a little funky.

  3. The Truth says:

    I actually ran into Zoltan at Max and Erma’s about two hours after the game. I told him it looked like he had a pretty easy day. He laughed and said he was going to go file unemployment.

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