Friday Quick Hits: Rodriguez Has Lunch with Carr, Martin

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  • Carlos Brown, Brandon Minor, and David Molk are all listed as probable on this week’s injury report.  Zac Johnson is once again listed as out.
  • This week’s captains are Carlos Brown, David Moosman, Stevie Brown, and Zoltan Mesko.
  • Although he won’t be returning to the starting lineup, there is a chance that Boubacar Cissoko could play tomorrow.
  • F-18 Super Hornets are going to fly over Michigan Stadium before tomorrow’s game.
  • Rich Rodriguez had lunch with Lloyd Carr and Bill Martin yesterday to talk about Penn State and most likely to discuss Martin’s retirement.

    “We got to talk a little football, and Lloyd had great success against Penn State, so we talked about some things there,” Rodriguez said.

    I’m surprised Carr had time for lunch considering he is so busy undermining Rodriguez.  He probably just fed him bad information anyway.  Right, conspiracy theorists?

  • The coverage map for tomorrow’s game has been released.
  • I am now tied for third-place in Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em.
  • Michigan’s first home hockey game of the regular season was last night, and the Wolverines beat Niagara 3-2.  The game was much closer than anybody expected, because it started out 3-0 after one period.  Michigan scored with such ease at the start of the game that it looked like Niagara was going be down by as many as 5 goals after 20 minutes of play.  I expected it to be an easy blowout, and the team must have as well, because things got very sloppy after the third goal was scored.  Michigan just didn’t seem to be playing with very much intensity, allowing Niagara to get back in the game.  Niagara’s goalie deserves a lot of credit for shaking off the 3-goal first period, because he really kept his team in the game by making some amazing saves.  Michigan had quite a few great scoring chances but couldn’t put the puck in the back of the net.  Thankfully neither could Niagara in the closing seconds of the game, though it was close to doing just that.  In the end, though, Michigan held on for a 3-2 victory.
  • Michigan will play at Boston University tomorrow, which will be a very tough matchup.  Boston is the defending national champion, and Michigan lost to the Terriers by a score of 7-2 last season.  Michigan will play at Lake Superior State next Friday and Saturday, and the Wolverines will then return home the following Friday and Saturday to play Miami, the team Boston beat to win the national championship last season.


  1. Voice of Reason says:

    I believe that there was just as much in fighting and desention when the other Michigan coaches took over as there has been with coach Rod. However, today we have the internet and the the radio shows, blogs and news papers are on-line so information is instant.

    Michigan is a great school but we are normal in that we have our issues the same as other universities. We’ll get through this as we’ve always done. I hope that coach Rod stays the course through the storm and a few years from now when Michigan is winning BCS bowl games we’ll forget all about this.

  2. Jeff Faistenhammer says:

    Maybe someone can tell me why carr, even tho he’s collecting over $300K a year as an “assistant AD” has said nothing in public supporting Rich/Rod. He either is undermining Rich or is a failure as an “assistant AD” given he doesn’t overtly support the football coach.

  3. Bennie says:

    Remember the black helicoptors that flew so often over east lansing. I think they have found a new home. Run for cover, Jeff.

  4. true blue says:

    Why is Carr there at all? He’s the one who drove the program into the ground to begin with. And why is Bill Martin being allowed to gracefully retire (and not for another year) when he’s the one who stood by and watched Michigan athletics become a 4th rate program? Its time to clean the Big House…let’s get Les Miles and end this RichRod travesty once and for all. He’s a gimmick coach who rode the coat tails of one fabulous athlete at WVU to land a job he obviously can’t handle. He doesn’t belong at a top tier program…oh wait, we’re NOT a top tier program any more, are we?

    • Skihills says:

      Dear True Blue (or is it really scarlet and grey):

      Re: [Carr ] “drove the program into the ground”

      You are simply a flaming moron! Go back and review the past records of M Football coaches and then see if you have the guts to repeat yourself.

      Carr’s overall winning pct .773
      Carr’s conference winning pct. .778 (same as legends Fielding Yost & Fritz Crisler)
      Record last two seasons 20-6
      Only coach to win a National Title in last 60 + years !

      Boy, I wish we could find another coach good enought to drive the program into the ground the way Lloyd did!

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