Tate Forcier For The Win! (Part 2)

By · Saturday, September 12, 2009 · 9:29 PM |  Share | 3 Comments 


  1. Chris in NC says:

    My heart cannot take many more like that… Tate Forcier has ice in his veins. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine fan!!!

  2. boilerdowd says:

    Great win, UM fans…love seeing UND lose, especially when their fans are sure a victory is in hand. Rodriguez has got to get rid of the two-QB system though…Forcier is a good-enough runner and is poised and talented-enough to win a ton of games without being pulled every few series, in my opinion. Robinson should be used in the slot or as a punt returner, perhaps?

  3. Sgarv says:

    I like the available two QB option. Just because the system/players are young and devoloping doesnt make it bad. This whole program looked bad last year. We need to keep Shoe active in some of the QB action, Tate could go out at anytime.

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