Two Parents of Players Deny Allegations

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Tom of mgoblog caught up with the fathers of Tate Forcier and Michael Schofield to get their take on Michigan’s alleged NCAA violations.  Basically, Mike Forcier said that nothing Tate is doing at Michigan is different from what his other sons went through at Stanford and UCLA.  Mike Schofield called out the Free Press for not mentioning all of the other things football players do, including going to study hall and visiting kids.  Also, he ended his comments by saying, “Without names, this article means nothing to me.”  I agree with him.  I realize the players spoke out on the condition of anonymity, but without knowing their names, it’s impossible to judge the credibility of these allegations.


  1. VOR says:

    Exactly right, without names the NCAA or anyone else can’t hold the accusers accountable for what they said. This sports writer has been anti RR since the beginning. His credibility is questionable as well. As far as we know, it’s all bogus reporting from Michigan haters.

  2. goblue says:

    Why does everyone keep saying that all the sources were anonymous? Did anyone read the actual articles? Three sources were on the record: Brandin Hawthorne, Je’ron Stokes, and Terrance Taylor.

    • Sean says:

      I don’t know if Hawthorne and Stokes were included as the 10 sources. To me, they weren’t aware that what they were saying was going to be used in this piece. I don’t know if that’s true for the others involved.

  3. V.O.R. says:

    There were a number of students who reportedly didn’t want to be identified. Therefore, they were anonymous.

  4. goblue says:


    Sean wrote, “without knowing their names, it?s impossible to judge the credibility of these allegations.” You wrote, “without names the NCAA or anyone else can?t hold the accusers accountable for what they said … As far as we know, it?s all bogus reporting from Michigan haters.”

    My point is, we do have names. We have more now: Morgan Trent (see Chengelis’ Det News article) and Toney Clemons. That’s five named and probably about ten anonymous sources. It’s hard to complain about a lack of sources at this point

  5. jeff says:

    Clemons couldn’t cut it, Morgan Trent is about the only source thats even somewhat credible that has been a part of the allegations… HOWEVER, you should check out the CREDIBLE sources such as Henne, a 4 year starter, Butler, a starter who played for both coaches… both had great interviews regarding the allegations. the activities listed for the alleged 12 hour Sundays are mostly voluntary and should be performed by all players wanting to make themselves and their team better. people like Clemons and Trent weren’t very good, they probably underperformed b/c they didn’t put in the work and now they wanna kick them while they are down… i stand behing the program and behind Rich, GO BLUE

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