Tuesday Quick Hits: Practice Has Begun

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  • Tate Forcier throws a pass during Michigan's first practice. (Carlos Osorio - AP)

    Tate Forcier throws a pass during Michigan's first practice. (Carlos Osorio - AP)

    Michigan started practice yesterday, opening fall camp and more than three weeks of preparation for the 2009 season.  The team won’t put the pads on until Friday, which is when practice will really get going.

  • Although none practiced on Monday, Jason Forcier, J.T. Turner, and Adrian Witty all have lockers.  All three are waiting to be made eligible by the NCAA, though for different reasons.  Forcier is waiting to find out if he will be eligible immediately at Michigan despite transferring this year.  He came back to Michigan for grad school, and if he can play football this season, he will be the second Forcier on the roster.  As for Turner and Witty, their issues are academic-related.  Turner is supposedly being held up by an issue involving an Ohio graduation test, and Witty is waiting to get a test score back.  Hopefully both of their issues are resolved soon so they can start practicing.
  • Michigan has new practice jerseys that feature adidas’ patented three-stripe look down the sides.  This style appears to be common, as other adidas schools have a similar look in practice.
  • AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein has a list of observations from yesterday’s practice, with the most noteworthy one probably being how short Denard Robinson looks in person.  When he walked by me in the crowd at the spring game I didn’t really notice his height all that much, but I imagine on a football field with other players he could stand out for being short.
  • It appears that all players who were injured in the spring or earlier this summer practiced on Monday.
  • Greg Mathews, Martavious Odoms, Donovan Warren, Terrence Robinson, and Je’Ron Stokes practiced punt returns.  Mathews and Warren are the sure-handed veterans in that group, with Odoms being more of an explosive returner (when he actually catches the ball).  Robinson is an unknown since he was injured for most of last season, but coming out of high school all indications were that he could be explosive on returns in a way similar to Odoms.  Stokes is a true freshman.
  • After watching part of one practice, Dave Birkett already thinks Tate Forcier has the edge in the QB competition.
  • With Justin Feagin off the team, it appears Jeremy Gallon has switched to the #3 jersey.
  • Speaking of Feagin, Rich Rodriguez commented on his departure by saying that no red flags were raised while Michigan recruited him.  Up until police came to Schembechler Hall in July, coaches didn’t know Feagin was in any trouble.  It sounds like all of his issues in Florida were kept under wraps as well, as one recruiting analyst from Rivals.com said he never heard anything negative about Feagin’s character.  Usually if a recruit has been arrested, especially more than once, that will get out to the public pretty quickly.
  • Rodriguez answered five questions from Sporting News readers.
  • Al Glick Field House is now officially open, and everyone is impressed by it.  From the outside to the inside, it looks awesome, and that’s not even all of it.  The locker room in Schembechler Hall is brand new as well, and now the entire team is together.  (Before parts of the team were in separate rooms depending on their year.)
  • MGoBlue.com has video of yesterday’s practice, including a look at Zoltan Mesko hitting the roof in the new practice facility.
  • AnnArbor.com has video of Michigan’s quarterbacks doing a drill during practice.
  • Greg Robinson stresses fundamentals.
  • John Beilein was at yesterday’s practice.
  • WolverineHistorian uploaded highlights of the 2007 Michigan-Northwestern game.  I had never seen highlights beyond what was on ESPN since this was before the Big Ten Network was on Comcast.  I’m sure that is the case for many, but now you can watch how Michigan won 28-16.
  • UM-Flint’s club football team had to cancel its season due to a lack of funds.
  • The NY Daily News has an interesting article about Jarrod Bunch, who told his story of making a career change from football to acting.
  • Andy Evans is leaving WTKA and will be replaced by Ira Winetraub.
  • Nothing Is Illuminated created an awesome schedule wallpaper for the 2009 football season.
  • The Free Press profiled Robert Traylor and looked at what he currently is up to.  He seems to have his life in order and now wants to attempt an NBA comeback.
  • Black Heart Gold Pants put together a great post comparing college football programs to pro wrestlers.  Michigan’s counterpart was the Undertaker and Michigan State’s was Kane, who is Undertaker’s little brother in the storyline.  That seems like a very fitting comparison.

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  1. guanxi says:

    Has anyone else noticed how good AnnArbor.com’s coverage is? It’s become the best resource out there (though I don’t subscribe to rivals.com and scout.com, so I can’t compare them).

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