Monday Presser Notes (Week 1)

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Rich Rodriguez:

  • Team’s GPA shows great balance between football and academics.
  • Honor to have Mike Barwis’ staff as a part of our staff.
  • Barwis is the best strength and conditioning coach in the country.
  • Mike trains several former Michigan hockey players who are in the NHL.
  • Mike truly cares about all of the young men and women he has worked with.
  • “He has always complied with the rules.”
  • “My record reflects that.”
  • Compliance department met with Barwis several times and talked about his summer workouts in the past.
  • The University of Michigan is a challenge, and the players are working to complete it both academically and on the field.
  • “I, as a coach, have never hindered (academics).”
  • It is “disheartening” and “misleading” to say that the coaches don’t care about the players’ welfare. (Rodriguez is having a tough time keeping it together; getting very emotional.)
  • “I love working with our staff; I love our players like I love my family.”
  • He didn’t leave his care for players in West Virginia.
  • Parents of players and former players have sent letters saying “do what you always do” to help players achieve their goals.
  • “I guess I’m here to tell you that whatever you’ve heard or want to believe, the truth is this coaching staff cares very deeply about the young men in our program.  Always have, always will.”
  • “I have two young freshman (Brandin Hawthorne and Je’Ron Stokes I’m assuming) that come into my office yesterday upset and said, ‘Coach, what did we do?  We just said we worked hard.  It was harder than it was in high school.  That we’re committed to winning a championship.’  You did nothing wrong.”
  • “Mike Barwis is such an asset to this University.”
  • “Why try to tear up something that a man has given his life to?”
  • It’s amazing how often players called for someone to open Schembechler Hall on Saturdays and Sundays the past 7-8 months because they wanted to get in there.
  • The players are excited for game week, as they should be.
  • “We have to get focused (on Western Michigan).”
  • “I expect a great week of practice.”
  • The meeting with seniors on Sunday at Coach Rod’s house was an annual thing.
  • “Zoltan was signing on the Rock Band.”
  • “It was a very positive meeting.  As I mentioned, they’re very hungry to have a great year.”
  • There’s no significance to Tate Forcier being listed first on the depth chart.  QBs will play based on the game situation.
  • Having three QBs who can play is a little different, but it has worked well in practice.
  • “We’ll release a medical report on Thursday.”
  • Donovan Warren is fine.
  • Brandon Minor has been limited, but he will be able to do more today and should be able to go on Saturday.
  • If the offense is playing well and is in a rhythm, quarterbacks probably won’t be subbed in and out.
  • “I anticipate playing all three (quarterbacks).”
  • The starting kicker will probably be named on Thursday.  Jason Olesnavage is “in the forefront.”
  • “I’ve gone back and forth between Sundays off and Mondays off.”  A lot of it is based on the players’ course schedule.  This season players will have Sundays off instead of Mondays.
  • Sunday practices were no more than an hour and they will be no more than an hour this year.
  • Having Sundays off allows coaches to work up a gameplan for the next week.  Since there are no byes this year, it will be an advantage to have Sundays off.
  • Typically there was only a walkthrough on Fridays last year that lasted no more than 15-20 minutes.
  • “It’s disheartening to have obstacles that shouldn’t be there.” (referring to practicegate)
  • “I want to make it clear, our players are working very hard.  They have done a whole lot to help build this program.  I’m sure they’re not happy to be dealing with this because they are working hard.”
  • “Can we just move forward?  Let these young men focus on game week.”

Mark Ortmann:

  • The practice schedule is changed around to accommodate classes.
  • “It’s nice knowing we have three options (at quarterback) back there.”
  • “They’re saying we’re working too much.  Personally, I don’t think we’re working hard enough.”
  • “I know what we do on and off the field and see none of that as illegal.”

Obi Ezeh:

  • “You definitely want to be able to run around.” (to chase around people like “Little Vincent Smith”)
  • Things like this help the team grow closer and stronger.
  • “You have to be together.”
  • “It’s tough… you feel for (Rodriguez).”
  • Because of how last year went, everybody on the team has had the mindset of working harder to get better.

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    For your next post, journalism heavyweight (maybe middleweight) Jonathan Chait (senior editor at the New Republic) weighs in on the Freep’s journalism:

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