Preferred Walk-On QB Changes Mind, Will Attend MSU

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Hudsonville quarterback Casey Blackport is going to be a walk-on at Michigan State.  Usually news like this wouldn’t be relevant to Michigan at all, but in this case it actually is after this popped up on

Michigan State received some welcome news last weekend when they learned that Hudsonville quarterback Casey Blackport will walk-on to the Spartan program. The 6-foot-4, 195-pound prospect was listed as a preferred walk-on at Michigan, but recently decided that East Lansing was the best place for him.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Blackport up until learning he was going to MSU this past weekend.  That seemed strange since most of Michigan’s preferred walk-ons get some mention in the media or at least on recruiting sites, but this was the first I had heard of Blackport.

Upon Googling his name and doing some digging, I learned that Blackport is a lifelong Michigan State fan, didn’t receive offers from any FBS schools (according to Rivals), and fits the usual skill set for a preferred walk-on.  I had trouble finding any info about him planning on going to Michigan, though.  The only place I found that said anything about him attending Michigan is MWolverine (formerly DAVETGC), which lists him on the “developing depth chart” and says he picked U-M over MSU.  Even his Rivals profile doesn’t include Michigan in his list, however, so it seems like his decision to go to U-M came a bit out of nowhere.

The same could be said for his sudden change to MSU, which could be explained by the fact that Michigan already has a couple preferred walk-ons at QB, but I really don’t know.  If he had an offer to play at Michigan State before now, I don’t know why he chose Michigan in the first place considering he is an MSU fan.  Obviously simply being a fan of a certain school isn’t the only factor for where a recruit goes to college, and maybe being a preferred walk-on presented more benefits at the time of his original decision.  Whatever the case, he has changed his mind and is now a Spartan, making for a very odd story.

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