Monday Quick Hits: Dann O’Neill Transfers to Western Michigan

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  • Contrary to some rumors that Dann O’Neill was giving up football, he has instead decided to transfer to Western Michigan, citing that he just wasn’t a good fit in Michigan’s spread offense.  At Western, he will be teammates with his older brother and a couple friends from his hometown of Grand Haven.
  • The Blog That Yost Built is reporting that Michigan’s hockey jerseys aren’t going to be changing next season.  I didn’t mind the design on MGoBlueShop, but I was a big fan of the jerseys the team wore last year, so I’m happy with this news.
  • Boise State is apparently close to finalizing a contract with a team for its season opener in 2010, and there is some speculation that that team is Michigan.   It is only speculation at this point, but a Michigan-Boise State matchup certainly would be intriguing.  Bill Martin did say that he wants to schedule a BCS team as Michigan’s opponent in the 2010 opener, but I think Boise State is just as good.  They are going to be more apt to schedule a game without it being part of a home-and-home series, so all it may take is a big check and the appeal of playing in Michigan’s first post-renovation home game. (HT: Maize n Brew)
  • Ace at The Wolverine Blog offered his suggestions on how to make the football student section better.  I agree with him on all fronts, especially his points about making the section general seating and putting your keys away on big plays.

    Making the student section general seating would be a good way to encourage people to show up earlier to games, which only adds to the atmosphere of the stadium.  For big games in the afternoon students stroll in after kickoff, so imagine how bad it is for a noon start against a MAC team.  The section never completely fills up for those types of games anyways, but a lot of people don’t even get there until midway through the first quarter if they bother to come at all.

    As for the anti-keys argument, that has been rehashed quite a bit over the last few years.  Some people do make noise by screaming even when jingling their keys, but way too many people seem to think that their keys are sufficient enough.  The scoreboard operator needs to stop encouraging this by displaying a “GET LOUD” message on third downs and other big plays rather than the “KEY PLAY” one that even has images of keys.

  • Also at The Wolverine Blog is a recap of the site’s Top 15 of the Last 15 series, which includes a cool video of Charles Woodson and Braylon Edwards.
  • Dr. Saturday looked at Michigan in his “Premature Assessments” series last week.
  • ESPN has announced its new announcing teams for next season.  Notable moves include Brad Nessler heading to ESPN’s primetime game, Mike Patrick going to the afternoon slot on ABC, Bob Griese joining Chris Spielman and Dave Pasch, and Matt Millen being added to an ABC afternoon game.  That last move bothers me the most, as we already have to listen to the buffoon that is Matt Millen during Monday Night Countdown and NFL Network games.  Considering Michigan is in the 3:30 spot quite a bit already, it seems like Millen will be calling our games at least a few times next season.  Thankfully for me it looks like most of those games will be at home, meaning I won’t have to listen to him, but if he ever announces an away game, the mute button seems like a better option than actually listening to him.


  1. beef99 says:

    Dann O’neill played in a spread offense like Michigan’s at Grand Haven

    • Sean says:

      Here’s his quote from the article:

      “I don’t think I fit as well (at Michigan) as I fit with Western Michigan’s system,” the 6-foot-8, 300-pound Dann O’Neill said, citing the Wolverine’s new spread offense under coach Rich Rodriguez, which calls for smaller linemen. “In high school we ran the spread, but we ran a different spread. I’m not sure it was the right offense for me to run.

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