Friday Quick Hits: Why No Night Games?

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  • Rich Rodriguez isn’t a fan of the atmosphere at Michigan Stadium, as he thinks it can be much louder and rowdier.  I do not disagree with him, but it sort of seems like some of the things that may be on the docket to improve the atmosphere will come off as cheesy, such as more piped-in music or other stuff you would find at a minor league baseball game. 

    I’m all for improving the atmosphere, but there are ways to do that without going down the minor league baseball route.One way to greatly improve the atmosphere, for example, would be to have a night game.  It probably would be the loudest crowd in Michigan Stadium history since people would have all day to tailgate and drink, and in general night games produce more excitement.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like night games will happen any time soon, as security apparently is an issue due to a lack of lights in parking lots around the stadium.

    The easy solution to fix that problem is to add temporary lights to the parking lots.  That wouldn’t come cheap, but this is where the TV network comes in.  I would bet that ESPN would love to hype the first night game in Michigan Stadium history, so you tell them the only way that will happen is with temporary lights in the parking lots and give them the bill for it.  If they don’t want to pay, then there will continue to be no night games at Michigan Stadium.  I’d be willing to bet ESPN wouldn’t mind footing the bill, though.  They are all about hyping things up, and if it was for the Notre Dame game, for example, ABC would have its primetime game for that week.

  • If you haven’t received them already, check your mailbox, because football season tickets have arrived for many.
  • Lloyd Carr’s outlook for this coming season is optimistic.
  • Michigan’s athletic department brought in the fourth-most revenue in the entire country, coming in with just under $100 million.
  • Cass Tech’s Dior Mathis recently released his current list of schools, and Michigan came in fifth.  Oregon and Michigan State are at the top of his list, and it doesn’t seem like he has a ton of interest in the Wolverines anymore.  Obviously things could change once the season gets here, especially with so many former teammates on Michigan, but right now the Wolverines are a little out of the picture it seems like.
  • Maize n Brew recapped what Zoltan Mesko had to say at Big Ten Media Day.
  • Bo Schembechler came in 36th place in the Sporting News’ list of the greatest coaches of all time.
  • EDSBS put together a hilarious look at Rich Rodriguez and Jamie Foxx meeting in Chicago earlier this week, topped off by this LSUfreek-produced masterpiece (referencing Foxx’s song Blame It):
  • UMGoBlog found a Michigan-styled ice cream truck with tons of autographs on it in a junkyard.  Talk about a random collectible to find.


  1. ST says:

    I agree. Piping in music is lame as hell, it?s annoying for the real fan and it does cheapen the atmosphere. There is a reason the band is in attendance. CMU did this when Butch Jones came on as head coach, which should not surprise because he worked for R.R. at West Virginia. I don?t understand, I thought once R.R. arrived we would see some fresh things from the program, like a night game. If not having parking lot lights is the only reason, then they should use some of that surplus money you spoke of to good use.

    It just seems like UM is always a day late and a dollar short. Just look at the rest of the Big 10, Ohio St. is scheduling big intersectional non-conference games every year and has become a regular on ABC?s Saturday night game of the week. MSU is doing it, hell, even schools like Northwestern holds night games. I just wish someone over at the athletic department would realize it?s not the 1970?s anymore.

    • Sean says:

      Couldn’t agree more. And when you really think about it, the whole lack of lighting in parking lots is really just an excuse. How much darker is it at 11 compared to when people go back to their car after a 3:30 game in October?

    • sturner9 says:

      The reason it is so lame at the games it all the old geezers. We need to get some more younger hungry fans in the seats. Maybe offer some more single game tickets or expand the student section. I am in section 18 and all I see are older people that have done all their screaming years ago. I think we just need to get som younger fans in the seats.

  2. Sean says:

    Just a heads up, my tickets just came today, so if you’re a student and haven’t gotten them yet, don’t panic. Seems like they’re all coming at different times.

    Thanks to the policy on season tickets with UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn, my seats are only 2 rows better than last year (although I did move a section closer to the middle).

  3. Billy says:

    Sean. I could care less about getting cheesy with piped in sound and other as you call them “minor league baseball” tactics. Last time I checked Noise is Noise but I could be wrong on that. And any amount of noise is better then what I have seen first hand. I’m from upstate, NY and I make it to about 1-2 games per season. In 2006 @ the Ball St. game we were unbeaten at the time and number 2 in the country. The crowd was absolutely atrocious. Everyone was sitting and talking amongst each other like it was a damn baby shower. Ohio State and Penn State put us to shame as well as just about every stadium in the SEC. There is no excitement at all at any of these games. Fans leaving early (wisconsin, toledo), Fans not knowing the importance of each game in college football, and the general feeling of blah. And while piping in more sound may not be the answer to being the quietest 100,000 in sports its about WINNING and whatever helps the fans get more involved I am completely 100% for doing it. I’m sick of these half ass teams coming into Michigan stadium and not feeling like they’re playing at the most historical stadium in all of college sports.

    • Sean says:

      I agree that noise is noise, but I just think there are ways they can make the atmosphere better and the crowd louder without piping in music.


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