Monday Quick Hits: Lacrosse Wins Another Title; Softball Advances

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  • Congratulations to the Michigan men’s club lacrosse team for winning its second consecutive MCLA national championship. Michigan took down Chapman by a score of 12-11 on Saturday night to finish the season with a 20-0 record and another national title. I think it’s time for lacrosse to be made a varsity sport at Michigan.
  • The softball team is on its way to an NCAA Super Regional thanks to an undefeated weekend in Ann Arbor. Michigan beat Miami (Ohio) on Saturday morning by a score of 11-3 in the completion of Friday’s suspended game. Later in the day, Michigan beat Notre Dame 2-1 thanks to a rally in the final inning. In a rematch with the Fighting Irish on Sunday, Michigan won 4-0 to win the Ann Arbor regional and advance to the Super Regional round. Michigan will host Baylor this weekend in a best two-out-of-three series. The winner will advance to the College World Series.
  • The baseball team’s season is over, as it failed to finish in the top six of the Big Ten, meaning it did not qualify for the Big Ten tournament.
  • Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Kurt Wermers is no longer on the team. News of Wermers’ departure began to spread in the last week or so, and Rich Rodriguez confirmed it on Sunday.
  • Rodriguez also addressed Kevin Grady’s status with the team and said, “Until I get all the facts and then I sit down with him and find out what’s going on, then at that point we’ll make a decision.” As I said on Friday, I think Grady should be kicked off the team. Aside from the fact that Grady is already on his second chance, he showed complete apathy toward his probation requirements. I don’t know why that is, but it’s not like he simply forgot to do one thing; he basically didn’t do anything his probation required.
  • Staying on the apathy theme, Rodriguez also said this on Sunday:
    “Guys that maybe are not doing all of their responsibilities and the things they’re supposed to do to be part of our football program may not be back,” Rodriguez said.

    That seems like a hint that we should expect a few more departures this summer. I just hope that if players do leave the team, it’s nobody important.

  • The reason Rodriguez had a chance to talk with the media is because he was at the Brian Griese/Steve Hutchinson “Champions for Children’s Hearts” golf tournament. The tournament was the last part of a charity weekend that included a football reunion, bringing hundreds of former players and coaches back to Ann Arbor. In all, $650,000 was raised this past weekend, bringing the total to approximately $1.3 million in the last three years.
  • Charles Woodson played a big part in raising money, as he donated $120,000. He will have his name added to the golf tournament next year, joining Griese and Hutchinson.
  • The Free Press has a list of the people that were scheduled to play in the golf tournament on Sunday.
  • Steve Hutchinson is going to be back in Ann Arbor this fall to watch a Michigan game in person for the first time since he played here.
  • Greg Robinson broke down some of his players for the Free Press, allowing us to learn that Troy Woolfolk has moved from cornerback to safety.
  • Ron Zook + Twitter in the middle of the night via text = entertainment.


  1. MGoBlue93 says:

    > I think it's time for lacrosse to be made a
    > varsity sport at Michigan

    Nice suggestion but it aint gonna happen. Even though womens sports outnumber mens, some PC-type will create a big 'ol stink about adding a mens sport.

    Also Barnicle Bill won't spend the money with the stadium and BB expansions. Hell… he's already subjected us to PSLs and shitty scheduling for the football team in the name of $$$, Bill isn't going to take on my expenses without additional revenues.

    One has to ask is U-M lacrosse really that good? How would they stand up against Duke, JHU, MD, UVA, etc.? Big difference between being the national club champs and a solid D-1 program.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They don’t have to compete with Duke, JHU, MD, UVA, etc. right now. They just have to compete against club teams, which they do better than anyone else. If they were varsity, then they would have to compete with those teams, and with scholarships and more support they probably could.

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