Thursday Notes: Five More Added to Alumni Game

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  • The official roster won’t be out until next week, but add Larry Foote and four others (see below) to the list of alumni flag football game participants.

    Mark Bihl – C, 2003-06
    Ron Bellamy – WR, 1999-2002
    Thomas Wilcher – RB, 1985-86
    Aaron Shea – TE, 1996-99

    Wilcher is actually Cass Tech’s coach, so it’s nice to see he will be part of the game. That can’t hurt with the recruitment of Dior Mathis.

  • According to Rich Rodriguez’s Facebook fan page, a “key member” of the national championship team will be announced later today as another player in the game.
  • WTKA is going to be at Michigan’s practice a week from today from 3-6 p.m. Rich Rodriguez will be interviewed at the beginning of the broadcast, and others, including Mike Barwis and Jon Falk, will be interviewed as well.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame opened a Michigan-Ohio State rivalry exhibit yesterday. (HT: The Diag)
  • Al Montoya shut out the Colorado Avalanche in his NHL debut last night.
  • Brandon Naurato and Tim Miller signed with an ECHL and an AHL team, respectively. Aaron Palushaj is apparently going to decide in the next few days whether or not he will return to Michigan for another season.
  • Tom Izzo loved Bo Schembechler for his 3 yards and a cloud of dust attitude and how he coached.
  • John Bacon gave his ideal last lecture Tuesday night as a result of winning the Golden Apple Award. Varsity Blue, MVictors, and The Michigan Daily have recaps of the event. I really wish he was still teaching classes at U-M. I probably would have had to wait a couple years to take one of his classes since his wait lists are always so long, but the wait would have been worth it.

    UPDATE: Thanks to a reader for the heads up, I now know that Bacon will be teaching again this fall. He was just taking the winter term off. Good to know for sure.

  • The Michigan Daily looked into the history of why “The Victors” was written.
  • USC head coach Tim Floyd is headed to Arizona.

    UPDATE: Or not. ESPN changed its story, and it was just reported on PTI that Floyd is going to stay at USC.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Detroit News is reporting that Kelvin Grady is going to transfer.

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