Monday Quick Hits: Michigan Wasn’t the Only Team Upset This Weekend

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  • I was very disappointed with how Michigan’s season ended back on Friday night, but with the Frozen Four now set, I don’t feel nearly as bad about the Air Force game. Obviously it sucks that Michigan lost, but that upset was only the tip of the iceberg of what happened over the weekend. Three No. 1 seeds were eliminated in the opening round, and Boston had to score a goal with 14.4 seconds left to get past New Hampshire and advance to the Frozen Four.

    The Frozen Four is comprised of Boston (the only remaining No. 1 seed), Vermont (3 seed), Miami (4 seed), and Bemidji State (4 seed). The amount of upsets that produced this Frozen Four is truly unbelievable, but the games weren’t exciting just because they were upsets.

    One game featured Minnesota-Duluth scoring two goals in the last 40 seconds to go to overtime, where it would later beat Princeton. The game-tying goal was scored with eight-tenths of a second left. Similarly, New Hampshire scored a goal with one-tenth of a second left to tie North Dakota in its opening-round game. It only took UNH 45 seconds to score in OT, unlike the Air Force-Vermont game. With the Frozen Four on the line, Vermont beat Air Force in double-overtime minutes after it actually scored the game-winning goal. The puck went through the net, and the play wasn’t reviewed until there was a stoppage. Play continued after the goal was scored, as it wasn’t actually a goal at the time. It was a strange finish, to say the least.

  • Carlos Brown is injured again. Thankfully it is only a slight concussion and he is expected to return to practice on Tuesday, but man, can’t he get through a few weeks without having an injury just once in his career?
  • Tate Forcier seems to be struggling with fumbles.
  • Michigan is going to honor the 10 coaches and players that were part of this year’s Super Bowl at the Spring Game. LaMarr Woodley and Larry Foote have confirmed that they will be at the game, mainly because they are already in Ann Arbor working out.
  • If anyone doesn’t think Rich Rodriguez gets the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, take a look at this picture:

  • Michigan swimmer Tyler Clary won two national titles over the weekend.
  • Al Montoya was called up to the Coyotes last week.
  • I agree with Brian of Genuinely Sarcastic, it doesn’t make sense to root for Michigan State because of the Big 10. Like Brian, I have rooted against MSU in every game of the tournament and will root against them again on Saturday (and a week from today if they advance to the title game). It’s bad enough that MSU made it to the Final Four, but the fact that they will get to play in Detroit makes it all the worse for Michigan fans. Not only do we get to hear about the MSU-Detroit storyline all week, but this is only going to make recruiting against MSU in the state of Michigan even tougher.

    What they accomplished is great for them, but I couldn’t care less about the perception of the Big Ten. MSU making it to the Final Four in Detroit only makes it tougher for Michigan to build up its program. Plus, no Michigan fan should ever root for MSU to succeed unless something positive happens to Michigan as a result (for example, a win sends U-M to the Rose Bowl like Iowa did when they beat Wisconsin back in the 2004-05 season).


  1. West Texas Blue says:

    Forcier is a true freshman; he’ll be making alot of mistakes. Better he deals with it now in spring practice. He’ll have time to correct the mistakes.

  2. ahtrap says:

    Brian at GS undermines his own case with the very real points he makes about our perceptions of Sparty….that in so many other ways, other than basketball, they are inferior to UM, Michigan fans generally don’t begrudge them their hardwood success. It’s partly becuase over the past decade, Michigan hasn’t competed in any way with MSU in basketball, not in recruiting, not on the court, so we’re like, oh well, whatever.

    I take his point that the MSU final Four run might sway a kid or to to Izzo over Beilein….but if they’re not already cognizant of the fact that at this point MSU basketball is superior to Michigan basketball, I’m not sure the final four will drive that point through that particular kid’s thick skull.

    This may change as Michigan basketball rises from ashes over the course of the next 5-10 years, and a real rivalry reemerges, but right now, of the 4 teams in Detroit, I want Villanova to win it all, followed by Michigan State.

    That’s partly out of a Big Ten loyalty, which for me, frankly exists in sports other than basketball, more or less for any team other than Ohio State, except when it interferes with Michigan’s best interests.

    It’s partly out of a sense that the state of Michigan could use a boost even if it comes from Lansing. And partly out of the fact that MSU making it to Detroit means there’s gonna be one hell of a party in Motown, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it extended a day or two more, especially if it comes at the expense of UConn, against whom I have a grudge that extends far past Dan Orlovsky’s suckitude. (They cost me $200 by beating Duke back in….what was that, 1999? it took me a long time to forgive Rip Hamilton, even after he joined the Pistons…)

    I won’t be rooting for them, per se…but if Izzo happens to win another title, I’ll enjoy it on the big ten level, and maybe even tip my cap to all my Sparty friends, and tell ’em to enjoy it, because Michigan basketball is, finally, on its way back…

  3. thethirdcoast says:

    I also disagree about MSU for many of the same reasons posted by ahtrap.

    I always prefer to see people from the state of Michigan succeed, and given the times we’re in any bit of positive press for the state is a good thing.

    I also can’t stand any of the other three teams in the Final Four, especially UNC and UConn.

  4. Blue Sky says:

    I personally can?t stand Jim Calhoun. His ?I have to think of my family? line really irked me considering we are on the verge of a full blown depression in this country. I am not a State fan, but I have lived in Michigan my whole life so that carries a certain level of loyalty. I did not attend either school, so I don?t carry the blind hate that some others might. As a region, we have taken more than enough criticism from the national press of late, so if MSU is going to generate some positive story lines for a few days then I am all for it. Yes, it?s hard to root for Sparty, but for me, my loyalty ultimately lies with the state and region. And besides, it could be worse, we could be talking about Ohio St?.

  5. Chris in NC says:

    If MSU plays Carolina there is no conflict whatsoever. I despise Carolina almost as much as I do OSU. Seriously, I live amongst these idiots. They are the most cocky arrogant jerky types I have come across. Duke fans are cool, but the Carolina ones suck ass. As for Nova and UConn, well, I have sat in the stands with UConn fans and found them to be classy and polite. Nova, I don’t know. So MSU/UConn, UConn it is. MSU/Nova or Carolina, well, MSU it is.

    Loved the OSU blockers. Here’s hoping Rich Rod has as good if not better sophomore season like Beilien did.

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