Thursday Quick Hits: Wrapping Up Signing Day

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  • Michigan plays Penn State at home in basketball tonight. The game starts at 7 p.m. ET and will be on the Big Ten Network. For those of you watching at home, you will be treated to Gus Johnson. Hopefully he will have a chance to be more excited than when he announced the U-M/PSU game in Happy Valley, as that turned into a blowout.
  • Rivals ranked Michigan’s recruiting class as the 7th best in the country, and Scout had Michigan at #13.
  • I got preoccupied with other stuff last night and never got around to posting a recap of Rich Rodriguez’s signing day press conference. I don’t believe anything too noteworthy was mentioned, but you can check out the transcript for yourself just in case. If I get some free time in the next few days I will post a recap of it. Just a heads up, though, that probably won’t happen since there is a home basketball game tonight and home hockey games on Friday and Saturday.
  • One thing I will point out from Rodriguez’s presser is what he had to say about the possibility of some signees not qualifying.
    “Everybody’s registered with the clearing house, but there are still a couple of them that have to have good semesters. Every one of them that was on the list that we signed had (an academic) plan. They’re taking the right classes. They’re doing the right things to prepare for the test and all of that to be eligible. There’s just a couple of them, but that’s going to be the case every year, probably just about every program. You’re going to have two or three guys that their senior year they better make sure they do the right things and follow the plan.

    “Every one of these guys has a plan from their high school guidance counselors and coaches and families to make sure they’re set and ready to go. Our plan is to have them here by summer school so they can get oriented to Ann Arbor and our football program.”

    There are two signees that always get mentioned in rumors about recruits not qualifying, but since they are only rumors I won’t post any names. I certainly hope everything works out and all 22 signees end up qualifying, but this will probably be something worth watching in the next few months.

  • Rich Rodriguez was interviewed by the Big Ten Network yesterday:

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  1. West Texas Blue says:

    The two recruits who need to get qualifying scores in are Fitz and Gallon. They still have several chances and should be fine, so that’s why Rod wasn’t too worried about it. I’d post a link but it’s premium info.

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