Tuesday Quick Hits: 1989 Basketball Team to Be Honored at OSU Game

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  • The 1989 national champion basketball team will be honored at halftime of Saturday’s game against Ohio State. Michigan is going to wear throwbacks as part of the festivities, and many members of the ’89 team will be in attendance.
  • Thanks to a comeback win at Indiana and a dominating win at home against Iowa, Michigan is once again ranked in both basketball polls. Michigan came in at #25 in the AP Poll and #24 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.
  • Speaking of polls, the final BlogPoll of the college football season has been posted.
  • Morgan Trent, Terrance Taylor, Tim Jamison, Sean Griffin, and Will Johnson are going to participate in all-star games in the coming weeks.
  • I agree with Brian of MGoBlog, I think I am going to start referring to Miami University as Miami of Ohio just because they are so uptight about what they are called. Oh, and you have no idea how bad I wanted to take the woman’s flag from the picture at the top of MGoBlog’s post. Even though Michigan was kicking Miami of Ohio’s ass, she insisted on waving it around the entire game on Saturday. Thankfully there was no flag at Sunday’s game.
  • Florida State’s Myron Rolle is going to study at Oxford instead of entering the NFL Draft, though he plans on going pro in 2010.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Myron Rolle is a pretty amazing kid, really the ideal student athlete.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same guy that is a Michigan grad and helped to fund part of the new Michigan baseball facility?


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