Thursday Quick Hits: West Virginia Wants $50,000 from Barwis

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  • West Virginia is now going after Mike Barwis’ $50,000 buyout that hasn’t been paid yet. I get that $50,000 is $50,000, but is it that hard to pick up the phone and call Barwis or his agent about the buyout? It probably wouldn’t be too tough to work the issue out in private. Then again, what fun would that be? WVU isn’t going to miss a chance to send more negative publicity Michigan’s way.
  • Michigan should have both Matt Rust and Chris Summers for its series against Michigan State this weekend. Rust was suffering from flu-like symptoms and didn’t play against Bowling Green on Saturday, and Summers left that game after taking a hard check at the very start of the first period.
  • Rick Leach is one of six former Michigan athletes that will be inducted into U-M’s Hall of Honor.
  • Morgan Trent and Tim Jamison are going to play in the Senior Bowl on Saturday night.
  • Despite the majority of college coaches being in favor of an early signing period, “numerous” conference commissioners shot down the proposal that would have created one in late December.
  • Northwestern, Michigan’s opponent on Saturday, went into East Lansing and beat Michigan State 70-63 last night. NU’s Kevin Coble got hot and dropped 31 points on the Spartans, and Michael Thompson added 20 of his own. Craig Moore also scored in double-digits with 11 points. Outside of those three players, the rest of the team only scored 8 points, which is a pretty remarkable stat.

    I’m definitely more concerned about Saturday’s game than I was before NU’s big victory, but two things to take away from the NU-MSU contest are that Michigan has to contain Coble and has to limit its turnovers. MSU turned the ball over 18 times and had trouble establishing any flow with its offense. Michigan must take care of the ball if they want to win on Saturday.

  • Also in the Big Ten last night, Wisconsin lost to Iowa 73-69 in overtime. Wisconsin has now lost three straight games (the last two were both in OT).


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s been over a year now. Perhaps Barwis should’ve manned up and made arrangements to pay it back by now. Do we even know whether either side has made an attempt to communicate with each other? I would think so, since it has been over a year. Personally, I can’t blame WVU.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WVU is starting to look like a bunch of whiners. Who are they going after next? Let it go!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Uncle Bill will bail him out eventually. Then all will be well at the altar of Barwis.

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