Tuesday Quick Hits: Michigan Receives Votes in Both Basketball Polls

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  • If you want to go to Michigan’s home basketball game tonight, the first since the UCLA upset, all you need to do is bring is two canned food items and you can get in for $1. If you are a student, tickets will be free like usual.
  • The basketball team received votes in both top 25 polls this week. Michigan was ranked 32nd in the AP poll and 40th in the ESPN/USA Today poll.
  • According to MGoBlue.com, the rematch between Michigan and Duke in basketball on December 6 is sold out.
  • The hockey team was swept by Miami (Ohio). Michigan lost 2-0 on Friday and 2-1 on Saturday.
  • As mentioned in the Monday presser notes post, Rich Rodriguez expects Brandon Graham to return for his senior season as of right now. Graham sounded like that was his plan following the OSU game, but he has until January 15 to declare for the NFL Draft. If scouts give him a good grade after he is evaluated, it wouldn’t surprise me if he changed his mind. SI.com lists him as a rising player, so it seems that good things are being said about his potential in the pros.
  • Speaking of Graham, he was selected to the All-Big Ten second team. Zoltan Mesko was named to the All-Big Ten first team. The full list of Big Ten awards can be found here.
  • Also mentioned in yesterday’s presser notes was that Sam McGuffie suffered a concussion on a kick return during the Ohio State game. I fear for the future of his career, as he has now had three concussions since October. That many in an entire career is dangerous, so three in a couple months can’t be good. Here is a video of the hit:

  • One final thing from Rich Rodriguez’s press conference yesterday is that Eastern Michigan will play Michigan next September. EMU joins Western Michigan and Notre Dame as non-conference teams on Michigan’s schedule. Michigan still has to find a team to play at home in mid-October to fill out the schedule completely.
  • Brandon Minor said this after the OSU game on Saturday:
    “You can’t really blame Rich Rod because everybody on the team did not buy in like they’re supposed to. We have a couple of guys not going hard,” he said. “We’ll correct that most definitely. That ain’t going to happen on my watch as a senior.”

    My only hope is that the guys that aren’t giving their all are gone by the time spring practice rolls around next year.

  • Michigan and Ohio State got together before Saturday’s game just like they did last year. Who is to blame for the small scuffle? It sounds like OSU’s Alex Boone helped get both teams involved.
    Ohio State offensive tackle Alex Boone on the pushing and jawing between OSU and Michigan players as they ran off the field following warm-ups Saturday at Ohio Stadium: “I looked over, and they were talking, so I walked over and started talking, and the next thing I know, everyone was kind of pulling me back. I wasn’t going to swing at anybody, I’m not that stupid.”

    Are you sure about that, Alex?

  • Spawn of MZone recapped the incident that happened on the sidelines in the first quarter of the OSU game involving Charles Stewart and a few coaches.
  • Tim Jamison’s jersey got torn against Ohio State and he had to wear a #78 jersey the rest of the game.
  • Justin Feagin got in for a series or two against Ohio State and never threw a pass. He will permanently switch to the slot position next season.
  • Vlad Emilien, who officially committed to Michigan yesterday, plans to enroll early.
  • The women’s basketball team upset #13 Vanderbilt on Sunday by a score of 50-42.
  • I tied for first-place with Happy Hour Valley in Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em.
  • Eastern Michigan fired football coach Jeff Genyk on Monday, and Lloyd Carr is going to help Eastern in their search for his replacement.
  • Not that you didn’t know this already, but Mark Dantonio is a douchebag.
  • Joe Paterno had successful hip replacement surgery on Sunday and plans on returning to coach Penn State in their bowl game and next season.
  • Not only did Notre Dame lose at home to Syracuse on Saturday, but fans in the student section threw snowballs at Notre Dame players. After the beat down Notre Dame will receive at the hands of USC on Saturday, it will be pretty hard to believe that Charlie Weis will be back next season. I realize that his buyout is pretty big thanks to the ridiculous 10-year contract he was given, but Weis is proving to be a terrible head coach.
  • Florida State’s Myron Rolle won a Rhodes Scholarship Saturday evening and then arrived at the Maryland-Florida State game right before halftime. It’s pretty amazing that a college football player is that dedicated to academics and manages to balance being both a student and an athlete so well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like Carson Butler is done, good luck to him. Disappointed that he kinda didn’t workout for us. He had a good bit of talent!

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    First, again congratulations on your number one rating.

    Secondly, I like what Brandon Graham said about “Not on my watch.” That is what we needed “this” year, captains on the field that would get in their team mates face when they’re slacking off. Coach Rod has got to consider making sure there are leaders on the field that will motivate and correct mistakes in the huddle.

    When you have so many inexperienced players out there, you need veteran players that they respect to get things going. Peer pressure so to speak. The coaches identify the team culture and standards, but the players have got to buy into it, and you need the team leaders to enforce it. Good for Brandon Graham.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ESPN's Mark May was just on a local PHX radio show and said DickRod was considering the Clemson & Tennessee jobs!! Anyone hear the rumors closer to the source?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know about the rumors, but he hasn’t exactly shown any loyalty in the past. Not to get the speculation going, but I’d love to see Kelly from Cincy or Hoke from Ball St (both candidates last yr)

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s come up before [Clemson] and he had denied any interest in it. Plus with the buy out that he’s still paying for WVU and what he would have to pay Michigan, he’d be crazy to consider it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mark May is the biggest ass clown in all of USA, i wouldn’t take him seriously!

    Rod needs a couple of years, not freaking 5 or 10 to show what he can….if we don’t see tangible improvements by 2010 (like 9-3 and contending for B10) we ought to think about the hire but calling him out before that seems a like premature!!

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