Thursday Quick Hits: Rodriguez Picks Captains; Schilling Questionable

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  • Michigan takes on UCLA in basketball a little after 9:30 p.m. ET tonight on ESPN2. The winner heads to the finals of the 2K Sports Classic to play Duke on Friday, and the loser will play against Southern Illinois tomorrow evening.
  • Michigan’s team captains for the 2008 season have been made permanent. Seniors Terrance Taylor, Will Johnson, Tim Jamison, and Mike Massey have been given the honor of being named the captains for this year’s team. Taylor, Johnson, and Jamison are all defensive linemen, and Massey is a tight end. Pat Massey, Mike’s brother, was a captain in 2005.
  • Steve Schilling is questionable for the OSU game after spraining his knee in practice on Tuesday. Schilling is Michigan’s top offensive lineman, so losing him would be bad news.
  • On a more positive note, Sam McGuffie may be ready to play on Saturday. Rich Rodriguez didn’t sound very optimistic, but he hopes McGuffie will be available.
  • It seems as though Brandon Minor will be the starting running back against OSU.
  • According to Rich Rodriguez, Justin Feagin “can make all the throws.” The reason Feagin didn’t play more at quarterback against Northwestern is because of an injury. With Steven Threet likely unable to play on Saturday, Feagin will probably get some playing time at QB now that he is healthy again.
  • Desmond Howard went on WTKA on Wednesday to basically clear up some of the things he said during a previous interview on a Columbus radio station. His comments became news, and some of the things he said were sort of taken out of context. Check out the audio of the interview to see what Howard really thinks about Rich Rodriguez and the future of the Michigan program. Despite some of the other things said recently, Howard thinks Rodriguez will get Michigan to the national title game someday and will get this program back on track.
  • Lost in the recent storm of negative things said about Rich Rodriguez is this positive story from the Columbus Dispatch, of all places:

    Harrison, the safety, was among them. Then last weekend on Senior Day, his parents were late getting to Michigan Stadium from Dayton because of traffic from an accident. So instead of having Harrison take the field unescorted, Rodriguez accompanied him.

    “He didn’t really need to do that,” Harrison said. “I see him in a whole different way. I used to look at him as just my head coach. Now I look at him as if it’s a different type of bond.”

    No family values, right?

  • Former Michigan QB Rick Leach came out and defended Rodriguez in an interview with the Associated Press.
  • Hockey player Steve Kampfer was able to remove a neck brace he has had to wear since he was attacked last month.
  • The women’s basketball team nearly upset #7 Texas A&M today, as they lost only by a score of 59-56.
  • The Michigan Daily profiled the man behind MGoBlog.
  • I came in second-place for the BlogPoll’s Mr. Numb Existence award this week.
  • Michigan commit Justin Turner’s current and Shawn Crable’s former high school in Massillon, Ohio, is getting its own indoor practice facility that will be used for various activities, including football.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a question, hopefully you can comment. First, for full disclosure, I am a long time OSU fan (going back to early Woody-Bo days), so even though I’d like noyhting better than for OSU take UM to the woodshed, it still pains me to see the Wolverines go through the season they are having..

    I’m watching Georgia Tech/Miami game, so I started to think; why is Paul Johnson at GT, with a new offensive system but with “legacy” players having more success than RR? Any ideas?

  2. Sean says:

    Good question. I think a lot of it has to do with the inexperience on offense, especially at QB. I don’t know the situation at GT experience-wise, but their transition has definitely gone much better than Michigan’s.

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