Monday Presser Notes (Week 9)

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Rich Rodriguez:

  • Steven Threet’s health is a little better than it was a week ago.
  • Threet came back in during the PSU game when he got the feeling back in his right elbow/arm.
  • Threet’s injury is a bruise, and he should be able to practice on Tuesday.
  • “Nick Sheridan is very, very competitive.”
  • Justin Feagin is being mixed in with the second group. David Cone has gotten a few reps as well.
  • Michigan made mistakes in all three phases of the game (offense, defense, and special teams) against Penn State.
  • “We’ve got to be mentally and physically tougher.”
  • There isn’t a psychological edge lost when Nick Sheridan comes in at quarterback.
  • A decision on whether or not Justin Feagin will play or be redshirted will happen right around this time.
  • The history of the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry isn’t going to help anyone get a first down, but it can help the team get focused.
  • “(Javon) Ringer is one of the best backs in the country.”
  • “The consistency level is a thing that’s really been missing for four quarters.”
  • “We have yet to put together four quarters of consistently good football.”
  • If Brandon Minor keeps running like he did against Penn State, then he will get the bulk of the carries against Michigan State.
  • Minor has worked hard to take care of the issues he’s had with holding on to the ball.
  • “Our seniors have all been outstanding.”
  • He’s never felt that one game is going to determine a recruit’s decision.
  • “The tackling in our last game was not our best.”
  • “You’ve got to contain [Ringer].”
  • He heard about Mike Hart’s “Little Brother” comment but doesn’t know the details of it.
  • Vince Helmuth moved to defense tackle, but it isn’t necessarily a permanent move. The team needed bodies and Helmuth was willing to move around.
  • The offensive line for Saturday will probably be the same as the Penn State game.
  • Mike Milano is suspended indefinitely, and that’s all Rodriguez had to say about him.

John Thompson:

  • The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is for pride.
  • The run defense is playing pretty well.

Mark Moundros:

  • This rivalry is two schools that are very proud of themselves that will compete hard on gameday.
  • He didn’t feel left out when the new offense was implemented.
  • Brandon Minor is a very physical runner.
  • The mood among the team is to execute and get better every day.

Steven Threet:

  • His arm is getting better.
  • He got injured against Toledo when he landed directly on his elbow and had someone fall on him.
  • When his arm starts to go numb, his hand tingles, preventing him from gripping the ball.
  • The glove he started wearing on his throwing hand is just for better ball control.
  • It’s very frustrating to not be able to play.
  • His mom and aunt went to Michigan, and two of his other aunts went to Michigan State.

Brandon Harrison:

  • “We just have to play assignment football.”
  • He went to the same high school as Javon Ringer.

Sean Griffin:

  • He almost went to Michigan State, but they didn’t get back to him after a visit and weren’t all that interested.

Will Johnson:

  • “You just gotta keep trucking along.” (In reference to moving on after a loss.)
  • Javon Ringer is one of the best backs in the nation.

Obi Ezeh:

  • One game doesn’t really have that big of an impact on recruiting since most players usually have their minds made up for which team they root for.
  • “Aside from some big plays, I feel like our run defense is pretty solid.”
  • “Turnovers are really the key.”
  • This game is a really big deal to him since he is from Michigan.

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    I was at the ND game last year and I’m traveling out to AA from Cali on Friday. Where is a good spot for us to drink/eat in AA?
    Any suggestions are appreciated.
    Go Blue!

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