Thursday Quick Hits: Nasty Weather Predicted for Saturday’s Game

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  • Lou Holtz will be honored by Notre Dame this Saturday for his years as a coach of the Fighting Irish. Holtz is getting a statue dedicated to him and will speak to the team before the game Saturday afternoon. I hope that his speech is just as effective as his pep talks on ESPN were last year. Oh, and if you’re sitting in the front row when Holtz gives his speech, make sure to wear a raincoat or something.
  • Charlie Weis believes that Carlos Brown will get in the game at quarterback for Michigan on Saturday. Umm, Charlie, I know Brown took one snap at QB against Utah (he got injured on that play and missed the Miami game because of it), but that doesn’t mean he’s going to play QB against ND. Even if he does take a snap or two as the quarterback, the only thing that Brown will do is run. They aren’t going to give him a green light to pass, so if Brown comes onto the field as a QB everyone should be expecting a run.
  • Weis actually went to Morgantown, West Virginia, in the spring of 2007 to learn about the spread offense from Rich Rodriguez.
  • It doesn’t appear that the weather for Saturday’s game will be very good, so Rich Rodriguez is going to simulate rainy conditions during today’s practice.
  • Sam Webb has more on Will Campbell’s decision to de-commit and reports that Campbell will announce his college choice at the Army All-American Bowl on January 3.
  • Another Detroit Cass Tech player has been offered a scholarship by Michigan.
  • Shavodrick Beaver’s team will be on ESPN2 at 9 pm. ET tonight. We’ll get a look at one of Michigan’s two QB commits for 2009, so it should be an interesting game to watch. And yes, Beaver is committed and isn’t changing his mind anytime soon.
  • The Free Press has an article about how Michigan’s commitments have been doing on the field so far.
  • The Week 2 BlogPoll is out.
  • Brian Griese will start for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.
  • Matt Gutierrez has been signed to the New England Patriots’ practice squad. Gutierrez was cut by NE prior to the start of the season, but with Tom Brady out for the year with a torn MCL and ACL, Gutierrez joins the practice squad in case extra depth at QB is needed.
  • Hurricane Ike has changed its path, meaning that LSU’s game against North Texas won’t be postponed. The same can’t be said for Texas’ game against Arkansas as it has been postponed since Ike is heading right for the state of Texas.

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  1. susieandrew says:

    re: Carlos Brown, flea flicker? I could see him tossing the ball on some sort of trick play. But you’re right, he certainly won’t be a “regular” at that position Saturday.

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