Wednesday Quick Hits: Details on Premium Seating Released

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  • If you have any interest in the premium seating coming to Michigan Stadium in 2010, you probably will want to check out this link. The link takes you to a page on that basically is a hub for everything involved with the premium seating. Whether you want to sit in a chairback seat, have a luxury box, or get something named after you, information on all of those things and more can be found over at MGoBlue.

    As expected, be prepared to open your checkbook, especially if you want to have something named after you. Gifts that get your name on something range from $250,000 to $10,000,000, although many of these things are already “reserved.” Either way, it’s a great idea on Michigan’s part as they will make around $39,000,000 total just from these gifts.

  • Steve & Barry’s, the well known collegiate apparel store, has lost its license to manufacture clothing with Michigan’s name or logo on it. The exact reason why Steve & Barry’s lost the license is unknown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the contributing factors was the fact that the company owes The Michigan Daily over $20,000 for advertising. The Daily’s largest advertiser was Steve & Barry’s, but the paper isn’t accepting any ads from them due to the large debt.

    What this means for Steve & Barry’s is that they are really going to struggle with the stores they have in Michigan. The entire company itself may be going bankrupt in the near future, and with the loss of Michigan apparel, it wouldn’t surprise me if many stores in this state started closing down. For sure the one on State Street will be gone as it carried Michigan apparel exclusively if I remember correctly. Without the Michigan license, there is no store.

    UPDATE: Steve & Barry’s is likely going to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy sometime today.

  • Marlin Jackson has come a long way since his off the field troubles at Michigan, and this article about his charitable ways reflects that.
  • Angelique Chengelis asks and answers 10 questions regarding Michigan football.
  • Varsity Blue previews Illinois.

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  1. susieandrew says:

    Steve and Barry’s had cheap quality when I was in school (mid-late 90’s). Has quality improved? Eh, guess it doesn’t matter all that much.

    Nice that Marlin cited his time at Michigan as the starting point for his charitable work. Great stuff.

    Re: Chelis’ comment on Barwis and the players being fresh in the 4th quarter, reminded me of Brandstatter’s comment that they will be “fresh as daisies” in the final quarter. Our new battle cry!!!

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