Tuesday Quick Hits: Talking Road Uniforms and the BTN

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  • MGoBlog was sent some pictures of Michigan’s alleged new road uniforms, and if you hated the piping on the Nike jerseys, then look away. The adidas road jersey features a similar basic look, but there are two big differences. The first is that instead of a slim maize piping it is now more of a stripe that is very noticeable. My opinion on that is no big deal. I don’t mind it that much. What I do mind, however, is the second main difference: a stupid looking maize stripe on the sides of the jersey.

    It appears that adidas is trying to make the stripe look winged in the way it curves, which is something similar to past designs on the front of student shirts (the three wings that come together to look like a helmet). I don’t like the jersey at all simply because of the stripe or whatever you want to call it on the sides. The jersey would look much better without them in my opinion. Although some will say it is just something to make the jersey look more hip, there are much better ways to do that without coming off as cheesy.

    This jersey isn’t official yet, but I don’t see how it won’t end up being the road uniform simply because it wouldn’t make sense for Michigan to have fake ones out at the Women’s Football Academy. I knew the road jersey would get changed since that is the only one that can be messed around with, but is that really the best adidas could come up with? I’m pretty sure many of you out there could come up with something better in a few minutes using only Photoshop.

  • Shifting to some good news, Comcast and the Big Ten Network seem as though they are finally ready to come to an agreement. This would come after months and months of bickering and screwing fans over, but hey, better late than never. Although we have heard it all before and have been lied to in the past that a deal was coming, this time it actually seems legit.
    Comcast and the BTN are prepared to put nearly two years of bitter negotiations aside to announce a long-term partnership, the Tribune has learned.

    “For all intents and purposes, it’s done,” one source close to the negotiations said Sunday.

    The article states that we should expect the deal to be unveiled later this week. For me, I’ll believe it when the BTN is on my TV. I’m not going to get my hopes up again just to later find out there was a snag in negotiations or something like that.

  • The Michigan Daily recently posted an article that features a rundown of many newsworthy items. Among the topics discussed are what exactly happened with Darryl Stonum and the #1 jersey, where Michigan coordinators will be at during games, Michigan’s new spread punt formation, and the number that freshman Terrence Robinson will wear this fall (7).
  • Michigan has released its 2008-09 hockey schedule. The schedule features 17 home games 14 games against teams that were in last season’s NCAA Tournament.
  • MGoBlue has posted a photo gallery of the WTKA Takeover from Friday and Saturday’s Women’s Football Academy. If you go to the 28th picture in the Women’s Football Academy gallery you can get a better look at the new home jersey.
  • Former Michigan wrestler Andy Hrovat qualified for this summer’s Beijing Olympics over the weekend.

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