Wednesday Quick Hits: Michigan Stadium in NCAA 09

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  • Operation Sports has been taking user requested screenshots from NCAA Football 09 in the last few days, and luckily somebody asked for some Michigan pictures. The first, as seen below, is of Michigan Stadium in 2009’s version of the game (via Operation Sports; click here for larger version).
    I wish EA Sports would have made the crowd maize considering it looks better and is more realistic. Also, I wish the student section was more visible like in NCAA 08. Most of the crowd was maize in 2008’s version of the game, but the student section was all maize and looked very real. Oh well, if this is one of my biggest issues with the game then it will be pretty good.

  • Operation Sports also posted a screenshot of the “edit rosters” part of the game for Michigan’s running backs. Every single year EA butchers the rosters, and it looks like 09 is going to be no different. Mind you, these rosters aren’t finalized yet, but they sure don’t look good.

    Brandon Minor is Michigan’s best RB, followed by Kevin Grady and Carlos Brown. After that, there is only one recognizable player, which is Avery Horn (#34). The other three players listed are likely freshman, and their attributes certainly don’t seem very accurate. For starters, HB #27 appears to be Terrence Robinson (the height and weight in the game match T-Rob’s), and his speed is only 90, which is way to low for him. Plus, he should be a WR anyways. Also, HB #28 and HB #20 have speeds of 90 and 85, respectively. Both Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw deserve a higher speed rating, so it looks like one of them is getting slighted by EA Sports. My guess is #20 is Mike Cox, though, meaning Shaw hopefully will be listed as a WR.

  • For more screenshots of Michigan, click here, here, here, and here. In that last screenshot Michigan’s QB is Ryan Mallett, so I hope he is gone once this game comes out. Like I said, these rosters aren’t finalized yet, meaning there is still time for changes to be made.
  • Sam Webb recently interviewed Kevin Newsome, Newsome’s track coaches, and Newsome’s brother.
  • MGoBlog released the defensive edition of the “All-Carr Team.”
  • Maize n Brew is doing a series on the top 100 reasons to love Ann Arbor, corresponding with the number of days until football season.


  1. Anonymous says:

    anyone else notice that Michigan is playing West Virgina?(In the link)

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can you claim that the players are being slighted regarding their speed rankings when they have not played a snap at UM??? Just because certain players are listed as running a 4.4 does not mean they actually run a 4.4! Plus, they are going to look fast compared to other high schoolers. Mike Hart ran a supposed 4.5 in high school, but at the NFL combine, he ran a 4.7, and I highly doubt he got slower!

    I agree that the stands don’t look as realistic. In addition to the student section issue, I don’t see the visiting fans!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Michigan Stadium or “North Ohio State Stadium” would look more realistic with some scarlet and gray instead of corn and blue.

  4. Tim says:

    e surprised if all the freshmen you’re mentioning are even in the game. Remember, real life has 85 scholarships, so the game must trim players to fit them on smaller rosters.

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